If youre voting in Washington today, put your ballot in a drop box.
If you're voting in Washington today, put your ballot in a drop box. Jasmyne Keimig

After four long years that felt like a thousand endless nightmares: Election week 2020 is finally here. East coast polls (plus Georgia and Indiana) close at 4 p.m. PST, and we'll start seeing some results about a half-hour or an hour afterwards. Slog goes live shortly thereafter. Stay tuned for updates on the dreaded Needles (of which there will only be three, the New York Times assures us), quick hits on Senate races, and totally uncalled-for rants on Florida voters.

At around 7:00 p.m. the SECB will turn more of its attention to Washington: Expect premium election night party content (after 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, we decided to surprise our closest elected officials by storming their single-family homes... jk, we're watching their Zooms), plus snap analysis of the results, plus flyby reviews of whether certain strains of flower really do keep us "chatty" and yet "focused" as our budtenders promised.

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Ballots drop sometime after 8 p.m., and we'll be looking at answers from a million voters, according to King County Elections.

If you haven't voted: Then go vote. If you haven't registered, then go register in-person. If you have your ballot, stop whatever else you're doing, pull up the Stranger's Cheat Sheet, vote the way we tell you, and slip your ballot into a nearby drop box. Vote like it's the last time you'll ever vote in your life, because it just might be.

To review:

When will we know if we're still living in a democracy? Nate Silver says, "There's probably a 60% chance that Biden wins and we know it by 3 a.m., and a 30% chance that Biden wins and it takes a long time to know that." He also puts the chance of the Supreme Court needing to call a race in recount territory at 5%. In general, Biden has a 90% chance to win, and the Dems have a 75% chance to take back the senate.

Wondering how the networks will call races? The Associated Press reminds you it does "not engage in speculation" and didn't call the race in 2000.

Locally: King 5 declares winners by determining whether a trailing candidate can overcome the vote deficit, and uses NBC to guide calls in national races.

Still worried the polls are wrong? FiveThirtyEight explains what the map would look like if there is a "2016-sized polling error" in Trump's favor, which happened last time because pollsters underweighted non-college educated white voters in the states. Spoiler: Biden still wins. But if there's a larger-than-2016-sized polling error in Trump's favor, then Biden will lose. But if such large polling errors end up favoring Biden, then he'll win in a landslide.

Also, an important reminder from FiveThirtyEight: Trump only has a 10% chance of winning, but "a 10% chance isn't zero."

Who still needs to vote? Pennsylvania had reached only 40% of its 2016 levels on Monday. Ohio and Michigan were at 60%, according to the Washington Post.

Who has already voted? Nearly 100 million people, according to the New York Times, which amounts to "three-quarters of 2016's total." Officials expect millions more to wait on long voting lines today in the middle a pandemic because we truly live in a necrotic hellscape.

Biden sweeps Dixville Notch: The tiny town of 12 in northern New Hampshire runs this gimmick every election year. They open the polls at midnight, half a dozen people vote, and then they close the polls and announce the winner. Biden took every vote this year, reports CNN, becoming "the first presidential candidate to sweep Dixville Notch since Richard Nixon in 1960," adds Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel. Hillary Clinton won the town in 2016, and the other gimmicky NH town of Millsfield voted 16 to 5 for Trump, so take it all with a grain of salt. Here's how Biden took it:

And if you can't think of Dixville Notch without thinking of the West Wing and Hartsfield's Landing, I'll save you a google:

Though a federal judge ruled against the GOP dorks trying to throw out drive-thru votes in Texas: The Harris County Clerk will close all but one of the ten locations in order to preserve votes, according to the Texas Tribune. The issue? The definition of the word "building." Lone star law says “each polling place shall be located inside a building," but the drive-thru polling places sit beneath large tents. Again I say: hellscape.

A community effort to get Black and brown people to the polls in Seattle: The group Urban Family is offering shuttle rides to CenturyLink Field, where people can register to vote and cast a ballot, King 5 reports. The shuttle will pick up and drop off voters along Rainier Avenue, MLK Jr. Way and 23rd Ave.

Coronavirus outbreak at First Hill work-release facility: More than half of the 49 residents at the facility have tested positive for the coronavirus, making it the largest outbreak among state work-release facilities, the Seattle Times reports.

Down in Pierce County: The sheriff’s race is between a detective who said “our department doesn't need reforming" and a lieutenant who was part of a drug unit under investigation for falsifying records, plus a self-labeled "anti-racist grandma" running a write-in campaign.

Mothership appears: The National Weather Service in Seattle reports "another lenticular (aka ‘the mothership’)” over Mount Rainier.

The usual scenes in Seattle: SPD continues running its public relations racket.

Some businesses are boarding up: reports KIRO in a post that goes on a little longer about plywood prices than one might expect.

Love Slog AM/PM?

Planned protests: I'm not seeing too much out of the ordinary, honestly. You've got twentysomething twentysomethings in the park here, known for really "disrupting" the protest space.

Then you got your normie protest: Though this one is conditional: "If alarm is sounded via email alert—go to Occidental Square @ 5PM." The orange-clad "Trump/Pence OUT NOW!" group is planning a Green Lake Rally at 5 p.m., too. If you see any other planned protests today, flood my inbox. In the meantime, EverOut keeps a list of planned protests and election night parties here.

Sunrise kids are handing out "I voted" stickers in West Seattle: According to the West Seattle Blog. It's cute.

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