Slog PM: The Croc Moves a Few Blocks, Time Is Running Out for a Recount in Wisconsin



GOP hostility to wilderness is something the genuinely puzzles me. If Republicans had their way, this planet would have nothing in it but people, pets, crops and vermin.


@1, don't forget cars, freeways, and parking lots.


"Biden estimated his administration would be “behind" in distributing a potential coronavirus vaccine by "over a month, month and a half" if the Trump admin continues to refuse to cooperate. "

Refuse to cooperate? I hate Trump but he's been behind the vaccine from the beginning.
Hey Joe, just let Trump go. You won.


Biden estimated his administration would be “behind" in distributing a potential coronavirus vaccine by "over a month, month and a half" if the Trump admin continues to refuse to cooperate. --tS

THIS is the "pro-Life!"
partay in all their Glorious obtusity.

what's a few hundred Thousands
DEAD, hospitals Flooded and your Heart Attack?
sorry. no Room at the Inn, so to speak. at least, your
Family can be close by . . . mobile morgues, everyone?



Trump has to pay $7.9 MILLION for a recount in Wisconsin. His "fight the fraud" fund is (read the small print) going to 2 other parties FIRST before even going to any recount fund. He has to pay up front, he cannot use taxpayer funds, and his donors are no longer billionaires, just his MAGAt Proud Boys, so his recount in Wisconsin will never happen.

@3 Joe did win and Trump did lose and until the transfer of power happens, there are things Biden can't do, so acting like it's Joe that's the problem is a huge amount of bullshit. Trump has denied all science and ignored the pandemic from the get go, but has been behind the vaccine (your words) because he wants credit for the vaccine (while taking no responsibility for the deaths of over a quarter of a million people in this country, to date, and over ten million sick. By the time an actual, viable vaccine is available and as close to 100% of the population has received it, Trump will be long gone. And since 40% of the population (MAGAts no doubt) have come out already stating they won't get vaccinated, this horror show Trump and his administration are 100% responsible for is going to go on and on and on and on and on and fucking on ad infinitum.


jakkky and his fellow MAGAts
are Never gonna Get it.
it's the Cognitive
& they're

Why tf do we
Put Up with it?


Kudos to thee Richest man on Planet Earth
spending $800,000,000 (out of c.
$200,000,000,000.00) on
salvaging what's
left of Earth.

remember, (so far!)
there's only ONE* Planet.

in the Known Universe


xina @4 and kristofarian @3, @5, & @6 for the WIN!

Well, I'm glad the Crocodile is still going--just moving a few blocks but....DARN IT, Chase, I was hoping the headline was about the giant alligator roaming freely about the Valencia Golf Country Club and Golf Course in Naples, Florida---heading out to Mar-a Lunatic next to pay a certain Fake Prezi-Nazi Neofascist a little reptilian social call.
Channelling Wally Gator......the sooner the better.


I used to walk past the Crocodile near every day on my way to school, I always thought it was in a real weird spot. It wasn't for a long time that I learned that there was a music venue in the back. Hopefully this new location will be good for them; Flying Spaghetti Monster knows that they could use a goddamn break after 2020.

I look forward to future news of Graham and Eyman being locked up. It can't come soon enough. Did they just drop the (attempted?) theft charges against the latter for that office chair?


I remember living across the street from the Crocodile. If you went to the back of the apartment and looked out across the parking lot between buildings you would see the Frontier Room and Tugs. I remember playing darts with stoned drag queens at the Frontier room, going to Reggae night at Tugs, listening to bands at the Crocodile. Fun times!


Fuck lockdowns. They’re doing more bad than good at this point. Sure they show viral spread, but depression and suicide rates are getting out of control. What we need is a massive testing and contact tracing program, the kind we should have gotten off the ground months and months ago were it not for the lump of orange shit.


@10 - you're correct that all the options on the table are shit. However, depression and suicide don't trend on an exponential curve. COVID does.

That's why we need to lock this shit down. Once you're up that cliff face of the exponential curve, you're already fucked. Worrying about linear increases in depression and suicide shows a lack of understanding of the dynamic systems we're dealing with here.

I mean, I get you, the depression and suicide increases are very real problems that we need to address. But they're deckchairs on the Titanic at this point.


I’ll see your Croc and raise you an Under the Rail, Backstage, Vogue on 1st and The Embassy before it became the Triple Door...


And furthermore, we have to recognize where we are today. That contact tracing program you refer to doesn't exist, and isn't going to exist this year.

So what's the realistic alternative? Lockdown is the only candidate.


@10 - Have suicide rates really gone up? Frustration and depression alone are not always reasons for suicide, as typically there are other circumstances and/or pathology occurring to complete the taking of one's own life.


@3: Had Trump actually done his job, we might never have had COVID in the United States at all, or we could have managed it quickly and with minimal disruption. Instead, he refused to appoint officials to pre-existing positions for pandemic control, refused to order contact tracing, tried to limit contact tracing after it belatedly started, lied about COVID's dangers, and then started retaliating against public health officials who dared counter his lies. He's held potential super-spreader events, actively discouraged mask use, and is now blatantly obstructing the incoming Biden-Harris Administration from preparing for vaccine distribution. Read it and weep:

"But the evidence shows that he [the current occupant of the White House] has been deadly earnest about denying the threat of COVID-19, and delaying action against it."


@11 universal lockdowns do a different sort of harm than the spread of the virus. They disproportionately impact communities of color and low income workers. They are largely not based on science when it’s decided what to close and what to remain open. They close the local appliance store but not the big box home improvement. There are scores of other examples. For instance why are gyms open but not museums?

For shut downs to work you have to know where the outbreaks are coming from. In many areas it’s from contact within the home. Closing businesses isn’t going to make a difference in those cases. While over the spring there was that graphic of contagion from a restaurant in China very few (in comparison) of the traced cases in the US are due to restaurant spread when distanced and capacity limited. The closures and limitations need to be more narrowly targeted and monitored before it gets out of hand.

If the states are going to choose to shutdown they need to provide near full wage relief for those workers and small businesses. It’s easy to blame the Feds but they aren’t coming. The state shut you down not the Feds. It’s easy for many here to yell “shut it down” as if were a “lock her up” chant at a Trump rally. When one is safe in the fact they can work from home or have a job that’s not impacted they’ve got a blind spot as to the impact of the economic devastation.


@16: Your arguments about the problems of shutdowns don't negate the necessity of shutdowns.


On the day the Crocodile opened for business, I was living with a friend in Belltown. We had lunch there on that day, becoming two of the first customers it ever had. We returned there many times during the height of the Seattle Music Scene, and for many years thereafter. I would live in Belltown again, decades later, and the Croc' remained a great place to have a quick meal and hear great music. I wish them all of the best in their new location.


Lockdowns also disproportionately affect women, a lot of moms are now expected to be at home for their child's/children's schooling. Women fought for a long time to have careers of their own in this country and now we're making that much more difficult to do. It's ironic, I thought the expectation that women be housewives would have been embraced more by republicans than democrats.


400,000 Americans DEAD of COVID by January 2021.

500,000 Americans DEAD of COVID by March, which is the earliest the old people will start to be able to get vaccines. Younger people will have to wait until July 2021.

And, yes, younger people are dying of it.


@12, Saw GG Allin and Willard at Under the Rail back in 92, great show:) and saw White Zombie at the Vogue in 88:)

Lets pour one out for Sit and Spin:(



And The OK Hotel, The Fabulous Rainbow, Rapunzels, Gorilla Gardens, The Weathered Wall, Squid Row/Kincora, Motor Sports International, Fenix Underground, Velvet Elvis, RKCNDY, Gibson's, Pine Street Theatre, Uncle Rocky's, and that place that used to be on 1st Ave just south of the pergola in Pioneer Square the name of which I can never remember.


Today Oregon had more cases, hospitalizations, and deaths than the day before - a trend that has been going up, up, up now. Originally projected to have less than 3,000 cases and less than 100 deaths, we're now at over 50,000 cases and nearly 400 deaths. The last death was a 41 year old with no underlying health conditions. My first thought is will people stop having weddings and planning holiday gatherings when the most deaths are happening to those in their 20s, 30s, and 40s? No. Why? Because people are fucking stupid. Far more stupid than even ever imagined. People clearly want to die and/or kill others as long as they get to do what they want to do at any given moment.

What NEEDS to happen is Congress needs to shell out hundreds of billions of dollars (or more) until the virus is stopped. Until 100% of the population has been vaccinated. But we know the truth. Congress has shown zero interest in doing that, so we're going to see this go on and on and on and on and on and people will suffer and the country will be thoroughly destroyed in every possible way, by every possible metric. And Trump will be long dead so of course he won't get any of the blame (even though he and Mitch McConnell both deserve all of the blame).

People cannot survive without money. They need it to buy food and pay for housing and all of the other bills that need to be paid from the top down and the bottom up.

Businesses cannot survive without anyone having any money to spend. Doesn't matter if they are all open, if people do not have money to spend (and the virus is still spreading wide and far) all businesses will fail.

The virus does not give a shit about anything other than spreading wide and far.

People can either do something to stop it or not.

The longer people do nothing to stop it, the longer it will spread wide and far.

So even if everyone railing against lock downs got what they wanted, they're not going to get what they want.

The only thing guaranteed unless Congress steps up and hands out a shit ton of money to the entire population (and they make sure it isn't stolen by the rich like it was last time - $500 BILLION) is catastrophic loss so much worse than has already been experienced - catastrophic loss that this country as a whole and individuals (clearly!) cannot even possibly fathom.

And no amount of complaining on the internet is going to change any of it.