Slog AM: Hillbilly Elegy Hits Netflix, These Puppets Are Making Sense, and Trump 2024?



Either Ingrid Bergman makes another movie again, or Trump wins the 2024 nomination. I bet the former is more likely.


@1 You really think so? I reckon that unless health or The Law does him in, the nomination is his for the taking. And maybe not even the Law - the GOP is so degenerate, he could run from a jail cell or exile and win it. And if he can win the nomination, he can win re-election.


Whether or not he ends up running again he's going to consume every last molecule of oxygen until the moment he makes the call. It's kind of like Hillary in 2016 only a much higher percentage of his party's supporters actually like him and any legal troubles he faces over the next few years will only strengthen his grip, even though everyone else is like "wtf are you people thinking???" The party couldn't move on from him if they wanted to.


'[Hillbilly Elegy] absolute bottom-tier work for just about everyone involved—up to and including Mr. Howard'

The subject matter is white trash. That's as good as it will get.


I can't possibly imagine him having either the physical or mental capacities necessary to fake anything resembling competency in four years, even among his own blindly sycophantic base. Step aside for one of his shitty-ass children, I'd guess Junior, though Ivanka gotta be a dark horse.


@6 the kinds of people that bemoan dynastic politics in america will absolutely be clamoring for one of his gross children to take over whenever he finally fucks off for good


So great that the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass are still open. Think people coming in from out of state are quarantining for 14 days before getting their tickets? Even though most other attractions, and all museums are closed, they are special because rich people don't give a crap about their workers or the public. They just want those dollar dollar bills.


@2 and @3: A smarter and savvier Trump protege is more plausible in 2024.


@9 I disagree - Trump's stupidity is the heart of his appeal. A smarter/savvier Trump isn't Trump.


In four years The Donald will be drooling in his oatmeal and his entire "tough guy" / drain the swamp / hate the kneegrows thing will have run it's course. His kids are really just pale imitations, not unlike his cheap ass ties and steaks.
However, I do assume he will continue to infect GOP politics until he dies, probably hastening their overall demise. (see California, Illinois, now Georgia, soon Texas)


Wally Gator has been seen roaming the Valencia Golf and Country Club in Naples, Florida. It doesn't matter how many Secret Service agents Trumpty Dumpty gets to move down to guard Mar-a-Lunatic. Wally and his reptilian buddies are coming for Der Gropenfurher. If Trumpty Dumpty isn't done in by his final lethal BigMac or hauled away, kicking and screaming like Ethel Merman in a custom fit orange jumpsuit, size double-wide Goodyear Blimp, nature will take over.
And nature is currently mad as hell and ain't gonna take it anymore.


FFS can we just get TRUMP OUT OF OUR LIVES! He won't run in 2024. If he's not in prison he'll raise money pretending he's going to run, but he will NOT. He has been humiliated and he will NEVER risk losing again. He won't put himself in that position. He will either be in prison or he will be spending his final days taking as much money from as many people as he possibly can because the people he owes money to WANT TO BE PAID. And the third possibility is that he will be so sick or so dead that none of any of it will matter.


@6 - he has not had those "necessary capacities" for the last four years, either. Having said that, it would behoove us to buy him all the Big Macs he wants in hopes that his grease-clogged arteries will keep hom from running.


@10 - totally agree. There was no Jim Jones or Charles Manson protege to carry their movements forward, and there will not be one for Trumpism. When the leader buggers off, the cult dies.


@13 - I'd like Door number 3, please.


The next Surgeon General will have to put an Alligator Warning on Trump:
"Chomping down on Trump is known to contain carcinogens, and fatty materials that are bad for your health."
However, like all Americans, the gators won't listen!


@15: The Trumpist wing of the Republican party will need a void to fill when Trump exits the stage.

There will be a vacuum to fill.

Nationalism and Populism are not cults.


Richard Kimble is literally America


Eh, Trump's a disgraced loser and most of the country hates his guts. Who cares if he runs again.


@18 - Agree that nationalism and populism are not cults. They have always been part of our political landscape and boil up from their slimy little lairs from time to time.

But Trumpism is very much a cult. The reason that we don't have something like this more often is that not every nationalist or populist presents the unique combination of Trump's personal qualities (which apparently many people find compelling) and the "right place, right time" factor that we saw here.

