Slog PM: Biden Wins Georgia, Michigan Lawmakers Say They Will Follow the Law, Seattle Gets New Covid Kiosks



Poor Trump. Summons MI lawmakers to the White House to get them to commit treason and they say NO. For someone who refuses to acknowledge he's a loser he seems to be asking for it over and over and over and over since the election. When will he tire of all of the losing?


Trump will never tire of himself!
But we are all very, very tired of Trump!


There's baloney in their slacks! Animaniacs! Those are the facts.


I thought Mayor Weber nixed the mag lev train back in the 90s.


That Beirut explosion reconstruction video is absolutely top-notch and fascinating.


Trumpty Dumpty put up a Wall.
Trumpty Dumpty had a Great Fall.
No Michigan lawmen could Trumpty sway
So Trumpty Dumpty has hell toupee!


Happy Birthday, President-Elect Joe Biden!

It's wonderful that Biden / Harris won Georgia. How about those two Georgia Senate seats up for grabs? Did we flip the Senate Blue, too? I'd SO love to see Mooch McDumbbell reduced to House Minority Speaker, shrivel up, and die.


Mag-lev is 4-shizzle! I am pretty sure about this. I think.


Good news out of Georgia and Michigan. But Trump will not cease until every route has been closed off--so make sure he doesn't find a path to victory in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or Arizona. He's running scared--and I suspect his debts are linked to his organized crime connections. In a few years, we'll better be able to connect the dots. How much do we really know about Trump? The sexual harassment cases, the rape allegations, the tax cheating and finagling, the Russian prostitutes, the self-made-millionaire pretenses, the family politics that netted him his father's fortune--yes, those are either definitively known or have been gossiped about for years. But... might there be more: money laundering for drug cartels? Having people beaten or murdered? Major bribes to powerful political figures? Embarrassing (to him) sexual addictions? Forcing lady friends to have abortions? Relying on mobsters to rent space in his properties--and getting what else from him? And what do we really know about his connections to Russia, China, Israel, Panama, Saudi Arabia? And might he fear physical, as well as financial, retaliation against him and his family? Trump almost always projects, accusing others of what he himself has committed--there's the window on what he himself has done. In a few years I suspect we'll look back at this period with a fuller sense of what was motivating him. We're just beginning to sense how corrupt he is. Meanwhile, nail down the win for Biden and Harris. We're ahead; now let's get the final three outs.


I took the maglev in Shanghai! It goes from the Pudong neighborhood — with the-future-is-now skyscrapers — to the airport, 30km (18.6 mi) in just over 7 minutes. It is truly astounding, absolutely smooth, and surreal to watch the electronic speedometer ramp up really quickly ...and incredible to watch scenery fly by...


It was this or poor Ralph


@7: No, the Senate runoff election isn't until January 5, 2021. Republicans probably have a slight edge as there is greater motivation now to counteract a President Biden.


Well, 'motivation' is one factor in analyzing elections, but simple demographics and past performance is another.
The Atlanta area has definitely seen a large blue shift over the past decade. It reflects a strong economy and a diminution of white voting power.
Haven't read any articles lately about a 'Black Renaissance' occurring in Georgia, but it does seem to be a factor statistically if not yet culturally.
I'm cautiously optimistic about D chances there.


Also, Kyle Rittenhouse made bail.



I don't think a few years difference will tell us anything new about his motivations, which have been essentially the same for his entire adult life: avarice and ego.


Ricky Schroeder and The My Pillow Guy helped the Kenosha teen murderer make bail, and Scott Baio is considering going up against Romney for his seat in the Senate.

And they're going to do ANOTHER recount in Georgia, at taxpayer expense, of course.

Republicans are horrible people.


@9 - Trump and his closest bootlickers (I'm talking about you, Lindsey) are acting like they are truly desperate. I agree that there is something really bad that will happen to them once he finally leaves office. Legal trouble for sure. Likely exposure of information like Trump laundering money for the Russians while hookers pee on him, or whatever the hell Lindsey doesn't want his voters to see (hmmm, what could that be?).

Or maybe they ARE in physical danger. Wouldn't that be a shame.


@17: Yes, something physical happening to Trump turning him into a martyr would be a real shame.


Those Michigan lawmakers might be lying and if they are we are fucked. They spent the night after their meeting with Trump (saying they had no intention of changing anything) partying at Trump's hotel with champagne and who knows what else.

There is also this:

Republicans in both Michigan and Pennsylvania join Trump scheme to halt certification of vote

On Saturday, more Republicans picked up their democracy-burying shovels. That includes the chair of the Michigan GOP and Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly, both of whom are taking different routes to the same goal—disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of Black voters so that Donald Trump can eek out a “victory.” And just to underscore that the rot goes deep, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel has added her support to the effort.

And the silence from the entire Republican party and all those in positions of power in all levels of government indicates that Republicans are just fine with all of this treason and turning this country into a full blown fascist state. And they claim to be the party of small government. I guess it will be small if it caters to a party of one (Trump) and disenfranchise everyone who is not white, male, and rich.

