Ravennas neighborhood light display Candy Cane Lane reopens for the season this weekend, drive-through style.
Ravenna's neighborhood light display Candy Cane Lane reopens for the season this weekend, drive-through style. Candy Cane Lane

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With the holidays drawing nearer, this weekend is filled with thrills for self-isolating Yuletide enthusiasts. For those of you whose holiday cheer is understandably stifled this year, our guide to the best things to do through Sunday also includes non-holiday options. See our full list below, from places to pick up DIY kits for holiday gifts (like Stitches) to Washington Pint Day, and from a drive-through Candy Cane Lane to a new Lusio light installation in Pioneer Square. For even more options, read our guides to the best online events this week and the best movies to watch this week.

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Buy a new sweater for the winter chill. Angora (oooh). Mohair (yes). Cashmere (fancy). Wool (timeless). Alpaca (exclusive). Whatever material you prefer to caress your shivering limbs through the Northwest winter months, this weekend is a perfect time to procure a new cozy garment for yourself or a loved one from a local shop. If you like to try things on first, the U-District second-hand mainstay Red Light is open for limited-capacity shopping and is flushed with all manner of jumpers, from cable-knit cardigans to well-loved pullovers. The Broadway location of Crossroads is a good bet for affordable newer styles, and its selling station is currently open if you want to try to make a few bucks or earn store credit (with which to buy sweaters) with your gently used seasonal threads. On the pricier end, for the crème de la crème of knitwear, the online shops for Glasswing, Prairie Underground, Lucky Vintage, and Maiden Noir are up and running. Are you crafty? Cop this everyday cardigan kit from Greenwood fiber arts shop Tricotter and brag about it forever.

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