Slog PM: 2020 Election "Most Secure in American History," the Pope Congratulates Biden



Happy to see it posted here - was just about it post it myself. Fuck the GOP and fuck Trump and fuck everyone who supports any of them. They truly do not deserve to hold ANY POWER WHATSOEVER. They need to be removed for refusing to uphold the oaths they took when they took their jobs.

Election Was Most Secure in U.S. History, Government Officials Say

The statement from a high-ranking official at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency amounted to a strong rebuke of President Trump’s baseless assertion that the election had been stolen from him. A growing chorus of Republican senators have said that President-elect Joe Biden should receive intelligence briefings.


Everyone - including the GOP - gave a Trump a pass, hoping that the election would bring him his senses. Nope.
And the coddling goes on, and on, and on.


"Currently docked in Barbados, all guests and non-essential crew [of the floating prison] are quarantining in their rooms [best hope you got the suite, mofos] until all other passengers test negative."

will they get a per diem whilst being forced into Confinement for the Duration? will they be allowed decent communications? will the passengers get any kinda Rebate? someone remind me -- what's the Allure of these floating cities /gulags. other than the buffet? better hope you got Good Neighbors...


@3, I have zero sympathy for the passengers. What kind of idiot, after watching a couple of plague ships quarantined this spring, after cases right now are skyrocketing to the highest levels since the pandemic began, decides sure, now's a great time to go on a cruise? Seriously? WTF.


I'm willing to let a little harmless hyperbole like "UPS racist-ass policy" go but I will defend their record on hiring and promoting minorities.
I worked there 30 years and a real commitment to diversity and equal opportunity was hard-wired in.
Their appearance policy chafed more on we who wanted to grow our hair out a bit or let our mustaches go, we were the ones constantly testing the boundaries and getting disciplined.
Pretty petty stuff actually, more akin to teen-age girls testing hem-length... allegations of racism were usually related to disproportionate discipline or lack of transparency regarding promotion.
Fortunately there existed a strong union culture (Teamsters).


"Top U.S. cybersecurity official Christopher Krebs...has told associates he expects to be fired..."

I gotta think that at this point, getting fired by Trump would actually be a boon to one's career. I wonder if some of these officials are making the same calculation.


I only caught the tail end of today's Fresh Air, in which TG interviewed some insider speculating on how we can expect events to play out over the next couple of weeks, and then years following his departure.

One of the things discussed in the brief portion I caught was potential plans for the Trump Presidential Library. Apparently it's a real possibility that he could set up some sort of fee-for-admission type facility to help offset incurred debts, or even incorporate it into a larger Donald Trump oriented theme park to help cement and celebrate his legacy. To which I say, DEAR GOD YES, GIVE ME SHITLER DOLLYWOOD EACH AND EVERY DAY, I WILL LIVE AND DIE AND HOPE TO HAVE MY ASHES BURIED THERE, PLEASEGIVEMEMONSTROUSSHITLERMEGA-MALL!!!!

Anyway, I really only wanted to comment to mention that I hadn't to this point even contemplated the fact that he'd be having a library constructed in his honor, and I got a genuine and heartfelt chuckle out of that.

A Trump library. Hope you could also garner some appreciation for the comical nature of the very concept.


A Trump Library? Really?? That would be miles of empty, worthless space--like a Sarah ('Oh, LOOK, Todd honey!---RUSSIA!!') Palin book.

@1 xina for the WIN.


speaking of thee Most Secure
Election in American History:

Election Officials Directly Contradict Trump on Voting System Fraud

WASHINGTON — Hours after President Trump repeated a baseless report that a voting machine system “deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide,” he was directly contradicted by a group of federal, state and local election officials, who issued a statement on Thursday declaring flatly that the election “was the most secure in American history” and that “there is no evidence” any voting systems were compromised.

