Slog PM: Ben Is Sick, Utah Implements Mask Mandate, Lock Him Up?



So this Kvashuck character keeps the other 1.7 million?

And they say crime doesn't pay.


If you're working and not flying home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, consider donating to the two Senatorial campaigns in Georgia.

It's that important.

And if you live there, or know people who do, there's another chance to get registered to vote.


If I worked with the Trump administration, I'd be stealing office supplies and White House branded shit and peacing out of that dumpster fire. Maybe if everyone around him quits he'll get the picture that it's game over.


@1 for 9 years in prison that’s $180 k or so annually. Not a deal I’m taking.


666 children separated from parents?
If there's anything that summarizes the Trump administraton, it's 666!


anyone care to guess on when we hear the first serious Republican proposal to nullify the election?
You don't think that's coming?
Give this obstructionism a few more days to get a head of steam, it will take on a life of its own and that is the logical conclusion.


Of course biden won't prosecute trump, that could open him up to prosecution when he inevitably commits war crimes. This is the exact same problem we're having with cops, the bad actors are enabled.


@7- Trump will surely pardon himself or resign and ask pence to do it. He’ll have to be prosecuted by states.



My thoughts exactly.
I expect trump to take an overseas trip, hand power to Pence in return for a pardon, and never return to the USA.

Hang on to any Biden 46 merchandise, they will be collector's items.
Biden will be the 47th president.



Yeah, the fact that you can probably count on one hand the number of sitting elected repubs who've publicly accepted the results is pretty freaking foreboding. And I don't even know what we're even supposed to do other than plead with them to act in a sane and rational manner, which....

Yeah, ha ha, fuck.


The federal government will not prosecute a former president unless it’s because of a Trump dictatorship taking over and having kangaroo courts prosecuting Obama.

So. Trump will not be prosecuted. Just forget that bullshit. It won’t happen. First: he has to actually LEAVE. Which it’s increasingly looks like will only happen by force.

Second, it would set an insane precedent to jail presidents after elections. Then every Rightwing president will just attempt a coup. Why not? These fucks are paranoid lunatics. They already hate you and hate the system. They don’t care if they break it.

Third, the billionaire class will never go after their own unless he is a threat to them directly. And Trump is a friend to the billionaires. They may hate him personally, but they love his corruption. No prosecution of a billionaire president is happening with out buy in from the elites.

Look. In the next three weeks we are going to see just how far the GOP is going to take this coup. Personally, like I said last year, I think they are going to ride this until there is potential shooting.

Then. We are going to see what side the institutions are on. We’re about to find out if American democracy is the transparent sham some people have always believed it was. You better hope not.

Trump is currently trying to secretly get the PA legislature to illegally appoint new stooge electors. That’s what he is doing. Now the democratic governor Tom Wolf will certainly attempt to stop it. But it’s going to cause a show down. Some of the Republicans in his legislature are total QAnon nuts. If they are successful it will sow enough fake doubt and chaos about the election to give SCOTUS a case to intervene. They WILL side with Trump.

And we will see in January who the nation believes their president really is. It might come down to just that. How many people believe reality. And as should be obvious on SLOG, not many Americans adhere to cogent reality.

I have said it time and time again. The right is no longer interested in democracy. The republicans think they are willing to go to literal war and suicide their nation over their cult. They do not have principles. They have religion. They want holy war.

Do you?