My spouse and I were actually in the process of planning a trip to Europe earlier this year, specifically because of this exhibit (she's a painter herself and Gentileschi is her favorite Renaissance artist), but of course all that went up the spout when the pandemic got into high gear. This will make for a nice pre-holiday gift; like you say, not nearly as immersive as seeing her works in-person, but in the Current Times virtual will just have to do.


@1: Oh darn, that's too bad. It would have been thrilling. So sorry.


Just wanted to send a note saying how much I appreciate these articles. I love art, but always feel I'm getting only a quarter of the experience if I look at it without context.


Plugging the local connection to Artemisia:


@4 Thank you for that plug! I read it just before Flesh and Blood came thru Seattle last year and it made me fall even more in love with Artemisia and her work.

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