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Oh weird, this overdetermined supervillain is equivocating on Bidens clear win? Huh.
Oh weird, this comically obvious supervillain is equivocating on Biden's clear win? Huh. DREW ANGERER / GETTY IMAGES

Republicans fall in line: If there were ever a question about which Americans would have gone Nazi before World War II, the answer continues to become clearer each day. During a floor speech on Monday, (hopefully interim) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised Republican gains in Congress (which he of course considers legitimate), but then backed the President's attempts to overturn the election results. "McConnell did not repeat Trump’s baseless assertions that fraud had cost him the election, but he said he had met with Attorney General William P. Barr earlier in the day and supports the president’s right to investigate all claims of wrongdoing," reports the Washington Post. Only a handful of Republicans—Collins, Romney, Sasse, Murkowski—have formally recognized Joe Biden's victory.

The BBC keeps a list of world leaders who haven't congratulated Joe Biden: Those leaders include pissy strongmen and/or suck-ups such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa, Estonian Interior Minister Mart Helme, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong-un, who has reportedly called Biden "a fool of low IQ."

Seventy percent of Republicans don't think the election was free and fair: According to a Politico/morning Consult poll. That's up from 35% of Republican voters who had a similar view before the election, Politico reports.

Trump plans PAC to maintain party control: A "leadership PAC" could accept donations from an unlimited number of people and from other PACs, and it could also spend an unlimited amount of money. A Trump campaign spokesman claims "the president always planned to do this, win or lose," the New York Times reports. As with all Trump organizations, I'm 100% certain this thing will be above board.

What can Trump do during his lame duck session? The same shit he's been doing: firing psychopaths, hiring even more psychotic psychopaths, and signing batshit executive orders, according to Vox.

Why were the polls off? Data analyst David Shor thinks pollsters overrepresented liberals in polls, Vox reports. Democrats, who were more likely to remain sheltered in place and ready to pick up a phone, answered pollster calls at way higher rates than people who, as a rule, trust no one except for daddy, Shor argues.

Oral argument on Republican attempt to kill ACA with embarrassingly dumb lawsuit begins today: You can watch/listen below. The Supreme Court, now packed 6 to 3 with Trumpian appointees, could kick 20 million Americans off health care if they buy the argument that Republicans somehow invalidated all of Obamacare after they stripped the individual mandate from it. The American people, the argument goes, could not possibly know which laws Congress may have passed had they known the Court would rule the individual mandate unconstitutional, and as a result they must all die now. SCOTUS Blog explains:

The key question in deciding whether the mandate can be severed, they asserted, is what Congress intended. And here, they told the justices, there is 'no doubt' that Congress would have wanted the rest of the ACA to remain in place if the mandate were invalidated, because that is 'precisely the arrangement that Congress itself created.'

COVID-19 may lead to mental health issues: A new study published in The Lancet shows 20% of people infected with COVID-19 were later diagnosed for the first time with mental disorders. "Anxiety, depression and insomnia were most common among recovered COVID-19 patients... and the researchers also found significantly higher risks of dementia, a brain impairment condition," reports Reuters.

Washington state health officials plan "urgent" media briefing on COVID: The briefing is planning for today at 2:30 p.m. to "help us get the message out that people must act now to stop the spread from getting worse."

Russians end war between Armenia and Azerbaijan: The two countries fought for six weeks over a territory called Nagorno-Karabakh, which lies within Azerbaijan but has been "under the control of ethnic Armenians" since the genocide in mid-1990s, according to Al Jazeera. One thousand people died in the conflict this autumn, though the two countries have fought over the land for a while now. According to CNN, some feared this war could have led to a clash between Turkey (which backs Azerbaijan) and Russia (which backs Armenia), which may have drawn NATO into a battle against Russia.

As if the musical theater community hasn't suffered enough: New research indicates Alexander Hamilton had slaves. Hamilton enslaved people and "his involvement in the institution of slavery was essential to his identity, both personally and professionally," says a historical interpreter in a new paper, the New York Times reports.

Oregon elections director fired: Elections Director Stephen Trout "learned in a text message" he was being fired after he described problems with technology in the Secretary of State's office and said he'd be looking for another job, the Associated Press reports.

Tacoma Urban League CEO T'wina Nobles declares victory in the 28th LD: In a Tweet the Democratic candidate said she flipped the Pierce County seat blue, knocking out incumbent Republican State Sen. Steve O'Ban in one of Washington's most expensive legislative races. A spokesperson for the Washington Senate Democratic Campaign confirmed O'Ban called Nobles to concede on Monday after he failed to secure a large enough share of the votes in the last ballot drop. Political action committees spent nearly $1 million in ads against her. PACs spent about half as much supporting her, and both candidates spent north of $800,000 on the race. For that money, the partisan split in the Senate will remain the same. Nobles will be the second Black woman elected to the chamber.

King County deputies shot in Woodinville released from hospital: As Chase mentioned yesterday evening, the two deputies were reportedly responding to a car prowler complaint, King 5 reports.

Jenny Durkan will make her decision on whether to run for reelection: "Sometime probably by the end of the year, beginning of next year," reports KOMO. Check under the Christmas tree on the 25th.

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Will a man who accidentally shot his five-year-old daughter be charged? The man was locking up a handgun at home in Edmonds when the gun went off. A round went through a wall and then struck the young girl in the arm. Police have referred a misdemeanor charge to prosecutors for review, according to the Seattle Times.

Hints of snow, but temperatures slowly rising: