Here's What's Going to Happen

The East Precinct cop fortress isn't coming down anytime soon.



Infrastructure Week will be real next year - yes, but the problem is that all that concrete will actually make Global Warming and Climate Change worse. Emissions from non-green concrete are some of the worst possible things we can do. Now, if we used American-made green concrete, from a mix like the Romans and Turks and Greeks did that lasted millennia, that would be fine, a mix of shellfish shells (oysters, clams, mussels) which suck carbon out of seawater and air, and other low carbon mix. It's actually made in Washington State.

The ADA-violating Wall Of Police Shame at 12th and Pike or is it Pine - who knows, we've never seen the MANDATORY ADA compliant Design Review.

Going to be lawsuits.

Trump felonies. Did you know if the Feds don't take action on certain crimes, the State Attorneys General can? And so can private firms. And other nations. Won't that be fun? Imagine teams going around suing to collect the looted money around the world, GETTING IT FIRST and no dollars to the IRS, oh my.

A lot of people have a lot of reasons to go after it, for one reason the discovery allows them to go after the other criminals (hint Russia) who are also indicted. Oh my.


Probably not much Christmas caroling this year.


If Dems don't take those Senate seats, there will be nothing better to do than investigate Trump. You can bet your last dollar the still-GOP senate will be investigating the crap out of Biden.

And that assumes GOP even lets Biden appoint a cabinet in the first place.


"Who thought north-facing windows were a good idea?" --NG
you need a Giant south-facing Mirror
or some sheets. perhaps Christo's not Busy?*

"Trump set the bar so low it's essentially in hell." --CB

oh and there's Ivanta
limboing right under
like it's Easy

*sorry -- Bad news.
he's past.


I posted this under the wrong article so here it is where I meant to post it.

Today Oregon had more cases, hospitalizations, and deaths than the day before - a trend that has been going up, up, up now. Originally projected to have less than 3,000 cases and less than 100 deaths, we're now at over 50,000 cases and nearly 400 deaths. The last death was a 41 year old with no underlying health conditions. My first thought is will people stop having weddings and planning holiday gatherings when the most deaths are happening to those in their 20s, 30s, and 40s? No. Why? Because people are fucking stupid. Far more stupid than even ever imagined. People clearly want to die and/or kill others as long as they get to do what they want to do at any given moment.

What NEEDS to happen is Congress needs to shell out hundreds of billions of dollars (or more) until the virus is stopped. Until 100% of the population has been vaccinated. But we know the truth. Congress has shown zero interest in doing that, so we're going to see this go on and on and on and on and on and people will suffer and the country will be thoroughly destroyed in every possible way, by every possible metric. And Trump will be long dead so of course he won't get any of the blame (even though he and Mitch McConnell both deserve all of the blame).

People cannot survive without money. They need it to buy food and pay for housing and all of the other bills that need to be paid from the top down and the bottom up.

Businesses cannot survive without anyone having any money to spend. Doesn't matter if they are all open, if people do not have money to spend (and the virus is still spreading wide and far) all businesses will fail.

The virus does not give a shit about anything other than spreading wide and far.

People can either do something to stop it or not.

The longer people do nothing to stop it, the longer it will spread wide and far.

So even if everyone railing against lock downs got what they wanted, they're not going to get what they want.

The only thing guaranteed unless Congress steps up and hands out a shit ton of money to the entire population (and they make sure it isn't stolen by the rich like it was last time - $500 BILLION) is catastrophic loss so much worse than has already been experienced - catastrophic loss that this country as a whole and individuals (clearly!) cannot even possibly fathom.

And no amount of complaining on the internet is going to change any of it.


Cooper is a writer more so than a performer. She’s still getting buzz in the biz. I agree the Trump thing, while funny, is a bit long in the tooth now. She’s got a producer/creator deal for CBS to base a sitcom on one of her books. I’d reckon she’ll find more work in the writers room than in front of the camera.


@4, Christo is not at all busy. He's dead.

Chase, when was your last visit to Utah?


@5, So it's not just the rural red dimwits spreading corona. Progressives and far Lefts spread it too😆. Corona 19 is indifferent to politics.


As far as predictions go, Inslee will extend restrictions into January at least. Just before he books it for a Cabinet position in D.C.


@9 Inslee: the Gauleiter Who Stole Christmas.