Our increasing celebrity worship (thanks a lot, Kim fucking Kardashian), economic changes leading to tough circumstances for a lot of people, the Russians figuring out how to fuck with us more efficiently, a lot of white people panicking about demographic changes, and Trump's particular "says what he means" brand of bullshit all lined up to allow him to step in and turn the Republicans into his personal cult. When he goes to prison or to hell, it's unlikely that a successor will be able to ride the same combination of factors.


9, Maybe but i don't think it's possible for anyone else to match the charisma:insanity ratio that was trump's secret sauce that made it possible for him to pull it all off. Every day was its own fresh hell because there was always something bad/stupid happening that required our attention. I don't know that it's possible to achieve what he did "smartly" but bless their hearts they are absolutely going to try.


Trying to imagine Ivanka escaping uncanny valley to follow in her dad's footsteps and lol no, not happening. Don Jr is probably the closest match to dad, if only because the illusion of competence is less important to trumpism than owning the libs, but I don't think he can present himself as a competent businessman in the same way his dad did. Jr reeks of spoiled rich kid even though he likes to cosplay as a rugged man of the people when he's shooting elephants or whatever. If there is going to be a true successor to Trump it will be someone from outside this cursed family.


@13 xina: I certainly hope so. DJT's Evil Empire has created more damage in four years than 6+ years of Richard Nixon / Spiro Agnew, 8 years of Ronald Reagan / George H.W. Bush, 4 years of George H.W. Bush / Dan Quayle, and 8 years of G. W. Bush / Dickhead Cheney COMBINED.

@15 dvs99: Agreed and seconded. The only part of Donald Jackass Trump that will be running in 2024 is his drooling mouth, provided he's still alive.
@16: Jay, tell dvs99 what she's (he's ?) won!

@17 pat L: I can just see it now. Giant alligators will be taking over Florida as it sinks deeper into the gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. They'll form their own reptilian underwater death cult. Why, they may even build a theme park! It'll put Disney World and Epcot Center to shame!
Come on down to the Sunshine State, folks, and visit AmeriKKKa's Greatest Family Fun Capitol, Wally World------oh, wait. That's already satirically been done in California by the Grizwolds. Oops. Sor-ry. U-HUH-HUH-HUH.
But Griz can dream.......


"charisma:insanity ratio that was trump's secret sauce"

Indeed. When you look at old clips of Trump on Donahue, Rosanne, Rona Barrett, Jay Leno, Letterman - you see that sinister secret sauce - fermenting.


Of course Trump will “run” for 2024. Its part of his grift now. The hotel and real estate business is dead for him. But touring the nation spreading CoVID19 and hate are his big money makers now.

He’d be a suicidal idiot to actually seriously paint a target on his back again and accept the nomination. But. Well. Look at him.

PS. Hey. Remember all the trolling assholes in here that claimed CoVID19 would magically disappear when Biden got elected? Remember all the Fox News pundits, Dory Monson piles of shit and GOP senators making that claim. You should all remind them.


trumpfy's gonna give us trumpfee TeeVee
and all that Nationalism's gonna have its own
happy little Home alongside the FOX & fiends
and Murdoch can either go along or sabotage
the trumpfster. I'm betting heavily on the latter.

"And also reheating white meat and dark meat in different ways. "When you have children you don't treat them the same. They're individuals... "

toss one in the bath
the other in the shower?


"...reheating white meat and dark meat in different ways. 'When you have children you don't treat them the same. They're individuals,' Sohla El-Waylly says of the bird parts."

Is this woman admitting to being a cannibal? I don't have the attention span to watch 14 minutes of a cooking show to find out.

I appreciate the Avenue Q song. They're always a welcome addition. I'm trying to take that song as a positive message and not focus on the bit where they pointed out that the future will be more grim when the positives on the "for now" list disappear.


Trump came out of his hidey hole to brag about the stock market (which he said would crash and burn were Biden to be elected). Without absolutely no irony, because the only reason the stock market's gone up is because Biden won and Trump lost. Trump ran back into his hidey hole after 60 seconds. I CANNOT WAIT TO NEVER HAVE TO HEAR FROM HIM OR ABOUT HIM EVERY AGAIN!!!


They're already working on their slogans for 2024. Currently testing very well:
"Trump 2024: The last election you'll ever need to vote in!"


"Remember all the trolling assholes in here that claimed CoVID19 would magically disappear when Biden got elected?" --@Perfessor

not to Worry
they'll change their stories
to fit whatever new Narrative suits them
like -- Blame it on Biden for instance. watch.


