Our opening COVID-era Sexcess story features seniors in a retirement community huffing on ice bongs and getting it on. If they can do it, you can too.

A Wiccan druid witchy woman is dating a Christian dude. They let each other be. But when he requests that they do some role playing where she dresses up as a "sexy witch" and puts a spell on him, she wonders if she should be offended or just hop on his broomstick already.

Dan interviews Adam Sass, author of Surrender Your Sons—a YA thriller about a gay kid who escapes from a conversion therapy camp. It sounds awesome! Book sales will support Born Perfect, an organization fighting to ban conversion therapy.

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What do you do, when your boyfriend's mother offers you a baby blanket made by her mother, when you don't have or want kids? A) Tell her you don't want the stupid blanket. B) Take the stupid blanket.

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