Slog PM: Biden Names His Chief of Staff; Inslee 4 Energy; It's Time to Pack It Up, Donald



Who boils chicken?


Just looking at the electoral map, the entire South and Midwest are red as an open herpes sore from Tr666pnazis and COVID-19. $hitler could declare himself King of the New Confederacy, set up a televangelist kleptocracy at the capital Mar-a-Lunatic, and no one would do a gawdamn thing. The treasonous GOPnazi governors would just say they're humoring the pissbaby until his tantrum passes, and the worthless political reporters would just proclaim "yep, sounds legit."
Zuckerbot would proclaim that its important to consider his successionist terrorist perspective and @Jack would be concerned and consider putting a warning on his race war twits.
OMFG why is no one ever capable of holding Republinazis accountable for their insane, treasonous bullshit /end rant.


/the Onion/

Report: 70% Of Republicans Believe Election Hasn’t Happened Yet

‘How Can You Declare A Winner Before A Single Vote Is Cast?’ Ask GOP Voters

"It’s not the mainstream media’s job to declare whether or not an election has occurred. That will be for the Supreme Court to decide. President Trump has every right not to concede an election that hasn’t even been held regardless of how happy we are of the gains we’ve made in the House.” At press time, a new report found 80% of Republicans refused to acknowledge Joe Biden was ever a presidential candidate at all."


Trump bothered to put forth a courtesy effort at Vet's Day... I can only imagine the cartoon bubble above his head..." Fuck me I want to get back to watching Internet porn-- this is such a wasted amount of time sucking Vet balls"


@5: Yawn. Amazing isn't it: it's possible for people to follow and obey the law.. Except when it is Trumpkin...


I suspect that forest fire golf pic is fake.


Yes, because the vote count is within 1/2 of 1 percent.


GTFO, little ballsack. the entire Republican party is coddling Trump's fragile emotions. they're whipped. "give him time to process; it's HARD".


So the nation has been kind, the nation has been patient, the nation has been indulgent and awaited the case for wholesale vote-tampering to be made.
It is now apparent to even the most spirited of partisans that there is no case.
We are now collectively in thrall to the damaged psychology of one powerful man.
But he does not act alone, he has a small army of enablers.
At this point we the patient, we the indulgent, deserve not only the graceful concession we were denied, but an apology as well.
It may be beyond the powers of Trump to summon the courage, the gravitas to deliver that apology, but until one is forthcoming from his enablers, the accounts cannot be squared.
Obviously this is not a legal matter but a question of norms, of civility, of how decent people behave, are expected to behave.



Seriously. Cook it in a dishwasher!

(is a short and highly entertaining read honestly.)


@7, you're wrong (as usual)


@12: I wasn't wrong. My statement wasn't definitive. But thanks for the link!


Can we get a bunch of people to meet Trump outside the White House on his last day to point and laugh? Like, more people than were at his shitty inauguration. I bet we could top that number.
Speaking of shitty politicians; loud voice in the "defund" movement in Portland, Jo Ann Hardesty, called the police on a Lyft driver because he ended her ride because she got mad he wouldn't roll-up the windows because it is company policy during COVID to leave the windows cracked.
Let's count the woke rules she broke: calling the police on someone, not adhering to COVID guidelines, giving a hard time to a worker who months ago we all were hailing as everyday heroes for being out there giving rides despite the Covid risk...did I miss any? Generally being a shitty, entitled person?


DeathCult dear, do you have examples of Governor Inslee’s incompetence, or is that just you feeling feelings?

Just hold the thought of Culp 2024 close to your heart. That should cheer you right up!


@14 - that story is pretty incredible. what a miserable woman she seems to be as well as a giant hypocrite. the cry of "its dangerous for a poor lil woman like me out here" was a nice touch.

pretty much par for the course though, like herbold calling the cops when the RV turned up in front of her house (the one in west seattle, not north bend).


Catalina, it takes a special type of moron to brag about being a member of a death cult.


@2, 3,10a -- KUDOS.

@18 -- ALL our morons are 'Special.'



He believes it because he believes it - tautological thinking is the standard operating mode for these half-wits.



It's like listening to a toddler scream "I HATE YOU, YOU'RE A TERRIBLE DADDY!" over and over because he won't let him have ice cream for dinner every evening...


The Biden / Harris Administration should have the current TRUMPVID-19 ridden White Trash House razed and a new Presidential mansion built before taking office on January 20, 2021. Let Trumpty Dumpty's enablers, lawyers, lobbyists, bitches, bimbos, and heirs pay for it.

@2 & @3 Original Andrew, @10a kallipugos, @16 Catalina Vel-DuRay, @19 kristofarian, @20 & @22 COMTE all for the WIN!

@10b: Awwwwww, did your mom send you to bed again without your usual pig trough of cheap ice cream for dinner? Begone, lil MAGA before you draw more of Pence's flies.


@10b: If it's any comfort, you could always go help your LO$ER buddies Loren Culp and Trumpty Dumpty swab out Vladimir Putin's pool. Provided you ask Vlady nicely. :)