Slog PM: Washington State Breaks Another COVID-19 Record; Seattle Professor Says the Elderly Deserve Sex Robots, Too



While we're getting our bioethical priorities in order, how about sexbots for Boy Scout leaders?


but what about the poor Incels?
can we not get them all Laid, too?

bots for them might herald the demise of much pent-up Frustration, all-Hate radio & just improve Civil Discourse amongst a plethora of other likely Benefits...


Here's a big thank-you to everyone who voted for Joe and Kamala, or at least did not vote for Donald Trump. And a shout-out to those all-too-few Republicans (e.g., the Georgia Secretary of State) who won't lie to perpetuate and humor Trump's spurious allegations of fraud and narcissistic fantasies of victory. Like a mob boss who demands you fix the result to stay in his game, Trump debases everyone involved with him. It's like he has a special sensor to attract those too weak or greedy to defy him. Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham: shells of human beings now. And take Trump's threat to a constitutional republic very seriously. This is no Saturday Night Live skit. This is a classic attempt at usurpation. Well, our Caesar might have crossed the Potomac but he did not conquer DC--yet. Oppose him, and expose the creeps who enable him. And don't take your eye off of Trump for a second; he's not yet done trying to undermine legitimate election results.


Remember Dutch Elm disease?
We are all Elm trees!


Ugh, can we please stop using the word family for corporations? I like Ken Griffey Jr, I'm a Sounders fan since before MLS, but FFS it's still just a corporate sports franchise.


Oh, and I should add a word of advice to the kids...if you ever wind up working for any company that uses the word family when talking about employees, GET A WRITTEN CONTRACT and watch your back.


How do you hand-recount votes on a memory card?


That list of things Dolly Parton has given us should be so much longer. Her Imagination Library reading program, for instance!

@6, 7, 8: Seconded.


Those robots remind me of Jazz.




"Giuliani wants to be paid $20,000 a day for his representation of Trump to overturn the election results, raising concerns among Trump allies that Giuliani is encouraging Trump on spurious legal fights so he can make money off of them."

Uh, Rudy, as one fellow New Yorker to another, you do understand Donald is not going to pay you, right? Your lawsuits are all failing miserably, and Donald will justify his stiffing you by calling you a loser and freezing you out. (His real reason for stiffing you is, of course, his reason for stiffing everyone else he's cheated: he's a failure at business and doesn't have the money.)


guesty for the minimalist win!


So, who do we think Giuliani how's shit-tons of money to?


@7: Except the family of Index Newspapers of course.



how's = owes


@1 - you've raised an interesting legal question. I am not sure whether underage sex robots would be seen as child pornography. Might be flat-out illegal. On the other hand, this could be an interesting marketing angle: Join KUOW and get a tote bag, join NAMBLA and get a free robot!


@17: As always: WTF are you even talking about?