Here's What's Going to Happen

Ernst and Graham will keep their Senate seats by the hairs on their chinny chin chins.



trump is Twitter's main driver of traffic. While I would be happy to see twitter die a myspace sort of death, I don't think they'll kill the golden goose.


But still, @1, Twitter is also the most successful platform for one-to-many communications (e.g. police tweets), regardless of political drivel.


@2 Despite the success of Twitter as a communication tool I have doubts their business model will allow them to survive in the long term as a standalone company. I don't think they have enough user data to effectively run an ad engagement model and they'd lose a majority of their users in a subscription model. While I do enjoy the instant updates on Twitter for news/sports I think its misuse as a propaganda tool far outweighs any good its providing and I won't be sad to see it eventually fade away.


The MAGA/QAnon lunatics are losing their minds. They have already armed themselves and are driving around blocking polling places. That shit is already happening. If the governors do not get that shit under control right now, and harshly—today, you're going to see these Rightwing traitors start killing people by the end of the year attempting to spark a civil war.


As an anecdote of one, I totally fit the pattern Ben Anderstone described.

I'm a reliable voter, and pretty liberal, and usually I wait to send my ballot back until fairly late in the cycle, sometimes just a day or two before Election Day, occasionally dropping it in a ballot box on the last day.

Not this year. I got my ballot in the mail two Saturday's ago, and had it filled out and deposited in a drop box 2 days later. I vote more than 2 weeks ago. I have never voted that early before, ever. I could't wait to vote that racist tyrant out of office.


Yeah, how is @2 supposed to fap to mass updates of being being assaulted and teargassed if there is no twitter?


*people being


@7: Na, I fap to @MarthaStewart tweets.



No matter how things go I don't think it'll take even that long before them to start pouring out of their single-wides like moonshine from a Revenuer-smashed pot still looking for targets of opportunity. They've been itching for a second Civil War for 150 years, and one way or the other at least some of them are going to try to fulfill their racist "the South will rise again!" wet dream.


@11 You left out the trans panic items.

I've said it before - just imagine a Birkenstock stamping on a human face forever.


We're already betting which Middle Eastern country Trump is fleeing to and when.

Caveat: we're still collecting all the bounties, Donnie boy


gender criminalized
all non-aborted babies trafficked directly into slavery
taco trucks on every corner


Disband the United States military and replace it with a huge-ass drum circle. I'm talking freaking gigantic!


Deathcult, open your mouth so I can shit in it.


@11 Unlike the last four years where republicans:
1. Lowered the taxes for the 1%
2. Raised taxes for consumers by enacting tariffs on all our trading partners
3. Decimated employment by letting a pandemic enter our country.
4. Condemned free speech protests in blue cities as anarchism while praising white supremacy.
5. Separated immigrant children from their families and locked them in cages.
6. Did nothing (of course) to address the ever growing wealth inequality that leads to people living in tents.

Here are a few more predictions if Biden wins:
1. We won't be a daily laughingstock to the rest of the world
2. We'll stop hearing how wonderful people like Kim Jong Un are.
3. We won't be spending millions of dollars on some asshole's golfing hobby.
4. Democrats will stupidly continue to try to meet republicans half-way even though republicans will never compromise for fear it might help democrats politically.


Oh for God's sake, Deathcult dear - They've been saying that the Democrats are going to take away your guns, raise your taxes, etc etc etc since 1980. Was your mother a drinker? Did you have an older sibling who dropped you on your head alot?


@11: Begone, lil MAGA tool before you draw Pence's flies.

@17 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I was wondering the exact same thing.



Username checks out.


@16 My third prediction is probably wrong come to think, but I can guarantee we would waste less. Especially when you add in the amount of money that has flowed from our government into trump properties or the pockets of his family; not to mention the sheer amount of time he has spent tweeting or watching tv and not working.


The aptly named Death Cult has joined the chat.

I gotta hand to him. He at least expresses more self-awareness than most the trolls here. I mean, he's clearly quite mentally ill. But he knows it at least.


@19 tmplknght, following up on that, how is there not a defined "budget" for a presidential expense account? When did it become acceptable for the POTUS to spend a $150,000,000 to play golf? How is that even allowed? Could the POTUS spend $300m? $1b?