Kamonegis soba noodles are magical.
Kamonegi's soba noodles are magical. Kamonegi via Instagram

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The downside of watching food shows during quarantine: There's no way of knowing when you'll actually be able to visit the places you're drooling over as you watch them on TV. Not so with the first episode of Eater's Guide to the World, which premiered today on Hulu and is devoted to some of the best restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. (Fun fact, it's also narrated by Maya Rudolph.) For when you inevitably get hungry watching it, we've rounded up all of the spots featured in the show below, almost all of which are still open for takeout or dine-in service, even though filming took place pre-COVID. Read on to find out how to get your hands on masterful soba noodles, perfectly succulent Korean fried chicken wings, and a bitchin' fish sandwich.

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Mutsuko Soma's soba tiny soba restaurant has received great acclaim nationwide and from The Stranger, including earning a spot on the list of the best restaurants of 2018, so it's only fitting that it's one of the two Seattle spots in this episode. As Naomi Tomky wrote, "Mutsuko Soma creates magic in the form of soba noodles and tempura. She didn't set out to be a soba noodle making master, but when she discovered that the buckwheat used to make her beloved grandmother's dish was mostly grown in her adopted home state of Washington, she leaned in to fate and headed to soba school. Now she marries the old-school noodle-making technique with local ingredients, and uses her own wildly creative culinary mind to produce dishes like sake poached shrimp on foie gras tofu and curry mozzarella soba bowls." The space is too small to comfortably open for dine-in service, but definitely order takeout.
Open for takeout and delivery

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