Sea-Tac Airport's Africa Lounge Now Serves Actual African Food



This is an improvement and I value this news. The one time I ate there I went through a similar journey from excitement to disappointment. And I'd go a step further and say the food was not at all good, and the service matched. But if they're rebuilding the menu I will give them another chance.


Thanks, Charles!
I've wondered about the Africa lounge for years.
But the next vacation flight out of Sea-Tac will have to wait until next year.



I was JUST there last week! It's an improvement, for sure. But not by much.

I'll stick to the Delta Sky Lounge.


Thanks Charles Now I am craving Ethiopian at the Gojo Cafe in Vancouver. But I also notice my choices have expanded greatly up here. Doing a google search there are 23+ places serving a variety of African foods and many stores selling African produce.
But ya now major cravings.


West African to me is the tastiest (fufu is the best) it's probably to spicy for the average American's palate.


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