Slog PM: Lots of Vaccine Updates, Supreme Court Shuts Down Texas Election Lawsuit, Nerds Break the Zodiac Killer's Code



"Democrat wants to use Civil War law about traitors to ban 126 Republicans from being seated in Congress"

The Dems really need to do this.


I just read about that at The Hill (great news site, btw) and I was greatly cheered.
Of course the guy is grandstanding, but god bless him for the courage to use some heated rhetoric.
How I wish our two Senators and most of our states' Congressional delegation would engage in some grandstanding like this, of course there is a theatrical element to politics, who would wish it otherwise?


Y’all won’t be so smug when Prezinazi AntiChrist appeals to the Supreme Intergalactic Court of Uranus, and the saucer people and the reverse vampires begin going door-to-door suing voters individually for not voting for Tr666p. Suck it, libtardz!!!


@1 ABSOLUTELY. They want to play games and have a little war. Then they have one. Let them learn what sedition looks like.


Sen Mike Lee tried to repeal the Jones Act.
Fuck him


@1 - This Karen agrees


The Deep State is good. They already got to Justices Beer Boofer and Amy Covid Barrett.


I'm delighted the Supreme Court today refused to concede to Trump and his cohorts. Trump believes he defends "America"? Look at the founders' governmental structure: separation of powers; a system of checks and balances; a "government of laws, not men"; three distinct branches of government to minimize risk of governmental overreach, particularly by the executive. That, Mister President, is the best of the American tradition--not your miserable, craven, ego-driven coup. Yes, Mister President, some Americans still believe loyalty to the Constitution precedes fealty to Caesar-wannabe mafia-dons. And the Republicans who followed their demagogic pied piper into fact-free fantasies and us-versus-them sanctimony: will they ever wake up? Yes, a few decent, thinking human beings--Larry Hogan, Adam Kinzinger, LIsa Murkowski, and a handful of others--try to perpetuate something resembling a credible political tradition of American conservatism, but this recent display of capitulation to a narcissistic mobster will--and should--discredit the Republican Party. Morally barren rot: the current Republican Party behind its pious rhetoric about values. They don't understand the America they purport to defend.


Populuxe does not make good beer (nor does Bad Jimmy’s). I don’t wish closure upon any small business, but the Ballard brewery market is over saturated and this closure makes sense.


I know it's a cliche to say we won't stop stressing about this idiotic shit until some time after JB actually takes the oath of office, but that's where I am and I'm wearily cynical enough to have been worrying even about these recent idiotic court challenges. And even while there's a hilariously sad and dark comic element to it, holy hamburgers, it just needs to freaking stop. But I know it won't, even after he takes the oath.

As far as comedy, it does remind me of one of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes strips, the one in which Calvin is desperately pleading to stay up and watch TV a tiny bit little longer, reminiscent of myself at that age.


The 14th Amendment isn't going to apply here kids. Filing an amicus brief on even a stupid, ill fated suit isn’t illegal and is constitutionally protected speech.

As pleasing as not seating the reps who claimed their own states elections weren’t constitutional would be that's not going to wash either. I was hoping to see some Rule 11 sanctions or Bar complaints as it’s about the best we could see here.


@10 - Trump's conduct re the election makes a lot more sense if you consider that he's using Calvinball rules.


Olbermann gets it Right


Thank heavens for the U.S Supreme Court shooting down the idiotic Texas lawsuit and Trumpty Dumpty's idea of a coup. Fuck Texas. If they want to secede fro the Union, let 'em. Let's see how well they operate with no federal funding.
I wish true President-elect Joe Biden and true Vice President-elect Kamala Harris could be inaugurated first thing on Monday, December 14, 2020 instead of January 20, 2021. I'll take Obama Part III any day and three times on Sunday.
May this truly spell the end of the RepubliKKKan Party, once and for all.

@1 Seatackled for the WIN!

@2 kallipugos & @4 Professor_Hiztory: Agreed and seconded.

