In most years, zombie Viking minks would get their own article.


Brining a turkey is a ridiculous foodie hipster excess. Simply roast it upside down. It will be moist and delicious. If you want to browned, you may need to flip it over and run it under the broiler for a few minutes.


Meghan and Harry are insufferable. After finding the glare of being royals inconvenient, rather than adapting to a quiet regal life they stab the Queen in the back and embarrass the House of Windsor with their exit but remain on meandering quest for respectability thirsting for the limelight they thought they hated.

I personally know the pain a woman goes through miscarriage as it happened in our family but it's a natural yet tragic event. Still Megan thinks she's blazing trails by writing about her grief in this self-serving drivel all too eagerly published by the tabloidish New York Times. Here's a one of the more patronizing paragraphs:

"Losing a child means carrying an almost unbearable grief, experienced by many but talked about by few. In the pain of our loss, my husband and I discovered that in a room of 100 women, 10 to 20 of them will have suffered from miscarriage. Yet despite the staggering commonality of this pain, the conversation remains taboo, riddled with (unwarranted) shame, and perpetuating a cycle of solitary mourning."


@4 -- and yet there are those 'well-schooled' in the Arts of Psychology who'd have us believe they Know us better than we could ever 'know' ourselves.


"The goal (@Anchorage AK) is to limit police interactions with people in crisis."

well (adopted Nationwide)
That oughtta get the Death
Toll down a smidgen for starters...


@4. +1


@3: Holy shit. Just...stop. I don’t usually clap back at you, but seriously. Stop.


The Satmar wedding in NYC was criminally irresponsible. But to call it the Orthodox community is to paint with far too broad a brush. I wouldn't expect to see the Christian community called out if a mega church decided to hold something like this:


@10: Yes, yes Bess. Here you are to squeeze a little bitterness onto a story about how diversion and not brutal policing is the way to go in these situations. So on brand for you!


@10: Oh, And using your favorite! The straw man! Careful you don’t bust out his stuffing.


"Amazing how quickly
so many Americans turn
to fascism once a little fear
was introduced." I Know!

the trumpfster got (almost) 70 million votes!
of course, he Lost by about 20 or 30,000,000
so there's that but thank Gawd FOX's still (sorta)
here eh? so, how's that pro-Fascism thing workin' out?


@13, if I were to start a religion that says I need to chop your head off for me to get to heaven, apparently that would be fine by you.


The East Germans used to have their top gymnasts test new design features of the Wall. They could handle the 3-metre height, but were defeated by the pipe that capped the top. Trump tried to take credit for that feature on his border wall, but the credit belongs to Erich Honecker.


@3. The way I read that is that she was using the pain of her experience and her pain to bring awareness to the suffering a huge amount of women carry and are forced to tuck away. I'm not sure if the post is meant to garner sympathy for them as victims, but so that women can relate and so that perhaps ordinary people who follow their story can recognize the difficulty in losing a child and being attached to a pregnancy in the common people around them. I think you're the one missing the forest for the trees in this case because you feel bitter about them casting off their royal status for some bizarre reason that affects you personally?


@21 -- it's just Infotaintment.

it's just
whole raisin d'etre.


@23 -- it just cries the fuck out for Leadership -- at the Top -- doesn't it? trumpf fucked up -- is Still fucking Up -- this country so hard and so Poorly we can't even manage a little fucking Bug when other countries Can. what the fuck -- are We retarded?

Healthcare, same thing. ONE industrialized countru on the Planet -- US -- does't have it.

Can you give us a fine apology for that?


raindrop thinks a woman of color should just be quiet. Quelle surprise.


@22: Meghan writes " the conversation remains taboo, riddled with (unwarranted) shame" which is simply not true. Just because you don't discuss a miscarriage openly like the weather doesn't mean it's taboo. A deeply personal event that's preferred not to discussed openly is simply that preference.

Nor is there shame. An immediate reaction to hearing of someone's miscarriage is predictably one of sorrow and sadness.

No, Meghan is extrapolating a natural human event for media grandstanding. It's really quite sad.

