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Stuck inside these four walls,
Sent inside forever,
Never seeing no one
Nice again like you,
Mama you, mama you.


The sooner we start voting down these annual extortion disaster initiatives, the sooner we'll get a more equitable state income tax.

Vote NO on prop 1.


If you go to the doctor and are asymptomatic, don't lie during your screening if you have been exposed to people who are. That shit will bring down an entire department.


We must require that the billionaires pay for these services.


We're barely making it. If Tuesday goes bad... I don't know what we'll do.

Understand that this is the key reason for most of the lockdowns that have had to occur to date. We have spent the last few decades ruthlessly destroying any excess capacity our healthcare system may have possessed in the name of efficiency and profit. A hospital having it's beds 90-95% full is a goal most hospital strive to meet, because every empty bed is a revenue stream lost. To be fair, we are also incredibly concerned by the number of people who will potentially have long-term health consequences of being infected with COVID-19/SARS-COV-2. We've known for some time that over 50% of survivors of the SARS-COV-1 virus had permanent health problems, including persistent and significant impairments in exercise capacity and health status. The cost- social, economic, and emotional- of hundreds of millions of people worldwide with permanent, lifelong health problems has the potential to cripple and bankrupt entire countries if not mitigated.



You better believe that I voted for it. Harborview is a lifeline.


@2 The sooner we get a more equitable state income tax, the sooner we can vote down individual initiatives.

Vote YES on prop 1.




@6: You always one to fall for the hype.


Poor Raindrop. Always trying to disguise his cheapskate nature with virtue.