Slog AM: Biden's Popular Vote Lead Is Now 6 Million, South King County Almost Has a 20% Positivity Rate, Seattle City Council Wants to Hire More Cops



"But Council President M. Lorena González and Councilmember Lisa Herbold objected to a hiring freeze Thursday, arguing it would shrink the force too quickly when combined with accelerating attrition", combined with no ramping-up of community-based alternatives to policing, or any plan as to what those alternatives might be.

And here I was getting shit the other day for saying the same damn thing.
Must feel pretty bad that all the protesting/rioting this summer was for naught, as council have no plans to defund 50% or near-term goals of reducing size of SPD. Better get your pitchforks back out and attack the homes of councilmembers!


for more on 'alternative' (Fake) realities see:

This Parallel World
by Tom Tomorrow
perhaps thee best 'toon in this or any town
'less you're a neoLib or Con...


The protesting/rioting was not for naught. It successfully delivered the United States Senate into Republican hands and defeated 15 Democratic House members, giving the Democrats the slimmest of majorities. It also made the presidential election much closer than it should have been.

Well done anarchists!


"Fox's Geraldo proposes naming the vaccine after Trump. 'It would be a nice gesture to him and years from now it would become kind of a generic name. Have you got your trump yet, I got my trump, I'm fine. I wished we could honor him in that way.'"

an honorable man trumpfy AIN'T
but why name the Cure for the guy
what Brought the trumpf Plague to US?

have you got Your trumpf Plague yet?
'cause it's a' comin'! so toss away that
Freedom-hating mask and Take one
for the trumpfster. your heirs (and
America)'ll be Delighted you did.


If you looked at the charts city council was presented with, they show an increase in police officers during 2022.

So, not just not reducing, but actually increasing.


Charles predictably hypes "Is There a Racial Factor In All of This?" but coyly never answers it. The virus doesn't differentiate infection based on race so obviously it's based on exposure. More people are working from home in north parts of the county than the south.

So no, there is no racial factor. Apparently North Dakota is one of the hottest covid spots on the planet and no one's making the racial argument for that state.


And of course I know that the virus affects minority communities disproportionally, but that's different.


A link between Vitamin D and COVID may have some real racial implications:


"One might say the council's honeymoon with the Black Lives Matter movement is officially over."

One might say that happened earlier this year, when BLM of King County & Seattle explicitly called out our City Council for racism:

"Today's news of the retirement of Chief Carmen Best is a loss.

“It does nothing to further our fight for authentic police accountability and the safety of Black lives, that the first Black woman to hold the position of Chief of Police of the Seattle Police Department has been forced out of her job by the Seattle City Council.

“Racism is racism.

“We demand the Seattle City Council stop prioritizing performative action that solely suggests the appearance of change. We demand transparency and accountability for the series of actions and inactions that led to Chief Best’s resignation. And we demand a successor that serves Black Lives.”


As our Council has done absolutely nothing BLM listed in their final paragraph, one might say their honeymoon ended quite awhile ago.


► ...much of [the USA's] political system is composed of traditions or customs rather than laws or hard rules.◄

"Good Faith" politicians called working across the aisles for the common good.
GOP have zero interest in common good.



And you have credible evidence to support this assertion that you can share with the rest of us, yes?

Naw, I'm just kidding - of course you just pulled it out of your ass like you do everything else - is it because your vocal cords are in your anus?


We need to get Dan Savage to come up with a particularly graphic sexual act to forever associate with the word "Trump", like he did with "Santorum". That's the only way I want to "honor" him.


Maybe because the state of North Dakota, which has a population of only 762,000 (just slightly more than that of the City of Seattle itself) is 87% white and only 2.7% Black. And they're spread out over a geographic area roughly 850 times larger than Seattle. Even if you assume most Blacks live in the cites, the largest, Fargo with a population roughly the same as Everett still only has a Black population representing 2.7% of the total, while the white population is over 90%. Based on the demographics there more than two and a-half times the number of Black people living in Seattle than live in the entire state of ND.

So, the reason nobody is making your stupid straw man argument comparing Seattle to North Dakota is because there's no argument to make - except inside the fetid, fuggy swamp of undifferentiated matter that occupies the space between your two ears.


Seems the trolls here like to ignore facts (shocking, I know).

First, the presidential election was not close. Trump's loss, despite everything he did to tamper with the election to assure he won, is the biggest loss in recorded history.

Second, there is the fact that the Senate race is not over, so it has not by any means been handed to the Republicans.

