Slog AM: Senate Centrists Propose COVID-19 Relief Bill, Robot Solves Biological Mystery, Hate Crimes Way Up



Apparently Mr. Solan took down the image he tweeted - what did it say?


'Hate crimes are up in Washington and across the country'
Not a coincidence that the USA had its first White Supremacist POTUS ever, 2016-20.


In other news: Trump is making Hannity go live and float the idea of self-pardon for Trump family. So ready yourselves for that.


4 how is it possible to be trolling this blog for as many years as you have and still not understand the substance of anyone's arguments like what is missing from your life that you need to tear down the same straw man over and over again or are you actually this stupid irl


you understand that people can and often are charged with negligent homicide & even vehicular homicide right? these are crimes that exist and if the driver did something wrong they may be criminally liable or even civilly even if they were not guilty of wrongdoing & the first sentence of the link even says the police are currently investigating the accident hth


anyway thx for letting me know you actually are this stupid irl & also apparently have nothing better to do with your time so you're 0 for 2 sorry to hear the bad news


8 not a big fan of corporate bailouts myself but the 2008 stimulus led to record growth that carried through obama's 2 terms and well into trump's, until he botched the covid response. We can bailout industries that provide vital services and also employ lots of ppl and also give money directly to ppl who need it but weirdly you've been against this approach for the whole pandemic and have instead argued we need to let everyone keep working despite all the death and suffering that has caused. Weird that you're suddenly finding your inner socialist now but better late to the party than to miss out entirely.


I'm curious how infusing the economy with hundreds of billions of dollars somehow "hijacks" the recovery though. What is the natural mechanism this interrupts and how would the recovery work better if we allow entire industries to fail?


Yes, a person who by recklessness or negligence causes injury or death to another person, whether by a firearm, motor vehicle, or any other means, deserves to be convicted of that crime. The fact that this is a revelation to you speaks volumes about your lack of intelligence.



Your inability to see the glaringly obvious false equivalence in car vs gun deaths is mind boggling. The automobile has completely revolutionized and transformed American life and culture in innumerable ways. It's practically impossible to conceive of life without it. It affords us the ability to travel and recreate beyond even the most wildly optimistic imaginations of folks just a century ago. It allows for transport of goods and foodstuffs that have allowed urban centers to thrive, and for us to enjoy a standard of living and nutrition that, again people living just a couple generations ago, couldn't have possibly comprehended.

Guns allow us to blast holes into things and to blow each others brains out and one need look no further than the United Kingdom for a glance at how modern society can thrive without their omnipresent status in a region. It's perfectly understandable and necessary that we afford a considerably higher degree of collateral damage in tragic fatalities and incidents relating to cars than we do guns, however heartbreakingly awful this reality may be to those impacted. Please retire this ridiculous fucking analogy immediately, thanks.


Canada has five (5) vaccines and enough shots for every Canadian 10 times over.

Meanwhile, we don't have enough for health care workers and teachers.

Socialism works.


Did you read the NYT article you linked to, Rich? Was your 'groan' just out of habit or are you that cynical? Here's how it ends:

In a role directing the virus response, which will require coordination across government agencies and the private sector, corporate management experience could be an asset.

Fred P. Hochberg, who was president of the U.S. Export-Import Bank from 2009-17, said that ideological labels evolved over time and that business experience should not be a blemish.

“I think Jeff is certainly progressive, but there’s a pragmatism, a ‘what can we get done to move things forward?’” Mr. Hochberg said. “In government, it’s about accomplishing things. It’s not just about making a statement.”


@11 The first stimulus bill which paid out a measly $1200 to people (and was so badly managed by the IRS that dead people received checks, people in foreign countries who were not even American citizens received checks, and an untold number of people never received their checks - and that's what we KNOW because the IRS has admitted it publicly) included $500 BILLION that was supposed to go to small businesses and keep them open and their employees paid, when in reality huge corporations took the money and ran and they fired their employees, and two or three who got caught gave the money back, but no one else did.

And then there is the nearly $500 Billion that Trump's Munchkin has just put out of reach of Biden (making it so that it can only be disbursed by congressional legislation - even though it was a part of the stimulus package already passed and should be being disbursed, not hoarded).

The ONLY way to ensure recovery is to GIVE PEOPLE MONEY and lots of it.

