SIFFs World of Wong Kar-wai series spans the Chinese directors iconic oeuvre, from Chungking Express to In the Mood for Love.
SIFF's World of Wong Kar-wai series spans the Chinese director's iconic oeuvre, from Chungking Express to In the Mood for Love. Mirimax / Courtesy Everett Collection

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If your holiday spirit is at large, allow yourself to give up on your annual viewing of The Family Stone in place of something that has nothing to do with the Yuletide season. This week brings some particularly exciting options in that vein, like SIFF's Cinema Italian Style and World of Wong Kar-wai retrospective and Northwest Film Forum's Seattle edition of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival's US Tour. We've rounded up those and other options below, including picks from nationwide platforms. Plus, if you haven't heard, The Stranger's amateur porn film festival HUMP! is accepting submissions through January 8, as is the stoner short film fest SPLIFF, through March 5! And don't forget to check out the second installment of The Stranger's Film Club, a new biweekly video series entering Black films with Stranger film experts Jasmyne Keimig and Charles Mudede.

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The global investigation following the 2017 murder of North Korean royal family member Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of Kim Jong-un, drives this documentary from Ryan White (The Keepers, The Case Against 8). It pays particular attention to the upbringings and motives of Siti Aisyah and Đoàn Thj Huong, the two young women who did the deed.
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