All eyes are on Georgia today. (Theyre also, on Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada, but not so much on Alaska.)
All eyes are on Georgia today. (They're also, on Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada, but not so much on Alaska.) Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

America is still edging: But, we're getting close to a nut a result. Joe Biden is nearing the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election. He has 253 electoral votes to Trump's 214. The Georgia race narrowed even more since yesterday. Trump is still in the lead with 49.6% of the vote to Biden's 49.1%. Only 18,590 votes separate the candidates. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced this morning that 60,000 ballots are left to count. That could take until the evening. Also, apparently, some "counties have forgotten to click the 'upload' button" on their ballot results, which has slowed things down. Raffensperger sent out a reminder to please hit the upload button.

Some tweet dispatches from the experts: I'm drowning in information here. I'm handing you off to the New York Times's Nate Cohn's Twitter:

As of roughly 6 a.m. PST, six states still haven't been called: We're waiting on Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Which way Alaska swings isn't a huge question mark, they're just taking their sweet time up there. About 750,000 Pennsylvania mail-in ballots still needed to be counted as of Thursday morning.

Pennsylvania mail-in votes heavily favor Biden: Cohn from the Times says Biden is winning absentee votes 77% to 22%. Biden needs 288,000 more mail-in votes to go his way for him to win the state and Cohn estimates Pennsylvania still has "500,000 mail ballots left."

Announcements to come today: Georgia gave us an update around 7:30 a.m. PST, Nevada will weigh in at 9 a.m., and Arizona's Maricopa County will have a report at 6:00 p.m. More Georgia news could come later tonight. You can watch Maricopa County count the votes here if you're really that bored (or suspicious, I guess).

Before Nevada's announcement tonight, the Trump team is going to take the mic: What could these clowns possibly have to say? Are they going to claim Nevada based on the holy covenant of dibs as they did with Pennsylvania?

Meanwhile: Trump graced us with his first tweet of the day:

He tweeted and then deleted this false claim:

Annnnnd now this:

The big piss baby wants a recount in Wisconsin: Biden won Wisconsin and its 10 electoral votes yesterday. Trump isn't taking that lying down. He'd like a recount, please. The two are separated by 20,000 votes or 1%. Wisconsin doesn't have automatic recounts, so Trump will need to file a sworn petition and pay a fee, NPR reports. A recount won't be held until after Dec. 1 when Wisconsin certifies its election. If previous recounts in the state are anything to go by, not much will change after the recount. In the Wisconsin recounts of yore, losing candidates recovered a couple of hundred votes, but nothing to shake a stick at.

Protests at the polls, more superspreader events: Alright, Chase and Jasmyne caught you up on the Michigan GOP's window-banging yesterday. The message there was conflicting. Some protesters yelled about stopping the vote, others wanted the vote to continue. Last night, a group gathered to yell at Arizona's Maricopa County Elections Department to "count those votes" and "Fox News sucks."

Pennsylvania sees vote protests and counter-protests: A small group of people gathered outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia are calling for the vote counting to stop. They're being drowned out by dancing. The DJ's shirt says "Leave Philly Alone."

Some potentially good news for the Dems in the Senate: The heaps of Georgia votes that still need counting means that Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff is closing the gap between himself and Republican Sen. David Perdue. As of Thursday morning, Perdue held 50% of the vote. If that dips below 50%, Perdue and Ossoff will compete in a Jan. 5 runoff race. The Georgia Senate races are pivotal if the Democrats have any hope of earning a majority in the Senate. North Carolina and Alaska Senate races haven't been called yet either.

Back in Seattle, Dick's employees test positive for COVID-19: The Kent and on Queen Anne locations are shutting down temporarily. A worker at the Kent location tested positive for COVID-19. The employee last worked a shift at the Kent location on Saturday. Queen Anne's Dick's is shutting down too since some of that location's employees helped out at the Kent location recently.

SPD arrests six people during protest: According to the Seattle Times, the Seattle Police Department arrested six people in a nightly demonstration on Capitol Hill. That protest was separate from a march from Pioneer Square through downtown and a rally at Westlake Park. As Rich Smith reported last night, during the arrests on Capitol Hill, a 30-year-old man was in critical condition after SPD arrested him for alleged property damage. The Seattle Fire Department transported him to the hospital. He was in critical condition last night. Reports from this morning suggest the man is now in "serious condition."

Car strikes, kills pedestrian crossing Aurora Avenue: A driver killed a 58-year-old woman who was crossing Aurora Avenue yesterday evening at around 6 p.m. SPD said the driver didn't "show any signs of impairment." Police made no arrests.

Great news for ex-presidents and soon-to-be ex-presidents: Russian lawmakers put forward a bill that "would grant former presidents lifetime immunity from criminal prosecution," the Moscow Times reports.

Maybe Russia can make a deal for presidents' sons too? "Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro's senator son Flávio charged with laundering money."

You like Trojan horse memes? Sorry.

Arizona's Mark Kelly Is the fourth astronaut elected to Congress. Kelly won the race to fill John McCain's (rip, angel) Senate seat.

The markets are horny for a divided nation: Stocks surged to their highest point in seven months yesterday. One reason why the stocks are happy? Axios attributed the surge "to the market's happiness with a potential divided government and discounted prospects of tax increases." Go on and suck us dry, capitalism. Feast on our pain.

Sir, please no rotisserie in the geothermal hot spring: Yellowstone National Park authorities busted a group of people who were cooking two chickens in the waters of the park's hot springs.

Maybe we should scrap everything and elect this dog as president: Just a thought.

Use your last remaining brain cells: To do a crossword puzzle.