Georgia Looks Ahead to Presidential Recount, Two Possible Senate Runoffs

The state will become "the center of the political universe" until the runoff election in January.



Those two senate seats are the most important thing on which to focus right now. If this country enters the second half of January 2021 with control of Congress by the Democrats there is a chance we can get things done.


xina @1 is absolutely right. It's time that Democrats across the nation poured tens of millions of dollars into the two Georgia Senate runoffs so that David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler can suffer the same fates that Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham did November 3.

OK, so maybe Georgia and Georgia are not Kentucky and South Carolina. After all, Georgia did just apparently turn blue on the presidential level. But maybe we can appreciate that pouring $$$ into advertising has its limits. Maybe GA Dems can take a page from the GOP's 2020 playbook and do a little GOTV.


You must have some money to run a campaign but lots & lots of money doesn't seem to matter much any more. (That's a good thing.) Voters consume political news differently now. Yeah, they should use what money they have to buy Obama a nice place to live in Georgia. Savannah is nice.

If the road to control of the Senate requires Georgia to elect two Democratic senators, that looks like a narrow path indeed.


@3, I recall MSNBC was running all these Jaime Harrison ads. The Harrison campaign had just so much money on hand, they could afford to burn it on running non-stop ads on national cable where the ads' main purpose was to raise even more money. The Harrison fundraising juggernaut was like its own self-referential, self-fulfilling perpetual motion machine.

Yeah, Georgia will have its two Senate runoffs. A well-run campaign will a strong GOTV effort will be beneficial. But let's not all get fixated on GA and get distracted from everything else going on. We aren't all Sherman's army marching on Atlanta.


And just to be clear about my comment @4. I agree with oldwhiteguy @3.


As a resident of Georgia, I'll be voting for the democrats in the run-offs (my gf tells me she's voting democrat too).

Warnock's got a chance. He's a very religious guy and this state is crazy about their bibles. Plus, Loeffler isn't super popular, even among republicans. She's largely seen as an appointed stooge.

So who knows. I'll be voting but I'm not gonna hold my breath. A lot of the presidential election democrat votes here were people who were still really pissed about Kemp stealing the governorship from Abrams and they showed up to revenge vote for the democrat. Don't know if they'll do it twice.


@8 Unfortunately, he is correct. Go for the guns and you're one and done. Just like Social Security.


@1 xina and @2 cressona for the WIN.

@6: Begone, lil MAGA incel, before you draw Pence's flies.


@7 Urgutha Forka: Thank you and your gf for voting Democrat. You can really help make a difference for the better in Georgia.