Oh, Those "Radical Liberals" in Georgia...



I requested my absentee ballot ages ago and the status website says it was issued Nov 24th but I still haven't received it yet. Hmm. Worse comes to worse I'll just go vote in person but I'd really rather not get up off my lazy ass.

Still hard to believe both dems are leading. Every one of my neighbors is a bible-beating conservative. Even the cool ones.


Rock on, twice legitimately elected President Barack Obama!!

@1 Go Urgutha Forka (and your gf too), GO!! Help the U.S. turn the Senate BLUE! Thank you and bless you.


The Rightwing just looooooves them some glassy-eyed Karens.


she always has that shitty smirk on her face...


Denying that Trump lost the election should disqualify her from being allowed to run at all. And her insider trading should put her in prison where she would not be allowed to serve, even if elected. Why are the rules never enforced for these fucking criminals?


To quote a post I saw today: "It always cracks me up when the left is referred to as "radical," like the left is running around carrying assault rifles, denying science, and discussing not accepting the results of an election."


How do you spell Loeffler? B-I-M-B-O, B-I-M-B-O, B-I-M-B-O, and BIMBO is her
name-o. Like all women in Trump's death cult, she looks more like a pedigreed show dog than a U.S Senator wannabe. Well-groomed, but otherwise, there's nothing there.

@5 xina: Agreed and seconded.


@6b xina for the WIN!


Excuse me--make that @6a xina for the WIN!


@6: Well, two can play at that "RADICAL" game.

How about throwing molotov cocktails directly at cops?
How about smashing store fronts for entire blocks?
How about three murders in CHOP?
How about walking onto freeways and getting run over?
How about calling cops "pigs - fry them like bacon"?
How about topping statues and monuments?
How about graffiti and tagging all over our public buildings?

No, the radical left definitely holds the copyright on 'RADICAL' - hands down.


-sure, that's radical no argument here
-ok but you're already starting to lose the thread and you're only on your 2nd point
-you're blaming the "radical left" for murder?
-i-- what??
-freeze peach!
-statues memorializing slave owners & secessionists are bad actually
-you're blaming the "radical left" for vandalism???


Finally got my absentee ballot (and gf got hers) today!

I'm not gonna hold my breath that both dems will win, but it sure would be the one of the very few bright spots in this rather shitacular year.


And yet all mass shootings are done by right wing nut jobs. so no matter how much you and your ilk attribute to the left, it is the right that are radical. it is the right that commits mass murder by weapon. it is the right that commits mass murder by refusing to believe in science. how many wars have been started by the "radical left"? hell, on that one metric alone, there will never be any "equally radical" left. Please drive through, because you clearly think this is some sort of fast food restaurant where your order = food (or rather, your comments = truth).


Sorry conservatives. There’s no equivalence between the extreme right and the extreme left.


Anti-fascists linked to zero murders in the US in 25 years
This article is more than 4 months old

As Trump rails against ‘far-left’ fascism, new database shows left wing attacks have left far fewer people dead than violence by right wing extremists


In America, far-right terrorist plots have outnumbered far-left ones in 2020
This has been so in most years for the past quarter-century


Right- and left-wing violence cannot be equated, says expert


Political violence is coming from one direction in this country: The far right


Accusations in a Mirror: How the Radical Right Blames Rising Political Violence on the Left


The Rise of Far-Right Extremism in the United States


Why Does The Far Right Hold a Near Monopoly on Political Violence



@13: Nevertheless, you can't point to burned down business and smashed stores from right-wing violence.

But in the long run, it doesn't matter whether it's right or left but rather moral clarity and good manners.


@13 -- THANK YOU xina.

@14 -- well then. looks
like a Lose-Lose
for youse.


@15: The extreme left and the extreme right shake hands on the dark side of the moon.