King County Council Cuts the Budget by 6.7%, Adds Holidays, and Maintains Skyway Investments



Since Skyway and White Center are destined to become part of Seattle, it’s nice that the county is building infrastructure for the city.


LIHI and Zahilay are putting a homeless village in Skyway, not sure it's a great look for the "Blackest Neighborhood" considering the well-documented blight that typically springs-up around these, but you do you Zahilay.


However King County contract employees won't get those holidays and will suffer poorer paychecks. But libs would never think about that.


raindrop dear, that one's heck a stretch, even for you. I hope you warmed up before attempting it.

But you mustn't worry your dear little grey-haired head too much: Contract employees who are doing consultant work can generally still work and will get paid at their standard rate. Contract employees who do things like run concessions or do construction work will still work and get paid. Or the County may even require in their contract that contract employees get those days as holidays.

Finally, I'll just quietly murmur that contract employees are a pretty rare duck in union environment like King County. You have to justify it to the unions and labor relations.


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