Washington Lawmakers Haven't Figured Out How to Conduct a Floor Debate on Zoom Yet



This'll probably put the kibosh on a J.P. Patches license plate for another year as well. I know that It's not exactly legislation that the citizens of our State need, but it's also one of those things the Legislature could do that would make damn near everyone happy, because it's the kind of low-risk, high-reward things thing that'd tick all the boxes. Something thousands of Boomers and Gen-Xers would pony up for in a minute, even in these harsh times. Absolutely - I sure as hell would. Proceeds going to a worthy cause? Seattle Children's checks that box. Bipartisan support? Surprisingly enough, yes. I'd at least like to see it happen while Bob Newman is alive to see it. But yeah, I doubt it'll happen.


committee chairs will "decide the order and length" of testimony based on the number of participants. Advocates might only end up getting a minute to speak during a hearing if many people sign up for a controversial bill. Kaiser encouraged advocates to organize ahead of time and present their case as a panel."

There's nothing new about that. IRL committee hearings typically have multiple bills, sometimes as many as a dozen, scheduled for a two-hour long hearing. Individuals - professioinal lobbyists and ordinary citizens alike - are typically offered only a minute or two to make their case, and Committee Chairs have always had total discretion on who gets called forth.

The only change here is that technology opens to door to the public statewide, rather than to those who can trek to Olympia to testify in-person.