And let's see, how man Republican senators have COVID now? Rick Scott's got it now (announced today). And Lindsay Graham is being investigated for election tampering. A few more super spreader events (there are few big ones coming up, lots of partying in the White House since Trump's not going to Mar-a-Lago out of fear that he'll be ridiculed (or maybe he's just afraid they'll change the locks on the White House if he goes to Florida like he has every year prior) and more bad behavior and the Republicans will have taken themselves out, even before the Georgia runoff election happens (a race in which the Republicans are both traitors and both committed insider trading).


You're repeating my point by thinking you're refuting it, @11. That's even more fetid and fuggy.

Yes a mostly white demographic region is a hot covid spot. So what can we deduce the racial factor is in regards to covid for such a region? The question is absurd because the premise is absurd.

And you, my friend, are always absurd.


It takes a special kind of dipshittery to characterize a Republican winning in Orange County (e.g.) as a great triumph for the GOP.

The small majority of the Democrats in the House is attributable to precisely one thing: the great cyborg gerrymander of 2010. In states like Wisconsin, Democrats can get well over 50% of the votes for House candidates and end up with 1/3rd of the actual seats. Rigged elections forsooth.


Word of the day-
'suborn' -
to bribe or otherwise induce (someone) to commit an unlawful act such as perjury.
Commonly always used in connection with the noun perjury, but it could be employed with other terms, such as
"he was accused of conspiring to suborn witnesses"


I think they should just name the disease after Trump. For example: "Oh no, your cousin Jim has the Trump! The symptoms are mild though, so he is doing a quarantine at home"


More GOP Senators Have COVID Than Have Acknowledged That Joe Biden Won


@16- not bad, I like it.
Realistically though I think his name is likely to become synonymous with poor sportsmanship and being a sore loser. He really is epitomizing it and this is a universal value that parents and mentors try to model for youth, to learn to lose graciously.
"He pulled a Trump and kicked over the water cooler before storming into the locker room"


@16 - This is a find idea.

Also, the slogan for next year is "Re-fund the police".



No, what's absurd is trying to make an apples-to-apples comparison between a densely populated urban area of less than 100 square miles and a sparsely populated rural state covering 71,000 square miles and which IN TOTAL has approximately one-third the Black population as that much smaller, much more dense urban city, as if there was anything even remotely equivalent about the two.


Race doesn’t cause higher COVID infections, racism does. Let’s be more precise about this mmkay?


@21: Either you know what I'm saying and are playing games or your obtuseness is beyond repair. Just read @22 and bloviate on that if you desire.


"Trump" as either a euphemism (or scientifically recognized) name for covid, or for some perverse sexual act are both fine ideas, but I think we're overlooking re-appropriation of "donald" as a potentially underrated idea. Even outside of the context of it's being HIS name, it's comically awkward and dated. I'd imagine you'd have a hard time finding many people under the age of 60 with the name. I've known a couple Don's in my life, none currently under the age of 55.

Maybe children who're being potty trained could be praised and rewarded for successfully making a donald in the bowl...


(no offense to any non-asshole Donald's out there! I've a pretty good friend named Don, though he is nearly 60. Certainly a good deal more unique than boring ol' Mike if nothing else!)


Always interesting to me is Nancy Pelosi's use of language. Very precise.
When she characterizes Donald Trump as a "psychopathic nut" I therefore assume it is not carelessness on her part, it is purposeful.
I suspect she is using an Overton Window type strategy to further isolate and weaken him.
The rhetoric is inflammatory enough Republicans will need to first deny that he is a psychopathic nut yet then somehow defend the indefensible.
Let's hope it works.



YOU compared Seattle with North Dakota - it's not MY fault if it was a completely stupid, nonsensical, and totally irrelevant comparison. But then again, when have you EVER owned ANY stupid thing you've ever posted here?




I guess I'll just never see an election where one candidate gets barely 51% of the vote as a "landslide," especially when it was so lacking in coattails. FDR, Ike, LBJ, Tricky Dick and Reagan had vote tallies in the 60% range; those are landslides. Maybe the era of actual landslides is just over for the foreseeable future.

To call Biden's victory a landslide also glosses over the fact that just barely under half the country are morons, assholes or moronic assholes that will be able to block any significant progress Biden may attempt...or any progress period.

A landslide, with its attendant coattails, would mean we could pack the Supreme Court, enact single-payer health care, admit Puerto Rico as a state, revamp the tax system into something fair, institute criminal justice reform, reduce the size of the military and so and so on.

This "landslide," however, means doing absolutely none of those things.


"Senate Republicans are racing ahead with post-election judicial confirmations, breaking a 123-year tradition against voting on judicial nominees of an outgoing president of the defeated party during a lame duck session."

The Republicans have chosen to do whatever they want and no one is stopping them, so they will continue to do so until they are stopped.