The rebuke, in a statement by a coordinating council overseeing the voting systems used around the country, never mentioned Mr. Trump by name. But it amounted to a remarkable corrective to a wave of disinformation that Mr. Trump has been pushing across his Twitter feed.

The statement was distributed by the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, which is responsible for helping states secure the voting process.

Coming directly from one of Mr. Trump’s own cabinet agencies, it further isolated the president in his false claims that widespread fraud cost him the election.

By David E. Sanger, Matt Stevens and Nicole Perlroth; Nov. 12, 2020


I'm still smiling over Trumpty Dumpty's team presser being held in a parking lot next door to an X-rated bookstore. And that the "Four Seasons" location in question was not at the upscale Four Seasons Hotel in Philly, but at a landscaping business. And that the MAGAs doing the booking were too stupid to catch it.
Gross incompetence, illiteracy, and elections have consequences.
Choke on it, MAGAs.


Most of the cabinet and department heads are being quickly replaced by loyalists willing to go along with the fake fraud claims. The civilian leadership of the FBI, CIA, DHS, and Pentagon are being replaced without oversight or congressional vetting.

Like predicted a Rightwing coup is happening right before our eyes. It’s happening.


There are a lot of good people formerly employed in the Deep State but now available for Biden employment, because they were fired by Trump. Kind of a employment test in itself.


@6. It may be a boon to their careers but it is a death sentence to our democracy and national security if we lose our career professionals en masse for psychotic loyalists rewriting history.



Doctors Without Borders has announced they will be focusing their aid in the United States, having decided that it's the most looming humanitarian disaster in the world right now.

Trump succeeded in finishing the turn of this country into a third world shit hole.


Covid-19 in the US is a 'humanitarian disaster,' and the pandemic is only accelerating, health experts say


FUCK this freaky Pope & his entire #CatholicCriminalEmpire! Just this week, yet another bombshell report about a Cardinal serial abuser, whose severe punishment meted out by The Pope is — wait for it! — 'contemplation & doing penance.' No criminal prosecution, no jail time... You can't make this shit up. Curious minds are wondering...does The Pope still shit in the woods?


Hi can take your Credit Cards & stick 'em where the sun don't shine, you fucking freak!


@15 & @16 xina: I know, and it makes me sick.

@17: You're living on credit cards?! You're exactly where Trumpty Dumpty, Dencey Pencey and their Evil Empire want you, MAGA tool.


To my mind, our democracy has been under a death sentence since 2016; it's been on death row for 4 years just hoping for either a commutation or failing that, the final meal it asked for. The election of Biden is not a commutation, as the governor in this strained metaphor is a collection of 71-million hateful morons still with us.


For a publication devoted to entertainment venues the Stranger's staff sure are hellbent on keeping people locked inside their homes. Maybe let the experts do their jobs and stop sowing panic.


@21: There's a lot of wonderful people among those 71 hateful morons. Just misguided. They can't all bad.

We have to recognize that we have to reach out and remember we're all not just red states and blue states but we're the United States, as Biden keeps saying. We're Americans.

Blast this pessimism! Bake a bundt cake for your Trump voting neighbor. You might start to change some minds.

God Bless!


If you're nice to Trump supporters, they'll stop being Trump supporters!


@ 22

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a place where there haven't been any (repeat after me: zero) COVID cases or deaths in the last two weeks?


@25 Sure, world peace would be nice too.


By the way, there are places without COVID deaths. Lake Forest Park, a small city in northern King County, has logged only one death since the start of the pandemic. It doesn't matter though, despite their low infection rate they're still forced to comply with the indefinite restrictions placed on all of King County.


I guess some people missed the whole looming humanitarian crisis due to COVID being out of control thing here in the U.S. It's so bad that Doctors Without Borders is coming in to provide aid. Yeah that's right, we're the third world country now. But please continue complaining about how restrictions are such a hassle.


Shorter 28: charity begins at home


@23 - Fuck that.


@30: Fair point. Just another way of looking at it.