Regardless of whether Trump runs in 2024, the Republican base continues to revile what they perceive to be an unpatriotic, politically correct liberal elite. Trump is the base's flamboyant messiah, the anointed one shielding them from perceived statist intrusion and moral snobbery about race and disparity. Biden understands this and will walk a fine line between progressive reform and moderate reassurance, and that is smart politics. And Trump's declining health and vulnerability to prosecution make his nomination no given. He has also insulted and alienated many within his party, and his coup attempt has likely damaged him politically with all but the base. He'll need broad support to win the nomination, and here's where someone like Marco Rubio might have an advantage. Just now I'm thrilled Biden is being acknowledged as the decisive winner, and I'm rooting for his administration to do well. The right will be lying in wait to booby-trap and undermine, as will some on the left. But Biden is one very shrewd politician. Trump cannot simply waltz back in like nothing happened. And I suspect he's in for a difficult transition to civilian life. And it SHOULD be difficult. Trump's coup attempt is a low-point in the history of the American presidency. And his various corrupt, illegally managed enterprises reflect the inner man. Let him practice his putting in a jail yard, for all I care.


@32. They are just parroting Trump and his batshit bottomfeeding toadies like Ted Cruz the Ooze, possibly the only bigger loser than Trump himself. None of them can think for themselves, all they do is fall in line, no matter how batshit or untrue the claims.


Fuck Trump's base. Intelligent and self-critical people should not be held hostage but a bunch of psychotic cultists who live in a bubble of lies and nonsense they pass around to avoid accountability to reality. Fuck those people, they have no business deciding for us any more. All they do is fuck everything up and blame everybody else for their choices. Take their toys away, we've seen what happens when shitheads make choices for everyone else. They can come to the table or they can fuck off forever.


@36. Well, they lost, so fuck them, and invest in public education so policy can be written by professionals with critical thinking skills. And democracy exists in many different forms with various levels of success, but succeeds the more we invest in public education and place value on, I don't know, reality.

And we know what the opposite brings, authoritarianism is what that faction wants and has upheld, that is not functional democracy. Xi Jinping thought is not democracy. Putin is not democracy. Hitler was not democracy. Gerrymandering and voter suppression and hijacking the fourth estate with dopamine-injecting outrage porn and the streets with drugs and hatred and identity politics for clicks and ad revenue is not democracy, it's subversion and dumbing down of the masses into slaves with enthymemes unaware of their own cages. Shit is the Ministry of Truth.

And no, I'm not going to entertain your existential concern trolling anti-democratic agenda any further. You can talk to yourself or go back to college if you want. But Trump lost, his supporters lost, so fuck them and fuck you too if you support that.


Unfortunately, whatever is left of my dignity recognizes that democracy involves having conversations with people who disagree with you and entertaining their ideas and needs. But that can only happen if those people are willing to talk to you and confront uncomfortable truths. I am aware that many Trump supporters have valuable contributions and perspectives I cannot fathom or relate to, and that the complete truth depends on many perspectives and overcoming the bottleneck of vigorous debate and asserting one's needs and witness to get those needs met. But, Trump's supporters largely show no interest in the facts or even staying true to their own principles or realities, they would rather falsify the truth to uphold a lie as long as everyone around them buys into the same lie. That is not a mere difference of opinion, it's a difference of facts and truth. As long as people fail to pursue the truth and fall back on loyalty and identity as logic, they cannot be trusted to lead and are a liability to themselves and everyone else. At that point, you must take power into your own hands, and so we have, and so we must.


@36 Jesus Christ, how many more times are you going blather that tired aphorism? Do have Alzheimer’s?


@34: Ted Crooze. C'mon, it's right there.

@36: "It's a feature of democracy that the people you disagree with also get to vote and they might even win."

The GOP has spent the last 40 years implementing all manner of means to disenfranchise blue voters and your proto-fascist boy Trump just spent the last 3 weeks trying to pull off a coup. So how about you give the equivocating a rest, spare the rest of us and go back under your bridge and fuck yourself to death?


"Trump" is not going away anytime soon. Donald Trump will run in 2024, however, I don't know if it will be Jr. or Sr.. They need to save their family name in the history books, as well as build it back for the future. Their entire family fortune is build on their name only. Branding is the only thing they have left. It will take at least one more defeat in 2024 before we will be able to see it gone in America. Then we'll see it continue to pop up in other counties, on buildings and casinos in Moscow and in third-world capitals for another generation.