I never in my life imagined, as flawed and sick as this country is, that I would witness this and (possibly as it hasn't happened yet) end up living in a fascist state in the last years of my life.

This is MAGA? Shouldn't is just be MAF? Make American Fascist.


Why do people support this shit bag? All he wants to do steal as much money as possible, hold clan rallies and play golf. Literally. He has done nothing else (oh wait he has destroyed as much as possible and murdered over a quarter of million people).

Meanwhile the rest of the world leaders are working.


@12: "Republicans probably have a slight edge as there is greater motivation now to counteract a President Biden."

Republicans are not using the phrase, "President Biden," so the chance they can be motivated by it is zero.


@18 - Absolutely correct we don't want him to be a martyr. I was speculating more along the lines of Putin deciding he knew too much.


@19 & @20 xina: I know, and I feel absolutely sick about it. Trump and his RepubliKKKan base are a disease, feeding on the most shamefully ignorant of U.S. citizens. Loren Culp, the idiot one horse MAGA town cop who lost the gubernatorial race to three-time legitimately elected Governor, Jay Inslee, has just joined the "Recount!" bandwagon. Echoing Donald Trump, Culp, now jobless as his position as sole police officer of Republic was defunded (evidently Ferry County deputies were tired of covering for Culp during his Governor campaign on vacation time) says he won't concede the election. And Jay won by over 550,000 votes. Secretary of State Kim Wyman has yet to find incriminating evidence of voter fraud in Washington State. And she's a Republican. No signs of voter fraud have shown up yet, no matter how many recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

All the major networks have declared Biden / Harris President and Vice President-elect, to take over on January 20, 2021.
You and Catalina Vel-DuRay are right, xina: Trumpist MAGA RepubliKKKans aren't just horrible people--they're sore losers, too.


There is definitely reason to be concerned. Enough sleazy liars are doing Trump's bidding to seriously obstruct vote certification. A few prominent Republicans are standing up to Trump: Larry Hogan, Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and, today, Pat Toomey. That's not enough. Local candidates and officials have to stand with the few decent people left in that party, and I doubt enough will. That said, a group of black voters in Detroit are counter-suing, and I suspect all kinds of Democrats are preparing legal counter-actions to fight back. Like Iago, Trump enjoys causing this sort of chaos, and like his mentor, Roy Cohn, he cynically aggresses and defames and bullies because he's convinced he's the toughest guy in the room, and he wants you to know it. He wants a smack-down? Give it to him, and show him no mercy. That's the only thing he'll understand or respect. It's sick, it's sad, but it's true. Don't let up now. Don't take anything for granted. Be prepared to give him the fight he wants--and don't let up until we win it.


@19: Baluga Caviar - I hope. You can't begrudge them enjoying executive treatment at the Trump Hotel after letting Donald down gently.


@25: I won't begrudge them enjoying pruno in some of the finest facilities the states have to offer,


I’m just glad Liberty university has finally endorsed shaming small cocks. Have at it everyone, tell that idiot he got a dick-do.


Please be nice to the president, his son is in quarantine. I’d die if I couldn’t see my son for two weeks. Must be very difficult time for trump.


@28 Blindsided in Alaska: I find it very hard to feel sympathy for a TV con man who scammed his way into the White House with a little illegal help from Russian hackers, only to trash it, all but kill the U.S. Constitution, who to this day openly sneers at those of us who have served our country and those who are currently active military, and those with disabilities; stacked the U.S. Supreme Court with hardcore conservatives to send women's reproductive rights back 244 years; scoffed at environmental science and the impact of global warming, and has fully ignored the devastating loss of over 250,000 U.S. lives already lost and counting, from the global pandemic, all largely due to his gross negligence and denial.
Do you honestly think Trump would care about you and your son if you were in quarantine? Tell that to people who have already lost loved ones to COVID-19. Veterans who had gone for surgery or treatment at Walter Reed and got shitty care while Trump, who never served a day in his privileged, arrogant life hops a presidential helicopter and gets his own private wing--FOR FREE.
We currently have had no real president of the United States for four years. For Trump, the White House is just another TV show in which he is the star when he isn't playing golf, and the rest of us are forced to watch. Trump is a sick, blundering joke at the expense of the United States and the rest of the world.


@29: I think that Seattle in Alaska (@28) was being tongue-in-cheek.


@30: Yeah, well, I wasn't being sarcastic, Rainy. I was just getting started.


We're in trouble:

"With just about 1,200 so-called “deployable officers,” the SPD is at lower levels than they were in 1990. The population has increased by 44% since then. Meanwhile crime is surging, with reportedly year-over-year increases in homicides. Homelessness continues to worsen, too."


@32: Crime is nowhere near 1990 levels. Please stop being alarmist.


"Homelessness continues to worsen, too."

as does profiteering
from Housing.

will Devour
itself wihout
The Rules* which
keep it (mostly) reigned in.

*Billionares and Multinational Corps
write 'em and they do NOT benefit US
so if you're a Member of the Peonage either
Vote 'em OUT or enjoy sucking that corporate