@3 Original Andrew: It figures. Trumpty Dumpty already has his head up his butt. I'm surprised he has room for any Storm Troopers.

@13 burblingDoofyasusual: Seriously, Doofy. Stop snorting Kool-Aid before you lose consciousness.


Loren the Zombie Ex-Cop at the McDonald's drive up window: "You want fries with that?"
Stop it, Loren. Even re-elected Secretary of State Kim Wyman is ignoring your little Trumpty Dumpty coup nonsense. You have no evidence of fraud in the 2020 gubernatorial race. Thrice legitimately elected Governor, Jay Inslee WON. YOUR sorry ass LOST. And now your one-horse MAGA hamlet gave you the boot. Awwwwwwwwww.
But look on the bright side, Loren---if you work harder and apply yourself, maybe McD's will give a plaque in 10 years. Maybe if you learn to mop floors.....


Hey, Loren the Zombie Ex-Cop: How are you at scrubbing toilets?


@11 - Correct


Neither 19 nor 10 understand what "constitutionally protected speech' means.


Jexpat you’re wrong. An amicus curiae is absolutely protected under the First Amendment Free Speech Clause. Additionally the right for the plaintiffs to file the suit and the others to intervene is protected by the Redress Clause. It’s well established precedent.

Even though the relief requested was extraordinary it doesn’t meet the legal standards to invoke the 14th Amendment. The suit was a publicity stunt/reality TV play for the purposes of Paxton getting pardoned and Trump raising money on it.

The next ill advised move will be when Congress counts the Electoral College votes and what ever smoke screen they throw up to disrupt that. That will fail as well. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. will be the 46th President of the United States.



Presumably you mean 11, not 10.

Anyway, watch Trump try again after expanding the SC.


I love when the GOP drags out the red/ blue map and says “Look at all this red, how could trump lose?”. Buddy, land doesn’t vote, people do. But if land did vote trump would have been crushed because Alaska is wildly out of scale on your map and most of it is blue.


@21: Nevertheless, it would be delicious theatre, and quite reasonable, for Nancy Pelosi to read such proclamations, with great fanfare, in the House chamber to not seat these seditious Representatives.


@24 Exactly! They've been enjoying some political theater/virtue signaling/base rallying. The Dems should do the same. Flip a little shit back. Own some cons.

Pres. Joe should go ahead and declare red states "authoritarian jurisdictions."


The MAGAts are in D.C. inciting violence, including Michael Flynn who you think would stay out of sight and keep his mouth shut, but no he's out there inciting violence and urging the bat shit insane Trumpers to commit crimes (while saying "oh wow isn't so cool Trump is flying over us in his helicopter isn't it so cool he can just jump in his helicopter and fly around???" >>> Marine One is not TRUMP's helicopter, it is owned by the people of the United States, for the use of the PRESIDENT of the United States (something Trump has never been).

and Trump lost his Wisconsin suit this morning. To quote another: Biden has won the presidential election so many times now, he is the 67th president of the United States.

These MAGAts and their insane bullshit needs to be stopped NOW. Arrest them, fine them, prosecute them, imprison them. They are ALL a clear and present danger to the United States. Start with all of the lunatics gathered in the streets demanding a second civil war, insisting Trump was robbed (he wasn't), stabbing people, running people over with their cars, attacking people, showing up at people's houses with guns to threaten them, etc. Then move on to every single so called GOP representative that publicly supports this sedition insanity. And finally, forcibly remove Trump from the White House and take him straight to Rikers. NY AG Letitia James will prosecute his ass and he will go to prison. Or save us all some time and money and put him down via firing squad. He is a traitor and needs to be put to death for the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Americans and for every single crime he has committed against the people since he slithered into the WH.


Bingo. without Theatre
its just feckless

HELL-O! Dems!
send in the Firecrackers
and Sparkplugs and we may
need more than a Few flamethrowers too.

if you won't lick 'em
fuckin' Join 'Em.

that shit Sells.


