Oh my goodness.


if the po-po can instigate enough Violence, nationwide, perhaps they can distract attention from Vote counting to all the 'Civil Unrest,' derailing the Counting (forever!) and reinstall Fake 'prez' in his Quest for a Thousand Year trumpf™ Reich.


"I have never seen a situation so dismal that a policeman couldn't make it worse." -- Brendan Behan, Irish poet.


The woman's condition has improved and was mostly likely not caused by SPD:

"As a 30-year-old woman was being arrested for investigation of causing property damage, she "appeared to be experiencing a medical issue," according to Seattle Police. Medics already at the scene began treating her while awaiting an ambulance to rush her to Harborview Medical Center where a spokesperson said she was originally listed is in critical condition. She has since improved to serious condition Thursday morning, the spokesperson said."


@3 Violent and destructive protesters have generated enough campaign footage for the Trump campaign to impact many voters.


@3 -- subsitute po-po
for protesters and BINGO


or @6


Protestors clashing with police are like motorcycles clashing with cars. The motorcycles might be in the right, but they always lose.


@10 I make my coffee at home. Also, you can test this proposition yourself. Go to a protest and assault a cop. See what happens.


@12. Why do you hate the Constitution?


@15 Not a matter of hating the Constitution. It's simple physics, which doesn't care about you and doesn't care about me.


why are we protesting again? Aren't they counting every vote? Seattle and Portland kids are looking like fools to the rest of the world right now


g2000 dear, no one is paying attention to the Portland and Seattle “kids”. The Republicans are doing a fine job highlighting what horrible people they are.


@18: Save the author of this article, at least.


All over the civilized world there are protests with some property damage, but the police there manages to stop said property damage and get arrests without putting people in traction, or the morgue.

What is it about local police that makes their arrest look more like something out of Communist China or the old Soviet Union than what we see when similar arrests occur in places like Germany, or the UK? They also have large minority populations, but they never use it to justify increased violence during an arrest.

Has the SPD started dropping talking points about "excited delirium" in the media, or started the process of selecting the King County Sheriff's Department as an "outside review board"to not only call their disgusting behaviour appropriate, but also put these fine officers in for heroism awards?

I don't know if this has been discussed, but perhaps it's time to defund the police?


The only reason that the Presidential race is this close is because of RLA: rioters, looters, and arsonists. With all the police that have ended up in the hospital because of rioters' actions, I'm not going to get too broken up if a rioter was hospitalized incident to their arrest.


The assumptions pile on of misconduct. It will be clarified soon enough what happened, with CT scan of any actual head injury, Forensic review of tapes, medical history, tox screens and blood work, and more. I hope he gets better regardless of cause.

Such concern and blame ahead of facts. Radio silence still on blame for the very real deaths of black men and boys in the CHOP a few months back. These deaths tragic and deliberate. The protesters can’t even grasp the magnitude of these deaths. White protesters, black deaths. The irony. The hypocrisy. The sadness I feel at deaths that remain unaccounted for by the protesters who caused them my the environment they created.


@20: SPD quietly and respectfully watches marches, demonstrations, and protests all across Seattle. In downtown, Belltown, and Capitol Hill, the SPD reliably attacks protesters, no matter what the topic of the protest. To the best of my knowledge, this discrepancy has never been investigated.

@22: The deaths of black males in the Capitol Hill Unorganized Murder Patch ('the CHUMP') is a doubleplus nonevent to white protesters, even though the only reason for the CHUMP's miserable existence was the SPD walking off their job and refusing to return. The total lack of concern for deaths in the CHUMP shows the protests have long since become public spectacles for their own sake, accomplishing nothing except providing fodder for Republican campaign advertisements -- and opportunities for the spread of COVID.


@17: "why are we protesting again?"

'We' are protesting because it is the fundamental driving principle behind the Anarchists. Break down the existing system (whatever it is). Throw out the Constitution, bureaucracies, politicians and police through the use of violence.

Leave the creation of a replacement up to someone else. Because that's not our problem. But if we don't like it, we'll burn down the new system as well.


"an officer appears to tackle the protester from behind and then ride him down to the ground"
That is the safe way to tackle someone, after all. If you don't grapple and go down with the person, all you are doing is transferring an explosive force into their body and sending them flying...much less fun for them believe you me!


@5: "As a 30-year-old woman was being arrested for investigation of causing property damage, she 'appeared to be experiencing a medical issue,' according to Seattle Police.
She has since improved to serious condition Thursday morning, the spokesperson said."

Imagine the relapse when they realize that the wrong pronoun has been used.

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