Cancel Your Fucking Holiday Plans



At this point it is clear that people are perfectly happy to get sick and get others sick and die and kill people as long as they can go out and eat a restaurant or fly somewhere or do whatever else they feel so desperately is more important than life itself. it's not wonder we have an obstinate toddler refusing to vacate the White House - he is this country in shit filled skin bag form. Everyone is a fucking baby.


@1 xina, that about sums it up. There's really nothing left to say.


I welcome the relief from holiday planning and just cooking for two!


Lol no. You cancel your plans the rest of the world has moved on


Impatient extroverts are going to be the death of us all.


Most of the rest of the world were ants (at least, at first) while we were grasshoppers (locusts). Now, Winter has come.


Just look up to the North, in British Columbia.

They have fewer infections.

And they are limiting in-home gatherings to a TOTAL OF 6 PEOPLE with zero exceptions, and $20,000 fines if you refuse to do it.

Look, we're way worse off than they are. They get 2 shots of the new vaccine in January for every Canadian, we only get enough for first providers.

DO. NOT. HAVE. PARTIES. especially indoors.

Use the Zoom or the Facetime. Because people are dying, and WILL die because of what you do.


I think at this point people aren't going to be convinced to voluntarily do anything different than what they feel safe doing, guilting is pointless. There are tactics beyond just the stick for behavioral change. If you want people to eat at restaurants less maybe encourage/subsidize activities that build cooking skills. Try multiple tactics, I just came up with that one on the fly. Even if you do have to use the stick it doesn't have to be so blunt. If COVID is spreading in restaurants perhaps their activities should be monitored somehow, similar to how they're monitored for food safety practices. Try to think outside of the box because we need new strategies, especially if more pandemics come along.


so you're saying there's
no Right to Inflict? but
what about my


Man I sat on my ass since like Feb of this year like a good child and was finally going to go see my elderly gma but now I can't because assholes had to go to the beach and shit all summer. Fuuuuuck everyone. My gma also says fuck everyone. My other gma already had covid and survived, she says listen to Fauci!


This is out of control and it's not just because of idiots at large public gatherings, it's people that claim they are being safe but continually engaging in high risk behaviors like they're smarter than everyone else. The government not locking people down has given them a blank check to make their own decisions for everyone else and it is killing people.


I want to put this as delicately as possible, Rich. Fuck you!
Nailed it.


Remember when there were mass gatherings all summer and we were told to shut up about it. You opened Pandora's box with the summer of love.

We were all being very good earlier this year and then a large group of people decided they were above the rules. Now they are trying to tell us what to do now, you have no credibility.


Thank you, Rich, for another vital update on the TRUMPVID-19 pandemic.
WOW---if nothing else, at least I can be comforted by already having my
to-do list items checked off, and have been planning on being a social
distancing homebody over the holidays, anyway.

Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served. Cyber hug a Veteran!

@1 xina: I agree with you and Pretty in Pink (@2). You nailed it right on the nose.

@12: Hush, lil MAGA, don't say a word,
The voters are flushing out your Big Orange Turd.
I don't care if I'm whom you despise.
Begone before you draw more of Pence's flies.


Hey Rich,
What is it with you folks at the Stranger and the word "fuck." You seem to take every opportunity to use it in print. Do you think it makes you sound edgy? Cool? Hip? Sorry Rich, it just makes you sound ignorant. Your parents are no doubt very proud of you.


Blues Traveler fucking sucks. How's that?


Yes we all know orange man bad, commie red good, auntie Grizelda, lighten up or you’ll lose the ”fun auntie” status yet again... Now be a dear and fuck off Griz, pretty please!?


@17 MAGA Couch Potato Incel: Awwwwwwww, you're just pissed because your mom sent you to bed again without your usual trough of cheap ice cream for dinner. If it's any consolation, you can always join your LO$ER buddies, Loren Culp and Trumpty Dumpty in scrubbing Vladimir Putin's pool.
Don't forget the hydroxychloroquine--I hear it works wonders! :)


You are still harping on about Russian collusion? Griz, you are definitely a useful idiot, so congratulations!


@19: .....said one of Trump's own useful idiots. Doofy, is that you? Before you point your fat, idle couch potato pig hooves at me, MAGA incel, just remember that you're oinking on behalf of a grossly incompetent, narcissistic xenophobe, coddled all its pathetic life who never once served any prior time in public office, let alone a day of military service to this country he has so blatantly SHAT ON. Are you pissed that Winn-Dixie ran out of your favorite gallon tub of Breyers? Or that your mom sent you to bed without our usual trough of cheap ice cream for dinner?
Begone before you draw any more of Pence's flies,.


@19: Hush, lil MAGA, don't say a word,
The voters are flushing out your Big Orange Turd.
I don't care if I'm whom you despise
Begone before you draw more of Pence's flies.

Tsk tsk--STILL trying to defend Der Gropenfuhrer's treasonous crimes, Doofy?
Once again you prove yourself to be one of Trumpty Dumpty's useful idiots, forever
fahtin' fer yer Free Dumbs. Because now you've got nothing left to faht fer, huh?


@19: Ohhhh, YES. I'm a post-menopausal white woman over 50. And I vote DEMOCRAT.
Scares the shit out of you and your fellow brainless MAGA ilk, doesn't it? Too fucking bad. The people have spoken. BIDEN / Harris 2020. Choke on it.