I work for Gaga, said Joe Biden, a confirmed bottom.
"I work for Lady Gaga," said Joe Biden, a confirmed bottom. Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

I hope you enjoyed the lovely weekend weather: Fittingly, a "trio" of storms will blast through our area over the next three days. I say, Let the rain fall down 🎵 And wake my dreams 🎵 Let it wash away 🎵 My sanity 🎵

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Donald Trump rushed around Michigan, making false claims throughout the Wolverine State on the eve before election night: He's had rallies in Traverse City and Grand Rapids. Trump will also speak in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is in Philadelphia with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, and Biden is at a rally with Lady Gaga in Pittsburgh. This was not the collab I was expecting on Election's Eve.

A terrorist attack in Vienna has killed at least two civilians and injured 15: Shortly after 8 pm in Vienna on Monday, attackers unleashed "volleys of gunfire" near the Stadttempel synagogue. It's unclear if the synagogue was the target, as it was closed during the attack. At least one attacker is dead. Details are still developing, but Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz has said this was “definitely” a terror attack that had been “very professionally” planned. Some attackers are still at large.

King County prosecutors charged four men with first-degree assault and accused them of "attacking a fellow member of the Sikh temple in Renton last month with a baseball bat, a ceremonial sword, a dagger, iron bracelets, and their feet, court records show," reports the Seattle Times.

Trump and his campaign are "promising" a court fight over Pennsylvania absentee votes, reports AP. A three-day extension was ordered by Pennsylvania's Supreme Court, allowing the state to count mailed ballots that it receives after the election day. Trump has said that he and his team are "going in with our lawyers" after the polls close tomorrow, and the fight could end up in the U.S. Supreme Court. More:

The legal issue is whether the extension ordered by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, relying on voter protections in the Pennsylvania constitution, violated the U.S. Constitution. The argument advanced by Republicans is that the Constitution gives state legislatures—not state courts—the power to decide how electoral votes are awarded, including whether absentee ballots received after Election Day can be counted.

Roughly 20 states allow for late-arriving ballots, but Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled legislature did not authorize an extension, even with the huge increase in mailed ballots because of the coronavirus pandemic. Similar ballot-deadline extensions have resulted in court fights in Minnesota and North Carolina.

Drive-through voting sites in Houston have received international attention for their ease and effectiveness: So, of course, Republicans are trying to stop them. The party tried to get Texas to toss out about 127,000 votes cast at the voting sites, claiming the county acted illegally by allowing this type of voting. Today, a federal judge rejected the Republican suppression attempt, saying: "I find that when you balance the harms you’ve got to weigh in favor of counting the votes." The Houston area currently has ten drive-through polling sites. (FYI: Daily Kos has a tracker for coronavirus-related election litigation. It's lengthy.)

A Nevada judge blocked a GOP effort to stop mail-in ballot counting in Clark County: Roughly 70% of Nevada's voters live inside Clark County, which houses Las Vegas and leans "heavily Democratic," according to CNN. The lawsuit claimed that the Trump campaign's "observers were not given enough access to all aspects of the ballot counting process—from opening the ballots, to machine and manual signature checking and duplicating spoiled ballots," writes CNN. The district court judge ultimately ruled that the Republicans "failed to prove they have standing to bring their Agillis (the signature matching software), observation, ballot handing or secrecy claims." The Nevada Republican Party chairman has not said whether they planned to appeal to take the case to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Well, now I'm confident that Biden will win: Eminem rarely licenses "Lose Yourself," but he made an exception for Joe Biden.

I second that "lol wow."

In the race to the bottom, Texas has beaten California and become the state with the most positive coronavirus tests in the U.S.: Johns Hopkins University claims Texas has recorded 937,317 cases, beating out California's 936,198 and Florida's 807,412.

Another backlash against David Horsey: This time over his recent opinion cartoon: "Time for Seattle City Council to face up to reality." In response, Real Change posted this on their platforms this afternoon:

Gov. Inslee will use $24 million of coronavirus relief funds to buy and distribute ~64,000 computing devices for students in Washington state: The first shipment of 20,000 devices is expected to happen in the next few weeks, the Governor's Office announced on Medium over the weekend. Here's a statement from Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal, who really needs to get reelected:

“With most of our students learning from home right now, one critical need has been access to technology,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal. “Since last spring, school districts across the state have deployed hundreds of thousands of laptops and tablets to students so they can learn remotely. I’m grateful to the governor’s office for their partnership as we continue to close the digital divide.”

A new Stanford study estimates that 18 of Trump's superspreader rallies have caused at least 30,000 coronavirus infections and 700 deaths: It reminds me of that "I could...shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters" quote. It seems like he's shot 700 somebodies, but the verdict's out on if he'll lose any voters.

How many votes does King County Elections expect to drop around 8:15 tomorrow night? A lot. Here's what they sent out this afternoon:

We currently expect to be able to post results for approximately 1,000,000 ballots in Tuesday’s results.

With our projection set at 90% or about 1,300,000 ballots returned, that initial report will include a higher percentage of results than we normally expect to post. That is largely due to the early returns we’ve seen across the county and the long hours and weekends that our ballot processing staff have put in over the last few weeks to keep up with processing those early returns.

As usual, we expect to have the majority of vote counting wrapped up by Friday and will continue to count every eligible vote through certification.

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