The CHOP Farm Is Going Strong and Expanding Citywide



Whatever happened to that Soviet-owned President who declared War on CHOP/CHAZ?

Has he left yet?


i do hope that everyone, whatever they may have thought about CHAZ/CHOP, will agree that this garden is a purely good thing and that its survival should be encouraged by all.


Places like Solid Ground and Northwest Harvest have been investing in community-led gardens across the city for years to zero accolade. Guess if you do it during a shit show-fest where people are murdered it makes you a star?
Go check out Marra Farm in South Park, it's dope and out of your little downtown bubble.


Enough already about the "murders". That's not the only thing that matters in this, and the killings wouldn't have been prevented by the cop shop staying on the Hill.

The cops were driven out because they are incapable of listening and incapable of change.


@4 And another thing to consider is the at the gardens created by Solid Ground and Northwest harvest were established legally, not stolen from the public.

No matter how noble you think your cause is, when you take over public land for a purpose that hasn’t been approved by duly designated authority, it’s THEFT. The ex post facto acquiescence by the City is little more than caving to the ‘woke’ crybullies.

Cal Anderson Park is public property, and there are rules regarding its use. It isn’t a campground, and it isn’t a farm. Both need to be cleared out lest we set a disturbing precedent.

You know, I’m thinking it would be a fine idea to build me a vacation cabin over at Discovery Park; do you think they’ll let me do it if I put a BLM sign out and say I’m protesting?


While we’re on the subject Matt, when you set up your little container garden in the ‘unused parking lot’ behind your apartment, did you bother to get permission from the property owner, or are you too ‘woke’ for such inconveniences?


It’s not a farm, and you’re not farmers.


Gardeners are a more combative bunch than you would imagine - method disagreements are pretty common. Dahlia freaks are the worst. Anyhow - I guess having a different opinion on this guy's gardening technique is "Righ-wing blah blah blah misinformation blah blah blah"? My how the bar gets ever lower for shit like that....