@40. Well son of a chicken


@35 FTW

Republicans are out of touch and need to talk with people outside of their bubble. They need to compromise and reach across the aisle.

@36 I really don't care, do u? The Prof and Garb are spot on. All of their positions and assertions have been thoroughly discredited. Fuck their feelings.



Trump supporters, I mean. Not Garb and Prof.


@35; 37; 38; 40



To add: even if Trump does somehow go away, there are still the 73+million people who voted for him who will not go away in 2024. I hope Biden and especially Harris can figure that one out. Four years is not a lot of time.


@44 you can fuck my feelings if you want. Just give a few seconds to lube and brace for impact first.


I say especially Harris, because I don't think Biden will run again in 2024. I think he is a bridge to get us out of Trumpland. I suspect he will turn the Party over to Harris and she'll run in 2024. It will be curious to see if Al Franken gets back in the game and what committee assignments AOC takes to build to a future position as Speaker or potential 2028 candidate.


My impersonation of Bess:

Well. All I know it's like my Momma use to say:
"Democracy is like a box of chocolates a'shared by two wolves, a lamb, and um, a whore and $20 dollars same as in town and... stupid is as stupid does... righty tighty, lefty loosie... duuuuhhh durrrrrr...."



I'll take care of you, Prof. I may even throw in a reach around. You've earned it for all your work battling trolls here.



Yeah, sometimes people support total losers like your boy Culp. You and him should meet up for a protest against the tyranny of mask censorship. Maybe you could sell him some cheap sunglasses.


The inept thing about Bess's "two wolves and a lamb" is that it casts societies elite as the lamb and the outsiders as wolves. A better parable is to call us two lambs and a wolf and the wolf tells us about the wisdom of the founders as he sharpens his fangs.


@53 My eyes roll too much at his transparent concern trolling to even give it that much thought.

Notice when the MAGA trolls are in power it's all "IN YOUR FACE LIBTARDS! SUCK IT!"

But when they are out of power it's all "be civil" and "... well... you don't want to alienate the middle with radical fascist policies..."

Policies like: making sure people don't die of an infectious disease. Or bailing out actual citizens instead of banks. Or affordable healthcare.

See, that's "radical."


The reason the "two wolves and a lamb etc etc" platitude is popular among assholes at the moment is because it's meant to illustrate the "tyranny of the majority," which has historically been employed as an argument against direct democracy, the thinking being that a republic like ours has built-in safeguards against the excesses of populism and the madness of crowds. This quaint and folksy saying has been making the rounds of late as a defense against the conspicuously anti-democratic Electoral College. "We can't let the people just elect a government by voting! Then the wolves will vote to eat the lamb!" is how this argument goes.

What the assholes who are so in love with this argument today are ignoring is that the most egregious examples of 'tyranny of the majority" stem from letting white Americans make laws that systematically tilt the playing field against the non-white, which is exactly what Red America wants and exactly what their populist wanna-be dictators keep promising them.

Concern about "tyranny of the majority" is meant to be held as a counterbalance against the excesses of populism, not as an argument for dismantling democracy itself. You know why you never hear anybody talking about "tyranny of the minority?" Because that's just called "tyranny."


@55 Just so. In fact, you don't have to peel off even that many layers - if tyranny of the majority is bad, then its alternate, tyranny of the minority, is even worse. But they put a powdered wig and knee breeches on it and call it our sacred traditions.

Its really hard work to come up with arguments for where's the justice when some people live in luxury and security while others suffer and starve. But just so stories about lambs and wolves are easy. Or ants and grasshoppers - to moralize at the scale of individuals.


Our traditional Friday after 🦃day is to use every type of leftover in pancakes. EVERY KIND!


@30 xina, @35, @37, & @38 Garb Garbler, @40 knat, and @45 kristofarian: Agreed and seconded. I nominate all four of you for the shared WIN.

@36 Bess-ted: Are you into BDSM? You must really enjoy getting butt-spanked.
The election is over. Michigan has certified Biden / Harris the rightful winners.
GSA Administrator Emily Murphy has officially signaled the go-ahead for the Biden / Harris transition team to proceed [source: The Seattle Times front page story, November 24, 2020]. Trumpty Dumpty's lame attempts at producing "voter fraud" are nothing other than his usual fruitless smoke and mirrors bullshit.
Now, run along, lil MAGA sympathizer, before you draw Pence's flies.

@57 In2ishn2: What a novel holiday idea. I like it!

Happy healthy and safe Thanksgiving, everybody!