@27 -- yeah, but we need the Trial bit first or we're them.


@29 oh there needs to be a trial alright. and then a public execution.

Meanwhile: Fuck the Fascists:

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled, we should treat these Republicans like the fascists they are

To Republicans, only white votes matter now.* (*as long as those white votes are for Republicans, all other white votes don't matter either)

NeoNazis in DC photographed in $750 worth of kilts, so kilt maker Verillas gives $1000 to NAACP.

Disgusted to see members of "Proud Boys" a fascist terrorist org wearing our products. We're LGBTQIA+ owned, operated, designed and lived. We're against everything they stand for. I see $750 of our gear in the picture - I just gave $1000 to the NAACP to redirect hate to love.
— Verillas (@Verillas) December 12, 2020


The PR would be a lot better if Antifa boys didn't stab Proud boys.


Longer raindrop:

You black people, do not defend yourselves from white supremacists threatening you, just take it.


@30: Public executions, really now. The guillotines are on order for you Madame DeFarge.


You keep acting like antifa=Biden. Maybe it was because of the wall to wall Biden 2020 signs at CHOP? Antifa doesn’t like Joe Biden’s old ass, Prod Boys love Donald Trump. It’s not equivalent. There are more than 2 sides.


@33 Trump reinstated the firing squad. He also reinstated the federal death penalty and is murdering as many people as he can before he is forced out of office. He is a traitor who is inciting violence and sedition. He absolutely should be publicly executed (so everyone would know that it really happened, his minions believe nothing, they'd need to see it). Trump has murdered over 300,000 people in this country. We hunted and murdered Osama bin Laden for far less. Yes, yes he should be tried for his crimes against this country and his crimes against humanity and he should be publicly executed (by his rules, by his terms of justice).


"Yes, yes he should be tried for his crimes against this country and his crimes against humanity and [*] he should be publicly executed (by his rules, by his terms of justice)." --@xina

*... then, when found Guilty, ...

yes, I can Live with that
and then, we Re-Think
killing Human Beings.


@36 I am against the death penalty. I am also not of the belief that Trump is a human being. He is a monster, created long ago, allowed to exist and do as it pleased for far too long, now an instrument of death and destruction beyond comprehension - aided and abetted by deeply sick human beings who want to be monsters just like it.


@37: Your passion is understandable, but aren't you slipping into a cartoon philosophy a la grizelda?


speaking of aiding and abbetting
raincloud right on Cue

yeah, trumpf's still Human
which says too much about our Race

I believe in his case it's more nurture vs. Nature
trumpf's Humanity was stolen from him
and still he'll Steal everyone else's
if given half a Shot


@xina and @kristofarian for the WIN, BAYBEE!! Agreed, seconded, and thirded. Keep on fucking rocking the house, both of you. :)


@38: ......said the trolling super-spreader, dazed and confused by all the Kool-Aid he's been snorting. Meanwhile, xina @37 is as usual, spot on.
Jesus, Rainy---I warned you about the dangerously high level of your triglycerides.
Check the contents of your household cleaners before you lose consciousness.


Here's a holiday jingle from Griz, sung to Rudolf, the Red-Nosed Reindeer:

Lor-en, McTrumpty's fry boy
Grew a very lengthy schnozz,
Lying about the election
Refusing to admit he LOST!

Even Sec-of-State Wy-man
Shakes her head and walks a-way.
She knows that Lyin' Loren-y
Really has nothing to say.

Then one chilly December night
SCOTUS ruled 9 to zip:
'Texas, with your voting stunt so lame,
You LOST and have only yourselves to blame.'

Oh, how the lit-tle MAGAs
Are really dropping dead like flies!
Just like their Gropenfuhrer,
Choking on ol' Loren-y's fries!


@42: Just wipe the smile off my face, MAGAs. Just try. :)


Nobody wants to wipe the smile off you Griz.

Here, have some egg nog.


@44: I will have to politely decline, Rainy. Eggnog has much sugar. Thanks, anyway. :)