Of course, we'll never see an article in the NYT from a celebrity over regret from having an abortion. Not that I think there should be, but that really is more of a taboo than miscarriage.


we Sucked outta the Gate Bessie
that other countries are sucking now
doesn't make hair Furor's multiple Malfeasances
any more Palatable. We gotta give the fucker a Statue.

riding an ass backwards
sounds trumpian to me.

let's get that in cheap foreign steel
and refuse to pay the painters. ah. so


FFS enough with the MANSPLAINING about MISCARRIAGE. Denying women's experiences, denying their reality is 100% horseshit. If you can't get pregnant and can't have a miscarriage, how about you SHUT THE FUCK UP. And yes miscarriage affects the men whose partners experience a miscarriage, too. Denying there is shame and stigma (not to mention profound grief that people demand remain unspoken) around miscarriage denies the continued experience of those who have done through it and are going through it and will go through it.

I am grateful that I have never gotten pregnant, so I never had to experience miscarriage, birthing a child, or making a decision about whether or not to have an abortion. My mother had three miscarriages before I was born (and there are horrific reasons why). One was at five months. The losses are real, the grief is profound, and the stigma exists. Women, like MM, are trying to change that.

There are reams of data out there. Here are just a few links.

The unacceptable stigma and shame women face after baby loss must end

Miscarriage: Shame and Silence
Reducing the silence will help reduce the shame

Women want to end stigma of miscarriages by sharing their stories


@28. I think the fundamental difference between abortion and a miscarriage is that the miscarriage is unplanned and the parents wish for there to be a child. I'm not sure how you can assume, given that I doubt you have ever had a miscarriage and lack a uterus for that matter, how it directly affects every woman who has had one. And that goes for abortions, there is often shame and profound psychological difficulty and challenges in every situation and choice involved. But some people simply can't have kids, or they try and try and continue to miscarry. I'm not sure what your major disconnect is here, but it's pretty intellectually irresponsible and callous to write off her personal experience as being insulated from that of millions of women whose collective witness likely validates it as a taboo of discussion. I mean, people have preferences for keeping these topics private, but maybe it's because in some cultures or areas it's taboo to speak about them, maybe because some opinionated jackass would try to shame them for speaking out about it as attention seeking.


@27 Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way


@31. "Luckily the Constitution was written in a way in which our rights are very clear. There is no interpretation needed."

Way to invalidate the entire purpose of the Supreme Court and the judiciary and precedent. Who needs civics class again? Are you even an American?

No, wait, don't answer that, we all know you're from Dumbfuckistan.


Whelp, I've maxed out my stupidity tolerance quota for the day. Have fun chummers.


@32: I was hoping for at least some anecdotal references to stigma and shame for having a miscarriage. They're only talked about generally, with no discussion what/who the protagonists are causing for perpetuating the shame and stigma.

In our literature and drama, miscarriages are creatively used in plot lines, never is there dialog of shaming the woman for it.


"the right for the people to peacefully assemble."

And the state has not only the right, but the obligation impose reasonable restrictions on this and every other right, as you should have learned in civics class, the first amendment doesn't allow you to shout fire in a crowded theater.

Likewise you're not allowed to assemble in a bar between the hours of 0200 and 0600

Also conscription is constitutional and if a person is drafted the state not only tells a person where they cant go, it requires that person to be in a place the government directs, likewise for a person summoned for jury duty.

You are correct that civics needs to taught, so that people like you stop believing that simple civic obligations are some form of major abuse of their rights

I guess if you had been alive in 1942 you would have been one of the people arrested for refusing to black out your windows.


Pretty lucky for trump there was a turkey convicted of war crimes. Able to stay on brand.


FACT: Approximately 20 percent of confirmed pregnancies miscarry, mostly in the early months. About a third of women who have had two children have also had a miscarriage.

Miscarriage is hard to talk about. It’s sad and it’s personal, but it’s not uncommon or unnatural. Scientific and historical myths make miscarriage harder to understand and harder to discuss. By unraveling those long-standing misconceptions about pregnancy and miscarriage, though, we can finally start an open conversation that will normalize the experience, lift the painful burden of stigma and secrecy, and give us common ground to build better ways to think about pregnancy and cope with miscarriage.

Book written by woman who wrote the above article:
The Myth of the Perfect Pregnancy
A History of Miscarriage in America



When was the last time you were in a classroom? Civics is required for a HS diploma in Wa state (along with Wa state history and US history).


@raindrop You are neither the expert on nor the arbiter of women's pain. Stop.


@49 -- Thank You Perfessor.

Not having the Freedom to Inflict's
gotta be a bad Body Blow to the spoilt Babies
perhaps much like the Civil Rights Act had upon them.


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