Theres a chance she still wont finish her term. Gotta hop on that Biden gravy train.


Yes because an elected official cannot be recalled just because people don't like them. They actually have to have committed a crime, but those pesky facts seem to be too difficult for so many to handle. Just like you can't overturn the federal election results because you are pissed that despite all of your work to rig the election in your favor, you lost anyway.


Need to take the funds for her legal defense out of the SPD overtime pool, retroactively.


Why do people hate her so much? Just because of the tear gas? Homophobia?


It's hard to understand why I'm supposed to be upset that this attempt to use litigation to overturn the popular vote failed, but ecstatic that Trump's attempt to use litigation to overturn the popular vote failed.


@5 -- green lanternism. The same thing that winds up causing the same people to turn on every mayor, and also delude themselves into believing that Obama was a bad president.


"Sawant's defense maintains the recall is an attempt by the council member's critics to redo the 2019 election Sawant won handily."

The recall is due to her persistent malfeasance in office, and she won by 52-48 margin as a well-known incumbent who heavily outspent her opponent.


@9 That’s the same margin as Joe Biden had as a well known politician who heavily outspent his opponent.


@10: Yes, you are correct. Biden-Harris also did not win "handily." Thank you for supporting my point.


"But will this precedent protect other elected officials against recall efforts?"

No. The recall petition against Mayor Durkan essentially argued she hadn't acted like a tyrant, by seizing control of the police and giving them direct orders which contradicted SPD policy. (Why this is a bad thing, the petitioners never explained, as the rest of the post implicitly admits.)

The recall petition against CM Sawant alleges malfeasance e.g. in her Trumpian effort to spread COVID via a public rally, and her Trumpian effort to intimidate a political opponent by threatening her family's safety. This is in fact the opposite of the charges against Durkan.

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