The Marshall Law Band Takes the Spirit of CHOP to the Nation



CHOP was an embarrassment and a spectacular failure, I don't think the Stranger's doing itself any favors by mentioning it.


@1: As you type this comment, there are human beings locked in cages like animals a short distance from where the CHOP once stood. Surrounding these prisoners our society has deemed of negative value are families living in tents at a time when the temperature will soon be in the 30's.

Our public response to this is the East Precinct; a fortified military outpost filled with heavily armed men and women trained to see everyone outside those walls an enemy that must be violently suppressed at all costs.

If you think CHOP was the biggest failure, or most embarrassing thing to occur in Seattle in 2020, you aren't paying attention.


@RickFromTexas: Most Seattleites say the same about Texas.


I like the fact that they took it to the streets to relay their message and the charitable work they have done. That should be commended. I find nothing new or interesting about their music. Cliche parts delivered competently but not much more for me. Just an opinion.


lol - "the spirit of CHOP"? what, filling cal anderson park with crazed junkies? breaking shit because????


Something else I've noticed is that about half of the bands that The Stranger praises have often relocated and respond from somewhere else. In this article, it's from LA. I remember when the Shabazz Palaces won the Genius award and said thank you to their local fans. ... from Miami.

This is an example from another local paper touting another "local" artist..... who lives in LA but spent a few childhood years in Mountlake Terrace. They don't mention this until the middle of the article.


I live by Cal Anderson park and walked through it almost everyday during the occupation. It seemed very much like a pathetic attempt to be relevant. The park is even worse now filled with crappy old tents and make shift lean-too’s. Looks like the dump full of drug addicts and bum’s. Thanks for turning my neighborhood into a trash heap. Ya’ shit for brain’s, ignorant twerps. Aaah, I feel better now 😆