The Beverly Hillbillies Is Unstreamable



too bad the donald hadn't grown up on the Clampetts too he couldda learned how to be Rich and remain Human -- humane, rather. instead Inherited (cum Stolen) [from the Fambly] ([UN-fucking Taxed, btw]) Wealth not only Destroyed him, it took US out, as well. perhaps we might Look Into this, at some point... damn Shame, were it to ever occur again. 'specially Soon.

or are we gonna just
Write Off the usofa?

we'll be Post Tense.

and to think we couldda had it all


@1 kristofarian: Suddenly I keep thinking about the late Phyllis Diller's short-lived (1966-1967) TV sitcom, The Pruitts of Southhampton, about people living on Long Island who go broke. It was the flip side of The Beverly Hillbillies. Good old Phyllis made it to age 95, bless her.
Up to do, up to do, up to do, my dear....up to do, up to do, up to do.....


"allegedly fell in love on set and married soon after"

They'd already made Innerspace the year before, in which their characters get it on both directly and via the use of Martin Short as a skinsuit.