Slog PM: US Panel Likes Pfizer’s Vaccine, Most GOP Reps Back Trump's Soft Coup, Ellen Got the Bug



Is Starbucks going to ask for rent relief for those new stores too?


For analysis, let's turn to anyone who isn't psychotically deranged; "Wow, Trump is one high-powered grifting asshole!"


It's the end of the world!!!


4, you jest about chicken little, but I'd wager you masturbate to KOMO's SEATTLE IS DYING!!! poverty porn.


I think I recognize the two Congresswomen but who's the man in the middle?


Doesn't literally every single drug in existence, both prescription and over-the-counter provoke an allergic in some people? It may be a tiny number in some cases, but there will always be at least some people allergic to any drug out there.

Evidently, both of those people who suffered an allergic reaction had severe pre-existing allergies that in both cases required them to carry epi-pens. So, I guess I'm not too worried yet.

Also, it's "past" Christmas, Rich, not "passed' Christmas.


@ 7

We won't know the extent of side effects until there are sufficient numbers of people immunized. Until then, we can only observe and extrapolate from what we've seen with similar vaccines.

Having said that, it's probably wise for most people in the US to queue up for the jab at the earliest convenience.


Here comes another government shutdown, which will probably furlough millions of workers just in time for christmas. This time it comes with the expiration of unemployment benefits so expect to see a lot more homeless people soon. Millions of americans are suffering because two decrepit oligarchs can't agree on pretty much anything. It looks like Britain won't be doing much better either. So much for the mighty western nations, divided they fell.


@8 All americans have a civic duty to accept the election results at this point. Rejecting them is an attempt at national terrorism on the fundamentals of democracy. Get out of our country, nazi.

Here's a republican who agrees with me:


@8 HAHAHA. They literally conceited a theory that North Korea smuggled in printed ballots, you fuckwit.

Sure. they do not argue it in court. Becuase They CAN'T.

They don't argue ANY your insane conspiracy shit in court — they don't even really bring up the phone fraud allegations anymore. Because as officers of the court they can be suspended or disbarred for lying under oath.

Which is why Trump two main law firms - Jones Day, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, and Snell & Wilmer — ALL quit and he brought in these deranged D-Squad losers with mail-in law degrees.

How does it feel to be personally supporting the sabotage of democracy and the total destruction of American principle? Must feel good. Hope it was with it, shit for brains.


@8 Poe's law or Служба внешней разведки Российской Федерации ?