Everything still terrible out there? Yes? Ok, just checking.
"Everything still terrible out there? Yes? Ok, just checking." Brasil2 / Getty Images

A second coronavirus vaccine is showing promising results: The Moderna vaccine is around 95% effective, and doesn't require as much refrigeration, according to the company. There are some caveats here — the just-announced results have not yet appeared in any peer-reviewed format, the vaccine won't be available until spring at the earliest, and the messenger RNA technology that it uses has never been approved for a vaccine before. But hey, it's something? In the meantime, keep masking up and locking down.

Everybody stay where you are: We’re heading back into another lockdown, from today until the middle of December — at least. The Washington Emergency Management Department would like to remind you that this does not mean you need to stockpile toilet paper. Also, this weekend I walked by a handful of bars on Capitol Hill that were full of people with no masks crowded around tables, so thanks for everything guys.

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Traveling out of state? Enjoy your two-week quarantine. The governors of Washington, Oregon, and California have asked that anyone traveling out of state quarantine for 14 days after arriving. Oregon’s Kate Brown says her state is reaching a “breaking point,” and Washington is up over 2,500 dead with nearly 10,000 hospitalized. So if you’re going anywhere for the holidays, bring a book.

New car tabs could be coming to keep our bridges open: Seattle Councilmember Alex Pedersen proposed a $20 per car fee to pay for bridge maintenance. As we’ve noted in the past, SDOT can’t afford basic upkeep on bridges around the city, and a lot of them are in pretty alarming shape. But if more money’s going to be coming in, transportation advocates would like to see it going towards sustainable transit rather than car-centric bridge projects.

Trump is holding up coronavirus planning: He still won’t let his people work with the incoming Biden administration on the pandemic (or on any other issue), which is causing mounting alarm in just about every sector of public health. Officials say they’re not prepared; Trump spent the weekend golfing, and he also tweeted that Biden won but didn’t really win. As usual, Twitter put a “disputed” tag on the tweet. JUST BAN HIM, God.

A cop said something unprofessional: The Office of Police Accountability found that an SPD officer did, indeed, engage in unprofessional conduct when she said, “Well, if I wasn’t racist before … I’m getting there now” during some protests. According to the investigation, the officer was transmitting over the radio, whoops! Anyway, the investigation determined that the statement was unprofessional, but not an indication of bias. Hm.

The Boy Scouts have racked up thousands of sex abuse complaints. It seems incredible that such abuse could go on for so long, but the scouts have now passed 82,000 complaints and climbing. Today is the deadline for people to submit complaints as part of a bankruptcy lawsuit. The cases go back decades, and the organization's spokespeople say they’re deeply sorry.

An Alaska Airlines flight hit a bear: Two bears were crossing the runway in Yakutat at a particularly inopportune time this weekend — just as an airplane was landing on top of them. One got away, but the other wasn’t so lucky. The airline’s weirdest interaction with wildlife remains the 1987 incident in which an eagle dropped a fish on a plane shortly after takeoff.

Keep watching the skies: This week the Leonid meteor shower may appear — though it might be hard to catch a glimpse, since it’s likely to be pretty overcast. (Check the tracker here.) But if you find yourself far from urban light pollution, take a glimpse up and you might see something bright streaking overhead. It’s either a piece of space rock or the eagle that stole my flashlight.

The new episode of The Mandalorian is pretty great: My favorite new series of the last two years just gave us a nice fun boom-biff-pow adventure, with hooks into mysterious deep lore and more fun puppets. Also, no spoilers here, but I’m delighted to see that my favorite character of the first season has so far appeared in every episode so far this season — even though it’s just in the recap this week.

Gigi Goode won a People’s Choice Award: The category is Competition Contestant of the Year, and the Drag Race star says she’s “gagged” to have won. Drag Race has been routinely recognized by awards shows over the last few years, though I’m not quite sure why because it’s pretty much been the same routine for over a decade. Also I’m still feeling a little salty about the far-too-soon elimination of Rock M. Sakura. I wonder if I’ll ever get over that.

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The Virtual Reality version of Four Seasons Total Landscaping continues to expand: After we interviewed Coopertom, the Furry who built the landscaping firm’s lot in VRChat, he continued tinkering with his creation and it now includes the exterior of the dildo shop. Coopertom had a nice Goodnight Moon reading party there this weekend.

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