Aint nothing but a God thing, baby...
"Ain't nothing but a God thing, baby..." arkira/

Amy Covid Barrett: Gets an earful from the leader of her church, Pope Francis, right after making her first major decision on the Supreme Court, which authorizes churches and temples in New York City to ignore the pandemic and basically kill as many people as they want. Amen. "It is all too easy for some to take an idea, in this case, for example, personal freedom — and turn it into an ideology, creating a prism through which they judge everything." That's Pope speaking to you, Barrett. As I said before, she is not a Christian, and I really do feel sorry for her black kids. Christianity and black children are covers for her "agenda." Barrett, if you believe in Jesus, "hic Rhodus, hic salta." I would sooner call you a spider but that would insult air-breathing arthropods around the world.

To Get a Good Idea of How Bad December Will Be in the US: You only need to look at what happened in Canada after its Thanksgiving in late October. And Canadians are doing this pandemic far better than Americans.

The Day, Thanksgiving Day, Trump Praised the Supreme Court Decision: That permits the God-mad people of NYC to pay no mind to 260,000 dead Americans because of freedoms enshrined by the Constitution, he also criticized NFL players "for kneeling in calls for social justice." This tells us that the Supreme Court decision is not about the substance of the Constitution. It's about feeding the beast called the GOP's base.

Sing Your Song, Nate Silver:

Americans Have Just Given Up: What more can I say? "Amid rising coronavirus cases throughout the state, the City of Phoenix is moving forward with a soccer tournament that features more than 500 teams. This comes as the state and the country sees a dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases comparable to the spring surge." What is happening to these people? How can "500 teams" mean nothing to you in a time like this? 2000 deaths a day.

Trump Says He Has Something to Say About: When he will leave the White House. What rubbish. He also said this to a reporter who called bullshit on his claim that the election was stolen from him: "You're just a lightweight. Don't talk to me that way. I'm the President of the United States. Don't ever talk to the President that way."

Remember the Time When This Would Have Been a Big Thanksgiving Story? "A toddler was critically injured after police said the child found and accidentally fired a gun in a Michigan home on Thanksgiving Day."

All You Need to Know About Black Friday:

A Tri-Cities Bar Refuses to Obey Restrictions: On indoor drinking. So, when it received a notice of violation from State liquor control officers, the situation got testy.

Seattle Times:

The officers drove away [from Koko’s Bartini], heading to a nearby location where they planned to debrief, but were followed by several cars, he said.
When officers stopped, people got out of their cars and yelled at the officers, Smith said. They said the officers were infringing on their rights.
These Trumpy Tri-Cities pipo were on that Beastie Boy tip for real:

As My Pastor Says: "Dear Wypipo, 246 years of enslavement, 155 years of lynching, segregation, brutalization, dehumanization, redlining, low wages, discrimination, profiling, mass incarceration, and extra judicial murder, is oppression. Wearing a mask during a global pandemic is not oppression."

Capitalists Made Very Expensive Cruise Lines: That are now stuck and going nowhere soon because the pandemic is far from over. One such stuck ship, Star Breeze, is cold stoning its maker, Seattle-based Winstar, with a million in hard currency every week.

Do You Want A Happy Story this Morning? Here is one: "Bellevue musician reunited with his $40K cello that was stolen 3 years ago." Someone pinched the cello from its owner's car. The loss was felt by the cellist, Alistair James, like the loss of his very soul. A part of the instrument's three-year journey involved a seedy sale in the parking lot of a Tukwila McDonald's. How horrible that day must have been for the $40k cello. In fact, I can hear it saying to James, upon being reunited: "I was sold for a few bucks while a bunch of plebeians munched Big Macs." I can also hear the traumatized cello saying: "James, you know that film 12 Years a Slave? I get the movie now. I really feel it all in my wood." But I wonder what the cello said upon learning it had been replaced not too long after it was stolen. Maybe: "And where is this other cello?"

Just For the Hell of It: A Seattle black poodle named after a former black Seahawk, Kam, won the "Non-Sporting Group at the annual National Dog Show." The precious poo-poo poodle, however, did not win the Best In Show prize.

KOMO has the story:

Kam... was bitten in the end by Claire, a 3-year-old Scottish deerhound who went on to be named the best dog among seven finalists and 538 entries. She was the first of her breed to snag the coveted title.