Slog PM: Biden Wins Georgia, Rudy Giuliani Oozes, the Pope Liked a Sexy Pic on Instagram



FFS it's like Rudy and Donald are having a contest as to who can look the most insane. I remember when I lived in NYC and there were Giuliani is a JERK stickers everywhere. Then 9/11 happened and for 5 minutes he seemed like a sane, decent person. Now he looks and sounds like someone who has escaped from an asylum for the criminally insane.


As many of our councilmembers are huge proponents of upzoning, I wouldn't put it past them to be accepting bribes from developers either; plz Mr fbi come investigate our council next.

As for Michigan, I think the leaded Flint water must be seeping into the rest of the state's water supply because dayum that kidnapping plan is crazy!


Go Hawks!


Wait. So a fucking minor who was part-time at a YMCA and declared dependent on his parents income taxes got a stimulus check? But millions of other people who were heads of households didn’t?

What the fuck? Bang up job, Trump Administration. Jesus. You can’t even be “conservatives” correctly.


is Homegrown terrorism*
more Patriotic than

*against a democratically-elected
Governor of one of these United States


@5: Cue up the dueling banjos from Deliverance.. Made in Amerika... Baby. The best, ever product made in history.

Fidel had his hat, Yasir had his headgear. Now we have our own treasonous, dim witted, gun toting MAGA fuckwits wearing hats...


The kidnapping plot plan B reminds me of one of those comically ridiculous 90's era action movies (The Rock, Under Siege, etc) wherein some disgruntled, high ranking ex-military nuts decide they're gonna seek retribution from their former commanders by hijacking an important institution and holding all of the inhabitants hostage in exchange for a million dollar ransom. And god knows I've seen enough of those movies to know one of those hostages would've wound up being a highly trained specialist who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and was now was being forced to take it upon himself to act the hero and save the day.

A shame it didn't all go down in Minnesota, as I've already got like 80% of a screenplay written starring Jesse Ventura as the former Governor & wrastler who was only at the statehouse to provide some executive advice before circumstances dictated he take matters into his own hands. I was gonna call it....

Legislative Body Slam


The vile plot to hijack and usurp the Michigan electoral college illustrates no level is too low for Trump. He craves petty vengeance and status as the populist who foils the smart establishment, when he is little more than a gangster and con-man appealing to resentment, naivete, and jealousy: Iago as snake-oil salesman. But do not simply laugh off the Michigan plot. It's likely to fail--this time. But the poison has been brewed and will be stored for future use. This gangster will stew in his hatreds and stir his cauldron of vengeful plots--against Joe Biden, Brad Raffensberger, Chris Wallace, Nancy Pelosi, and anyone who disagrees or seems to defy him. He'll be back. Be ready for him. Anticipate his deceptions and reject his bribes. We know one thing for sure: don't trust a single word he says.


Significantly, His Holiness was not liking ex catherdra; invoking the doctrine of papal infallibility for his personal preference for the callipygian. The most cursory survey of crucifixes in the Roman Church vs the bare crosses of the Protestants proves that those guys are all about the abs.


Our City Council directs taxpayer money to SHARE, even though SHARE lacks the accounting controls which are legally required for it to accept public money. So our Council writes SHARE an exemption to our laws. SHARE requires -- on pain of expulsion! -- inhabitants of its camps to attend City Council meetings, pretending to be citizens who just so happen to be advocating for more money for SHARE.

How is this not corrupt use of city funds? There's a quid pro quo right there.


@10 -- I like my Jesus
'roided/Muscled up
packing lotsa Heat
AK-47s look Good
on Him and with
Xmas lites on
His Crown of

oh, and a Phat Wallet
'cause what Jesus don't
just Love Prosperity Gospels?

cage them Kids!
for Jesus!


You couldn't write fictional incompetence greater than the real thing happening in real time:

Trump lawyers cited Minnesota counties in affidavit about Michigan: report

"This is a catastrophic error, the kind of thing that causes a legal position to crash and burn,” Hinderkaker wrote. He pointed out that the affidavit was also filed in Georgia.