King County Council Will Discuss Reshaping the Sheriff's Office as Early as Next Month



He got 5 days paid vacation.

Let that be a lesson to ya King County Sheriff department! If you don't watch your step we'll give you a 10 day paid vacation next time!


Yes, because with violent crime on the rise what unincorporated areas need is LESS support. Fuck Zahilay, for someone supposedly from the neighborhood he sure is trying his best to ruin it further.


Stating that 90 percent of police calls are non-violent does not mean that only 10 percent of the calls require a police response. Burglary, auto theft, fraud and many other types of crimes are often described as non-violent. The crime itself may not have resulted in physical harm to a victim, but what happens when that suspect is confronted at the scene? What is the "community member" going to do with a burglary suspect caught during the act? Take him by the ear and walk him to the police station? The truth is that the majority of calls police respond to have the potential to turn violent at moment's notice. Go ahead, try you great experiment and let me know how it's working for you when the first mental health professional or "community member" gets their head handed to them because an officer wasn't present. Even better, Rich why don't you go down to 3rd and Pike and break up a fight or two and show us all how it's done.


I worry that Grosse Pointe Antifa will set up a branch at the Yarrow Point yacht club.

Those people are dangerous. Just thinking about their matching polo shirts makes me all heevy weevy about white on white crime!


I've come to the conclusion that my fellow King County voters are primarily blithering idiots. We decided that we longer need to vote for a sheriff independent of the political machinations of the KC Council; we're just fine with policing by interest group, and promoting people based upon their ability to speak in buzzwords that have nothing to do with the actual business of public safety.

We did this because of our overreaction to an orange man in the White House. It's going to have to get a lot worse before we pull our heads out of our asses and see just how big a mistake it was to lose the independent voice of an elected sheriff.

Stay tuned, because Council-sponsored struggle sessions are coming to a precinct near you.


My goodness if we "launch the first round of conversations on the issue" before Christmas, then by New Year's Day the entire city will be reduced to loitering on street-corners, smoking marijuana cigarettes, and playing at dice.

Get thee to Cabela's and gird thyself with tactical flashlights and stout undergaments, we shall forestall this calamity my brothers!