Slog AM: Inslee Plans a Lil Covid Chat Later Hmmmmmm, Some Fishy Florida Candidates, Bear Problem Solved with Robot Wolves



Always refreshing when you do the news Nathalie. Doesn't start off with an axe to grind.


Once the population reaches the breaking point, collapse can happen much faster and more violently than most people realize, especially for our particular brand of obnoxious, obtuse AmeriKKKan idiots.

I’ve been reading up on how dictatorships end and cults die over the last few days (no reason, shrug), and all of our current events are remarkably similar to the Romanian Revolution. I mean, you can even play Mad Libs (yup, pun intended):

“Fixated on paying off (American billionaires) in the 2010s, (the Republinazi Party and Tr666p) set about a series of austerity measures that plunged the country and its people into economic hardship.

The appalling economic situation was only exacerbated as (Tr666p) splurged cash on megalomaniac projects such as the construction of the (Border Wall), even today one of the largest (frauds) in the world.

“I remember the poverty of (2020), I remember in (the United States), the breweries, restaurants, everything was dark,” says Mr. (Martínez).
Blighted by a lack of basics, such as food, heating, and lighting, dissent was building up in the isolationist state as (Tr666p and Melanoma) lived in luxurious, palatial homes.

“We knew that people living in other countries had more material wealth and were living better. It was clear to me that something would happen, but nobody was really talking about it.”


Re: WA considers narrowing eviction moratorium:
Um . . . wow. . . just . . . wow . . . .

Yeahhh . . . .

No . . . . just . . . . No.



The rain of boulder-sized putrid whale chunks on the observers was a delightful upside to that event. They just do not do that any more.

And the GOP has been hammering at the 3rd party red herrings for a while now. It is an effective way to siphon off gullible democrat votess... there are STILL people who proudly say they voted Stein 2016.


Any chance Trump is golfing in Naples FL this week? The gulf shore is lovely this time of year!
auntie g - maybe your wish could finally come true!


the covid surge is here - can anyone explain why indoor dining is still permitted?


Headline from 2021: "Japan reports modest decline in bear attacks, concerning increase in robot wolf attacks."


@8 --we Got the 'democracy'
Billionaires fucking BOUGHT* Bessie.

How tf do we the Peeps
Wrest it back? is what
I wanna Know.

*corps AIN'T peeps bitches.


@8 I think the "remedy" is for the Republican party to respond to democratic signaling processes in a good faith manner and moderate its positions in order to compete for voters. Rather than make every attempt it can to subvert transparency and manipulate the electorate so it can continue its plunge into darkness unimpeded.

But that's probably too much to hope for.


@ 8,

Actually, thanks to the Senate, the Supreme KKKourt, and the (s)Electoral College, we got the phony "democracy" we've been cursed with. They are explicitly designed to enable white male supremacist minority rule against the majority of the American people.

Can you imagine Al Gore starting two decades of failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq based on lies to prop up oil and war profiteer industry profits, then allowing Wall $treet to gang bang the mortgage market until the financial industry collapsed.

What about Hillary Clinton spreading Russian propaganda, lies, destroying the government in an insider attack, and allowing COVID-19 to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans when other countries, like Australia, Canada, China, Korea, and New Zealand have done reasonable jobs of managing the disaster and minimizing the loss of life and economic collapse.

The Republinazi party are psycho-fascist, death cult terrorists that've ruined the 21st century. They are a cancer that is killing this country with selfishness, crazy lies, insatiable greed, and sociopathic racist hatred.

Democracy has nothing to do with it, and the majority of us didn't deserve any of this.


Dark money may be legal but there is absolutely nothing democratic about dumping untold sums of cash into political campaigns with no oversight, transparency or accountability. Quite the opposite really. For all the self-congratulating we do over our commitment to democratic values worldwide, we fail to live up to them.


@11: But I ponder that Al and Hillary still wouldn't have been progressive enough for some folks.


@ 12,

Dark munnie doesn't really matter. It buys ads, so what?

The fact is that ~71 million people looked at the nation-ruining train wreck disaster of the last four years and sociopathically said YES to fascism and self-destruction. Enough voted for the openly treasonous, incompetent, and loathsome Moscow Mitch, Miss Lindsey Grayuhm, Susie Q Collins, et al, that the GOPnazis may keep control of the Senate. Their voters believe the insanely stupid propaganda because they want to believe it. We may as well declare financial and moral bankruptcy.

Moscow Mitch will make good on his threats to not even confirm any of Biden's cabinet choices. There's a coup d'état happening right now in plain sight; I don't see how we don't collapse after that. If not Romania, then like Yugoslavia, with a brutal crackdown followed by various factions of the police and military fighting each other, militant Tr666pnazi terrorists attacking everyday Americans, and no one knowing who's really in charge. We may break into two or more separate countries; other nations have collapsed over less.

I'm confident that the decent, patriotic, generous, and kind Americans that make up the majority will win, but it's gonna be a long and ugly struggle.


Dark money means rich people & interest groups have an outsized impact on our elections and never have to answer for it. Even if this were net-neutral in practice (spoiler: it ain’t) it is fundamentally anti-democratic & turns the entire concept of free speech on its head.


Dark money isn't just about ads, it's about getting their agenda addressed first and foremost by whoever they get elected while making the American people take a backseat and their needs put on the back burner. Dark money disenfranchises the electorate and ensures they only get table scraps despite their votes putting the legislators in power.