@1 Will in Seattle: Thank you for nailing it and beating me to it. If the legitimately elected Biden / Harris Administration doesn't criminally prosecute Trumpty Dumpty, what would stop the State Attorney Generals (New York's AG and Washington's SuperBob Ferguson, for starters) from going after DJT? May Trumpty Dumpty be dragged off by the New York State police, kicking and screaming like Ethel Merman, and custom fit into an orange jumpsuit, size double-wide Goodyear Blimp. The world will cheer.

@5 xina: What's happening is truly mind-boggling. We need a cure for MAGA stupidity.

@9: Our thrice legitimately elected Washington State Governor Jay Inslee isn't going anywhere.
If you're still pissed that Loren Culp not only lost to Inslee in the gubernatorial race but returned to his little unmasked one-horse MAGA-world of Republic also to find that he'd lost his job as police chief, too, get over it. Elections have consequences. Ferry County deputies got tired of being stuck doing Culp's job while he ran for the MAGA ticket on extended vacation time.

Stacey Abrams and the State of Georgia flip the Senate and save the U.S. and the rest of the world? Oh, Charles--I certainly hope so! I'd love to see Senate MINORITY Leader Mooch McDumbbell shrivel up, crawl into his own self-made hellhole, and die.


@8 & @9 and @10: Begone, lil unmasked MAGAs, before you draw any more of Pence's flies.


great rant, xina
but let's (mostly) blame
the US Senate -- and McTurtle --
for NOT Stimulating the Economy as Necessary...

jakkky, your Joy at finding
that Libs can spread the Covid


Trump's finally given a concession speech! (Must be true, it was on the TEE VEE).


Good God the thought that Durkan might not run for reelection is terrifying. She's the only thing instilling a sense of reality into the city council.

If she doesn't run there's no guarantee another adult would even enter the race. We might get stuck with a choice between an unqualified "Spoken Word" artist and a failed economics professor from Seattle U.

Though I have to admit watching the Economics Professor try to paint the "Spoken Word Artists" as a corporate tool working for Bezos would be hilarious.


@14 xina: Are you sure that wasn't really Alec Baldwin on SNL?


The virus does not give a shit about anything other than spreading wide and far.


I like the our new KGB style police fortress in the heart of Seattle.

I walk by their militarized fortress everyday. I think much of the frustration over the past several months came from the likes of Mayor Durkin and Carmen Best gasligting us with "protecting and serving" language while exercising military level command and control and warrant-less mass surveillance with little to no accountability.

Previously you needed to travel to an American military base in the Middle East to experience a display of force like this. It brings back fond memories of Eastern European occupation under the Communists in the 1980's. The only thing missing are bullet holes in the surrounding buildings as a visible reminder of who runs the show around here, but I'm sure that's coming.

They will still need to leave their fortress on occasion of they hope to continue their important work of handing out parking tickets and harassing the homeless. Is it still OK to call them officer, or should we start using the more honorific "master" going forward?


A fortress is what you get from months of rioting and brutality on police.

Glad you like it.


Adams lost his seat in Utah, so the Beehive State isn't going liberal just yet.



My spouse is a professional caroler and section leader for the company that sends out the quartets you normally see all over the place after Thanksgiving dressed in Dickensian garb belting out your fave holiday tunes. Usually, she'd already have been deep into rehearsals by early September, but the company didn't even hold auditions this past August like they usually do. This is the first time in 14 years she won't be spending a goodly portion of the season doing one of the things she most dearly loves - and which brings some extra holiday cash into the household.

So, it's not only that folks won't hear the dulcet tones of a close-harmony quartet singing "The Gloucestershire Song" or "Jingle Bells" while strolling through the mall or on a Christmas Ship cruise or boarding a flight to Grandma's - but it's yet another arts group that won't be paying staff or performers, and a little part of what many in this region consider a holiday tradition not happening, because a bunch of mewling narcissistic death-cultists can't put on their big-boy pants and wear fucking masks to help stop the spread of a deadly pandemic.



Do you get paid by-the-dick you suck or does SPD have you on a group-discount plan?


@21: I'm sure "The 12 Days of Christmas" is one of her favorites.


@22: By the dick. What a stupid question.


@1: "The ADA-violating Wall"

Not really ADA violating. That wall is there to prevent access by all individuals. Not just the disabled.



So, it IS the group-discount plan?


do you follow the Fleet
or does it come to you?


@19: Always on brand: you continue to imagine the symptom is the disease.

It's the primary reason why things continue to deteriorate over time. And to think we owe it all to people like you.


@2, @19, @23, & @24: You really should lay off the FOX TeeVee and Kool Aid, Rainy.