2020 Nov 10, 2020 at 2:00 pm

Trump will never concede, and concessions will become a politeness of the past.



Re: Army recruiting and student loan debt.

Not gonna lie. I did two enlistments in the military 40 years ago (fuck, how did I get old?). The ONLY reason I did the 2nd tour was to get college paid for. It was that, or mountains of debt. I would have never re-uped for a 2nd tour if I had any other realistic way to pay for college.


@ 1,

When refusing to wear masks or take any common sense precautions during the worst viral epidemic in a century is killing a thousand people a day?

That’s just so incredibly selfish, self-destructive, and nihilistic, but that’s who we are as a nation.




if we cannot use our blinkers, cannot Be bothered to communicate our Intentions when exiting a Round-a-Bout we'll never ever beat this wee little bug. it Def saw US coming. Losers. No fucking Wonder we cannot have Proper Healthcare. Losers.

how the FUCK did we ever beat those Nazis?


@5 We didn't have roundabouts when we beat the Nazis. Once we got roundabouts, it was all over. :)


Recipients of the 2020 Darwin Award: Trump donors and voters


@6 -- too much Science?


What will happen?

Inslee will shut down the State again or several Counties, most likely King, Pierce and Snohomish. Maybe be back to Phase One again?


I have a Pitchfork and I volunteer to escort the Orange Monster out of the White House!!!!


@5 "if we cannot use our blinkers, cannot Be bothered to communicate our Intentions when exiting a Round-a-Bout we'll never ever beat this wee little bug."

Oh so true. I would like to add that in my hundreds of hours of riding Metro/Sound Transit over many years, the % of people that defy simple rules posted on the bus is considerable. Ditto driver behavior on I-5: from my bus perch I see dangerous, 'disregard for safety of others' stuff all the time.

I continue to be suprised that anyone is suprised that there is so much non-compliance during the pandemic. I mean, are you NEW to planet earth? Have you met our species? Honestly, the idealism here is astounding.


I would also like to say this "What's Going to Happen" thing is probably the most honest journalism being published. I mean, most journalism these days leans towards speculation/opinion - The Stranger should be commended for being so very honest and coming right out and stating 'we sit around and pull predictions out of our ass and publish them'. I wish more 'repectable' media outlets were so honest.


I'm all for the New York State Police and New York State Attorney General, along with re-elected Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson and others custom fitting Trumpty Dumpty in an orange jumpsuit, size double-wide Goodyear Blimp. Poetic justice would ensue with Trumpty Dumpty hauled away, kicking and screaming like Ethel Merman.

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