@ 15,

To those that say King Shit Midas will start his own propaganda network to rival dumFux Nooz, I'll just say:

Trump companies that sought bankruptcy protection
1. Trump Taj Mahal
2. Trump’s Castle
3. Trump Plaza Casinos
4. Trump Plaza Hotel
5. Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts
6. Trump Entertainment Resorts

Trump’s failed businesses:
1. Trump Steaks
2. GoTrump
3. Trump Airlines
4. Trump Vodka
5. Trump Mortgage
6. Trump: The Game
7. Trump Magazine
8. Trump University
9. Trump Ice
10. The New Jersey Generals
11. Tour de Trump
12. Trump Network
13. Trumped!

BONUS: 14. United States of America


Editors on vacation today? The military voting fraud accusations are in Nevada -- says so in the tweet, says so in the retweeted CNN story. I get that the whole Southwest seems like one big place but... Nevada is not Arizona.

Also, the masks might not be too big for women? That's a good thing -- except the story says the masks might be too big for women. No need to question the whole overgeneralizing how big women's heads are compared to men's...


@18. Say what you will about Trump: The Game, but the legal library/reading/break room at the Texas Legislative Council has one right there, just around the corner from the John Wayne room.


@ 16/17,

It's still not the fundamental problem. It is heartening that voting still matters, otherwise the GOPnazis wouldn't be going all out to stop people from doing it. People could've voted the terrorist, destructive Senate sociopaths out of office. They didn't.


So we are all invited to a dress rehearsal for Trump Coup Vol II
This Saturday in Washington DC
Titled, happily, The Million Maggot March
Kayleigh predicts it will be "quite large" ... hmmm...
As Marx would say, "History always repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce."


@21 OA, I agree with the general sentiments - if you cut off the money tomorrow, it doesn't make all the problems go away, and we're hosed no matter what - our democracy is fundamentally broken. Whether we see it as a "feature" or a "bug" is irrelevant.

But long-term, big-picture, money is a big deal. The 70 million Trump voters weren't born as sociopathic Republicans - they caught the Republican-virus. They get it mostly from friends & family, but a lot of the extremism in particular is created by decades of propaganda that's paid for with... money. The more money, the more propaganda.

Propaganda takes many forms - advertising, paid "grass roots" efforts, super-PACs, "think"-tanks, "news", and of course the candidates themselves.


Look, it's simple. Plug in your county and how many are in your party that are either there for 15 minutes OR take off their masks at any time. You'll see that Seattle is around 11% probability of an infection surge from any gathering of 10 people.

Yes, that means all bars. All sports. All gyms. All restaurants that are inside a warm covering without constant airflow. All Thanksgiving and other parties inside or in tents that close (rain shelters are fine if open).


The vaccine won't save you because YOU CAN'T GET IT UNTIL MARCH (if old) OR JULY (if under 60).

WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER, MASK UP, PHYSICALLY DISTANCE, and stop whining. The virus doesn't care about your beliefs or desires.


RE: Dark Money

It absolutely matters! It is easily the worst offender for why we have the country we have today. The reason 70+ million people voted against their own self interests is entirely due to Dark Money.

It's not just "buying a few ads." It's brainwashing people through decades and decades of lies and misdirection. Getting laws written to change education so children are taught that Big Business can do no wrong. That government is bad. That you have to pull yourselves up by your bootstraps. To consume, consume, consume!!! Hiring actors to tell people lies under the guise of "Joe Sixpack" your next door neighbor so people believe it.

Dark money has utterly destroyed this country.


@26. Particularly when that dark money comes from abroad and is bankrolled by gigantic oil companies cough Gazprom cough Rosneft cough, and our own elected officials become less beholden to their electorate and more beholden to the subversive and monetary interests of foreign interlopers that turn our own national interests against our own people, similar to how a virus injects its RNA and takes hold of a cell's organelles, ultimately lysing it.


Oh, and by the way, we are now officially in surge conditions.


Identity politics works everywhere with all the idiots whose perception is only skin deep. They will turn their own countries inside out just to feel a sense of false empowerment by trashing their own nation, as long as the man behind the curtain tells them it's to put themselves first.


Like, my own girlfriend is a doctor who got coronavirus from one of her patients, and she already had antibodies before contracting it again. Fortunately, I stayed negative while treating her (because I'm a G), but it messed with her lungs after she recovered. Hospitals are packed and people are dying in Italy, but there is a large faction of Italians, including her neighbor who owns a dry cleaning business, who are convinced it is a hoax. He spoke with her and was in abject denial about it, even as she told him it was real (she worked in the fucking Covid department for fucks sake), and he tried to tell her that it was a hoax somehow or that the people that died were already terminal or something. People are fucking idiotic and they are easily taken advantage of when their economic stability is on the line. All you have to do is peddle nationalism and peddle to their insecurities by blaming minorities or the outgroup. Shit works in Britain and NATO countries. It's a goddamn travesty.



Yeah, we know you're a bunch of snowflakes. Welp, elections have consequences.


@5 pat L: I called it, didn't I? haha But---is Wally Gator really THAT hungry to ingest so much toxic industrial waste? The indigestion alone would be unbearable.

@15: WOW. All this childish threatening, blubbering, moaning and griping because WInn-Dixie ran out of your favorite gallon tub of Breyer's. We know you're full of shit, but stop hoarding the Charmin, already.