Jess Stein
"Love Fades Like Ink in the Rain"
This ink is definitely washed away.
This ink has definitely washed away. JK
I will never pass up an opportunity to shove this clip of Blade Runner into your face, so here it is:

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"Stay Angry"
You can kinda see me.
You can kinda see me. JK
I posted a version of this one at the beginning of the year, but misinterpreted it. I thought it meant to hold onto your interpersonal anger, rather than anger at systemic racism, homophobia, Trump, etc. Point taken, and a good thought to hold onto as we head into a Biden-Harris presidency.

"Destroy the Alt-Right"
What is this font?
What is this font? JK
Here for it.

"I'm a Tool, Use Me"
Please. JK
Can I get this on a shirt? Also I can't quite make out what's on the exclamation point—if you recognize the tag, you know what to do. This one is from prettyuglyduckling!

"Every Time a Nazi Dies..."
Spotted on the Hill.
Spotted on the Hill. JK
I saw these a month or so ago. I'd be surprised if they're still up.

I cant see the signature in the corner.
I can't make out the signature in the corner. JK
As a teen, I was obsessed with drawing lips like these. I drew them everywhere. On paper napkins, those pads you can test pens out on, notebook margins, my friends' arms, on the advertisements for my college radio show. I was weird.

"You're Not Weak for Hurting"
Induct me into the cult, daddy.
If I saw this at the right time, I might have cried. JK
These words come to us courtesy of aj.maldo.

"Abolish Police"
Burn baby burn. JK
Love seeing cute creatures doing radical things.

This one is an old one.
This one is an old one. JK
I've seen this sticker in a lot places, but I feel like I've lived at least a thousand lives since "Moscow Mitch" was a thing.

"Get Out While You Can"
Spotted near Cal Anderson. JK
I'm interested in the source image on this one. Does anyone recognize it?

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at