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Hes got his head in greener energy.
He's got his head in greener energy. Lester Black

Trump spent like 10 minutes doing his job today: He's mostly left to his own devices (aka Twitter). "Few senior staffers have been around the president in recent days, with many either in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19 or in insolation after a confirmed exposure or simply not wanting to be near the Oval Office," notes AP.

Produce at Eight Row in Greenlake isn’t just about tasty food: it’s about supporting a community.
It honors flavors and fixings from Washington’s farms and orchards, as well as on families’ tables.

Inslee for Energy Department? People are tossing around Jay's name for United States Secretary of Energy in a Biden administration. However, the New York Times notes that "Inslee has also been promoted for appointment as secretary of the interior or head of the Environmental Protection Agency." Inslee wants to close U.S. coal plants by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2045. Don't tell the swing states.

Amazon will recall 350,000 Ring video doorbells: The devices can overheat if punctured by screws during installation. Add explosive spy devices to your list of things to worry about in 2020.

Two people died in a small plane crash on Whidbey Island: The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the crash's cause.

This was in Slog AM last week, but it's trending again, and I love this headline: 3 visitors banned from Yellowstone after cooking chickens in hot spring. And this excerpt is tasty:

During the trip to Yellowstone, the group decided to try a chicken dinner. They brined the chicken for several days beforehand. Romriell said he looked at the park regulations and found only a line prohibiting “tossing, throwing, or rolling rocks or other items” inside the thermal features.

“The way I interpreted it was don’t be destructive,” Romriell said, “and I didn’t feel like I was.”

Take it to court! I want to hear the arguments.

State election result certifications are happening: The little state of Delaware just completed its certification process.

Ope! We've got more coming through. Wyoming, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont... Keep 'em coming.

Joe Biden's lead in Pennsylvania grows, passing automatic recount territory: As of publishing, Biden is ahead by nearly a point.

The Associated Press has a good explainer and round-up of the Trump campaign's legal challenges regarding the election: In Georgia, the campaign is only claiming "mismanagement and lack of transparency." In Michigan, the Trump campaign argues "illegal and ineligible ballots were counted" without proof. In Nevada, Trump officials argue thousands of votes were potentially fraudulent, again, without evidence. In Wisconsin? Also, nothing to back up their claims. Even in our post-truth society, you need fucking proof, Donald.

For some clarity, Guardian dropped this video, which reminded me just how fucking unpatriotic and obscene Trump has been this past week. Has it only been a week? My god.

Meanwhile, Trump tweeted out debunked conspiracy theories throughout the day: Twitter needs to ban him. Now. Not after the election. Now.

Russia says its vaccine is 92% effective: Two days ago, Pfizer said its vaccine is 90% effective. I'm sure North Korea's vaccine is 100% effective, and Trump's personal vaccine is 1000% effective.

Tokyo, a city with over 9 million people, just logged its highest number of coronavirus cases in a single day since August: The total? 317 cases on Wednesday. With over 2 million people, King County averaged close to 400 new cases per day this past week.

Love Slog AM/PM?

New York State will require restaurants and bars to close by 10 pm statewide: The restrictions start on Friday. Remember when Seattle restaurants petitioned to stay open until 2 am? We've got a lot of work to do, neighbors.

Ron Klain will become Joe Biden's White House chief of staff: Klain was the "Ebola czar" during Obama's administration, a skill that will be needed, considering the White House is crawling with coronavirus. (Here he is talking about COVID-19.) A formal announcement is expected to come on Thursday.

I love this meme: Goodnight.