Inslee Directs $135 Million to Businesses Hit Hard by COVID-19



Fuck Bankers! Truly the scum of the Earth.


This is amazing!

Now to go have Thanksgiving with 40 relatives from 10 states indoors, share utensils, not wear masks, and not socially distance for hours while yelling at the sportsbowl games, and then visit 20 stores and infect (r0=1.9) ... 76 more people!

Good thing I didn't see that alert saying to not have more than 5 people, all outside, none indoors, while celebrating!


Wow! Let's do the math:

70 million divided by 608,000 small businesses in Wash. State = $115 per business.

Ground Breaking Figure. I'm sure that will stem off bankruptcy and despair.



Well, what's YOUR genius alternative plan?


i read that the $$ is "open ended with no mandate on what its used for" - so does that mean a restaurant owner could collect $$ not the employees (lost hours, shifts) may not see a dime?


@3 What plan? Do you think our Gov. had any real plan in mind to relieve the shock, suffering and destruction which is being heaped upon these small businesses.

I think the Gov. knew well in advance he was going to shut down. There was no notice to any small business to prepare for this.

Then he "makes a minor accommodation" to sprinkle a little money over a massive number of businesses which amounts to literally nothing.

My suggestion would be to re-think what he has done, break open the rainy day funds which are sitting doing nothing at the state treasury. If its not raining now ...when is it? These funds can be reimbursed later if and when the Fed acts.

And finally.....give genuine, serious consideration and weight to saving the small businesses.


@5 The funds ($115- see computation above) could be used by the business owner towards the filing fee for their bankruptcy petition.


@4, Oh, I don't know. Maybe call a special session in Olympia to set up grants like 6, 7 or 8 months ago? Maybe not lose $600+ million to Nigerian Scamers and still keep the Democratic fundraiser in charge of unemployment. Maybe not jump the leaking ship for a plush job in D.C.
Maybe not spend taxpayer's money on bloated feel good progressive B.S.

At least there's a start.


@4: Criticisms don't require alternative plans.


This is a disaster of a plan. No mechanism what so ever to ensure equal distribution of the money. To much political power in the decision making process.

Government should not be in the position to decide winners and losers. As we saw with the bailouts of 2008 and 2010 it will hurt us far more than help.

Yet another example of the wild unrestricted authoritarianism running rampant in Olympia.


Whatever happened to following the science. I guess when the science gets in the way of your power grab it's time to ignore it.


@ 10 ... or you could just read post @ 6....which is a suggested alternative course of action.

I guess the point is the Gov. has just imposed restrictions, which while well intended as they may be, cause irreparable harm to small businesses.

Tell me, when all these businesses fail, who is going to employ the 100,000 workers in the restaurant industry and how might one replace this very valuable source of employment.

I guess if you make snarky remarks, you don't have to have an alternative plan.

Is your answer or alternative --- "Let them eat cake".

We know how that ended and in this case, my dear, there will be no bakers...


@13: Yes, let them eat cake. Always a win-win!


@13 those were not alternatives. they were fantasies involving time travel. The fact is YOU do not want to pay for what has to be done, you sack of shit.


@11 -12 Oh. Look Biker McFuckface is back with another sock puppet spouting his insane confused drivel.

Man. It's takes some serious low neural density to think that giving money to hurting businesses is a "power grab."


The Governor is not going to open anything up more until the end of January.


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