Skip all public gatherings and high-brr-nate with us this winter.
Skip all holiday gatherings and hibernate with us this winter. Anthony Keo

Look around. Coronavirus is everywhere. The safest, most patriotic thing we can do right now is to hunker down and stay inside. It's tough, but we can do it.

Weekend nights looked a lot different before our lives consisted of nose swabs and temperature checks. We're not doing much of anything these days. So, why don't we plan a cute virtual date together? Let's say, every Friday at 4:20?

The cover of this years .
The cover of this year's High-Brr-Nation issue. AARON BAGLEY

This winter, we invite you to take a break, get high, and hibernate with The Stranger every Friday at exactly 4:20 PM, with our new limited edition High-Brr-Nation weed newsletter. The newsletter kicks off this Friday, November 27. It's inspired by our popular yearly High-Brr-Nation issue, which we can't put out right now because of COVID-19, but we won't let that get us down.

Every newsletter begins with a different Stranger writer walking you through a stoner activity or clickhole. Think adventures through YouTube karaoke, essays on TikTok's "horsegirls," or a treatise on looking at stones while being stoned. Consider it a weekly check-in where we can connect and go on a mini journey together. Each newsletter includes a round-up of that week's biggest weed-related news, plus rotating games, PRIZES, giveaways, and general mischief.

Sign up RIGHT HERE, and survive this winter by getting high with a little help from your friends. (That's us. We're your friends.)