Yeah, you got nothing...


@11 COMTE and @16 Ross for the WIN!! I was thinking exactly the same thing, about Dan Savage coming up with a new definition of Trump as a derogative sex act, or, as Ross suggests, after COVID-19 ( I have been referring to the global pandemic as TRUMPVID-19).
How about this: "Trump: To get fucked hard up the ass SO severely as to vomit fecal matter through one's mouth, while brainwashed into believing it's actually a good thing"?

@17 xina: So RepubliKKKans will have to die first before EVER conceding the presidential victory rightfully to Joe Biden / Kamala Harris. It figures.
I predict the mass extinction of the GOP as of January 20, 2021.

@26 kallipugos and @29 Morty: Agreed and seconded. Well said.

@30 xina: RepubliKKKans, at this point, will have to be dragged out kicking and screaming like a pack of rabid Ethel Mermans.


@31 COMTE: More like Rainy got less than nothing. He got Trumped, like David in Shoreline.



I hate to become this guy, but I'm only seeing this "landslide" as maybe buying us a little time. This country, sadly, is in a massive state of decline. I think we've passed the point to fix things, and we have no progressive representation to push through the major reforms that are needed for us to survive and advance. More catastrophe and unrest is all I can see ahead of us.

I'm planning on saving as much money as possible, buying some property outside of any cities, and hunkering down. I used to be an optimist! Thanks 2020. Trump has turned me into a doomsday prepper. Lol



He ALWAYS gets trumped - he's been wrong so many times it's beyond counting - but he keeps insisting everyone else is wrong despite having his errors pointed out to him time and again. On the one hand you have to begrudgingly admire that insane level of tenacity, but on the other it's just pathetic seeing someone so masochistic they apparently thrive on being constantly publicly humiliated.


@24: If you voted for the guy who campaigned on "build back better" what right to you have to say it's past the point to fix things?

@31: Correct - from whatever point you were trying to make.



He really can't help it since the, ehem, "industrial vacuum cleaner incident."


@37: Link?


@36: Wow, Rainy. Are you studying to be Omega frat pledge Chip Diller in National Lampoon's Animal House, should there be a remake ("Thank you, sir, may I have another?..........Thank you, sir, may I have another?........Thank you, sir, may I have another?"....)?
You must really love the butthurt.


Here you go, little fella. Remember: the first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem...



What right? It's just like my opinion, man. I'll be happy to be proven wrong. Do you see anyone in power with the will or ability to effectively tackle systematic racism, economic inequality, climate change, the unsustainable partisan divide, police violence, rampant propaganda and misinformation, the broken education and Healthcare systems, etc etc etc

Like I said, I think the Dems will slow our decline, but they won't substantially alter our systems. That's what it would take. The writing is on the wall.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


@40 - Is your name Garb?


@37 Garb Garbler: Industrial vacuum cleaner incident? I once read about a man who had to call 9-1-1 at the Scottish Inn motel in Lakeland, Florida, who went outside for a nude midnight swim in the pool. The responding EMTs had to struggle to keep straight faces upon finding the howling man, whose, ahem, anatomy got stuck in the pool's pump lock. The EMTs had to struggle for about 40 minutes lubricating the pipe before the man could get his swollen penis freed from the pool pump and be taken to the local ER.
I wonder if Rainy is really Robert Scott Cheuvront by any chance?


@42: Is your name Robert Scott Cheuvront?
MAN, you are a sucker for punishment.


@38. Lel. Okay, fine.


@41 - Exactly! It’s all the attitude.


@34 - Come to northern Idaho. Sure, we're swamped with gun fetishizing right-wing whack-jobs, but it's scenic here, and it probably is one of the better places to ride out "the end times."


@42 (re @44): Okay---I just found Robert Scott Cheuvront's obituary. Luckily, that wasn't you, Rainy. But Jeez Christy, you are still one gluttonous sucker for punishment!


Utqiagvik, Charles? It may truly be the last outpost left before January 20, 2021, but it's in the most northwestern part of Alaska, the last remaining blood red state on the West Coast, and the closest to Russia and Vladimir Putin. I'll pass, thanks. We've been in the dark four years too long, already. Time to end TRUMPVID-19 and turn the Trumpage spiral over to the NY State Police, NY State AG, Washington State AG, Bob Ferguson, et al, eagerly waiting to haul DJT off, kicking and screaming like Ethel Merman. The world will cheer.


Like Ethel Merman auntie? You really think Trump has such talent?


Forget naming the vaccine after Trump. What are we going to call this extended Trump flu?


@35: Why would you think that trolls humiliate me?