The endless dumping of taxpayer funds into stimulus for businesses ends up just making the wealthy wealthier and does nothing for the economy. This country is about to face the most severe crisis of housing with 19 million people facing immediate eviction when the federal ban on eviction expires on 12/31/2020 (which btw has not stopped people from being evicted all along). This country, already at critical mass, is facing crisis at every hospital in the country due to the surge in COVID cases and deaths due to Thanksgiving (and then Christmas and then New Year's Eve). This country is facing 60 million people in food bank lines - numbers that are only going to increase as the two above mentioned situations get worse.

Every other country in the world is paying out cash to PEOPLE. Canada is about to pass the largest stimulus bill ever (and they have been paying over $1400 a month to its PEOPLE for the last nine months). PEOPLE NEED MONEY. PEOPLE RUN THE ECONOMY. Without PEOPLE having money, it does not matter if businesses are saved. With no one to spend money at any businesses because they have NO MONEY, those businesses will go under anyway.

Mitch McConnell and the GOP are very invested in making sure that the only entities receiving stimulus money are their wealthy cronies AND making sure the legislation ensures that no corporation can be held liable for making their employees work during a pandemic (or hold them accountable if their employees get sick and/or die because they were forced to work during a pandemic).


Our non-profits that provide health and human services have had their funding cut in half while demand has skyrocketed, when the only department we asked for funding to be cut in half was the police department's outrageously large budget.


“A great man who is vicious will be a great example of vice and a rich man who is not generous will be merely a miserly beggar, for the possessor of wealth is not made happy by possessing it but by spending it, and not by spending it as he pleases but by knowing how to spend it well.”


16 It's embarrassing how badly we've handled this. I saw a graphic yesterday (haven't fact checked it but see no reason to disbelieve it) that showed how every normal country on earth is supporting +70-80% of people's salary to get through this while the US is giving nothing. At this stage it feels like a mass culling of the population is a feature to our response and not a bug because it doesn't have to be this way. They could end it tomorrow if they passed a fucking relief bill.


What's a "lateral"?


The US is the world's casino and we're the chips.



Defund the police? Never!
Defund schools, hospitals, and human services? Always!


@4: it's nice that you remember me.


@21: So what's wrong with that? You end up turning into cash at some point.


The coming Tsunami

This story is not hyperbole. It will happen- it has already happened- in the United States of America. Some places won't be as bad as what is described here; some will be worse. Regardless, we had a chance to avoid it; we could have done so with a modicum of national effort and competency.

But that chance is gone.

And the price will be paid in blood.

The only question now is how much.




26 what are you even carrying on about? It’s like you have your mind set on how you’re going to argue regardless of what anyone says because you always bulldoze through with a bunch of canned responses and imaginary "facts" that have no bearing on the actual conversation you’re supposedly engaged in. Like nothing I said should have prompted you to pull a statistic out of thin air about the percentage of automotive deaths that are prosecuted. It has nothing to do with anything I said! We are talking about a specific case that is still open so who cares what alleged percentage are prosecuted (citation needed)!

It’s like you’re having the entire back and forth inside your own head but only typing out one side of it and the troll-baiting is just a formality so you can convince yourself you're crushing a debate with a real people when in fact it’s just you bloviating and high-fiving yourself.


Car’s are of the Devil.
That’s not a joke. It’s true.


@26: a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.


Cars are designed as a means of transportation, and death at the hands of a car is contrary to its designed purpose.

Guns are designed to kill living beings...usually human...and death at the hands of a gun is exactly its designed purpose.

This car/gun analogy is so fucking lazy and tiresome; every time I see it trotted out, I can't help but roll my eyes nearly out of my head. I'm not even arguing against guns, as I own several myself, but for fuck's sake, stop with this idiotic car/gun stupidity.

The cops are indeed looking for the driver the car that killed the elderly person. When located the driver will be criminally charged with a felony Hit & Run at bare minimum but probably with whatever WA's negligent homicide statute is as well.


@15 I think you’ve been commenting here long enough to know anything that doesn’t fit Rich’s socialist alternative worldview is not really worth his time to read in detail. Much better to make a snarky, dismissive remark and move on.


Dude, just stop, you're sounding dumber. A gun is no more the same as a car than a flung wrench or wayward tree branch. Give it a fucking break. Your car/gun bullshit convinces literally no one, as in zero persons, and actually pushes people away from your argument.

That the driver stopped is cool. Had he not done so, my comment would still stand.


36 - For some reason I doubt your story.

But hey, there was another fatal car wreck in today's AM Slog, so you better get over to that comment page and get busy on your ridiculous gun/car equivalence! No one else is doing it, so they need you over there!