Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Teams with Seattle Artist to Draw Attention to Police Shooting of Herbert Hightower Jr.



Herbert Hightower, Jr. was a person of color in severe mental health crisis, as were many of the 27 people killed by the SPD over the last nine years, including not just Charleena Lyles, but also Danny Rodriguez and Ryan Smith killed in 2019, and Shaun Lee Fuhr and Terry Caver killed this year. They were all people of color in mental health crisis, all but one brandishing knives.

What is notable in all these cases are two things: our current police accountability system never provided answers or justice to their families and loved ones, and the current changes to policing/public safety -- both those enacted and those proposed by the City Council -- would have made no difference in the outcome.

In every one of these cases, regardless of proposed public safety changes, an officer with a gun would have been called to the scene and an officer with a gun would have shot the person dead.

In the UK people brandishing knives (outside of rare terrorist incidents) are almost never killed.

We need real police accountability in Seattle, and in order to even start that discussion we need to recognize all who have been killed by the SPD and recognize how are current accountability structures continue to fail.


Maybe if Wilson would worry a little more about his playing and less about what was on his shoes, we wouldn't be losing 'easy meat' games like the one last week? Hopefully he'll be thinking less about 'Social Justice' (tm) and more about winning the damn game against the hapless NYJets. If we drop this one, Wilson should just take a sabbatical, turn the keys over to Smith, and go help out at BLM full-time.

Seriously the problem here is that BLM needs to be very careful about who it picks for martyrs. It's unfortunate Charleena Lyles had to die, but it was a shitty situation all around. SHE called the police, SHE went bonkers with a knife, trapping one of cops in the kitchen. What are the cops supposed to do? There were kids in the apartment, FFS! Even if the cops could flee, could they leave the kids there with a batshit-crazy armed woman?

Yes, they should've had their Tasers, but those don't always work; until technology gives us those Star Trek phasers we can set to 'stun', you're going to have ugly 'Damned-if-you-do/Damned-if-you-don't' situations like these.

Yes, we need better mental health care, and yes, we need to spend the money to train cops to better respond to armed crazies. Demonizing cops who are just trying to do the job they're trained to do accomplishes nothing, and putting pictures on shoes does less.


putting Pix
on Shoes is a
Major Step Up
for peeps over Profits

why not let's do that
to the Jackboots
as well.