Still No Cal Anderson Sweep, No Ruling on Temporary Restraining Order Against the City Judge Denies TRO



"Why is the city choosing to sweep now?"

Because it has to happen sometime. How is allowing them to live there indefinitely a humane or environmentally friendly option?



And what about the thousands of other homeless the City is going to just not bother with sweeping? How are they being treated in a "humane or environmentally friendly" way?


it's disgusting and unsafe. What a complete shit-show. They have signs "Kill all cops" and other signs "Eat the rich" and then "Please help us this winter". On top of harassing people, shooting up drugs and the murders. It's great. Everything is fine.


Are we certain that everyone inside the park wants to be in there? I don't think the police should sweep the park. But anyone who wants out should be let out and assisted if possible.


@2 "How are they being treated in a "humane or environmentally friendly" way?."

They're not. It is a horrible situation all around. As many have said on here, it is a colossal problem that is going to require a willing and substantial coordinated effort starting at the federal level on down to fix.

Another way to look at this is 17 people got the support and services they needed. That's not a grabby headline though. And because these problem can't be solved overnight, or over many many nights for that matter, most people wont view helping "only" 17 people as a win.

But with limited resources, exorbitant costs and an essentially nationwide opposition to investing in non-wartime infrastructure and social services, helping handfuls of people here and there is probably the best we can hope for.


Problems just don't magically get addressed and resolved if people just STFU.


Gee how can this country fix the problems it has created?


50 years of tax cuts for the rich failed to trickle down, economics study says

Tax cuts for the wealthy have long drawn support from conservative lawmakers and economists who argue that such measures will "trickle down" and eventually boost jobs and incomes for everyone else. But a new study from the London School of Economics says 50 years of such tax cuts have only helped one group — the rich.

U.S. poverty jumps the most in 60 years

Of the various measures of the coronavirus pandemic's comet strike on the U.S. economy, one especially reveals the size of the crater: Over a six-month period, nearly 8 million Americans have tumbled into poverty.

More people are going hungry than ever before. Inside the efforts to help
An estimated 50 million Americans may experience food insecurity in 2020.


I was all for kicking the bum’s out of the park and cleaning it up. Then I heard the weather report for the next few day’s. It’s going to rain rivers. Now I kind of feel that we should leave them alone for a while. Their already dug in for trouble. Let them ride out the storms coming through and ask them again if they want to get a free place to live. People got to live somewhere.


@9: Agreed.

@8: Watch Rachel tonight - apparently there are millions of does in Pfizer warehouses awaiting shipping orders from the Trump administration. My bet is on a quasi forced herd immunity tactic.


8 “my favorite number” xina
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10.b refers to xina's comment (@4) in tonight's PM news. (groan)


@12 I think you are confused. I did not post @4.

And I already posted on SLOG elsewhere:

Millions of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are languishing in warehouses awaiting shipment instructions from the Trump administration — even as states are clamoring for them — vaccine manufacturer Pzifer said in a statement Thursday.


@11 The number 8 is actually MY favorite number. Thanks for the appreciation. Typically I feel like Cassandra around these parts.


That was a weak case if they wanted to use it as a basis for delaying evicting homeless persons from public property. The request for the TRO wasn’t filed as required. The judge could have bounced it on that alone.

The evidence presented was slim to non existent. The city made a case for health and safety citing specific instances. Her claims were general with no specific examples. The judge did agree that homeless losing their possessions was tragic and the city picked a bad time to choose to remove them. He made similar comments in the oral argument. Bad as the sweep is her claims weren’t legally supported.

I think the take away is keeping an encampment low key even in a place like Cal Anderson goes a long way. If people were respectful of the park and surroundings I wouldn’t have a problem. I lived around the park for years. When the park is blocked, people are attacked or threatened and an occupation occurs they’ve lost the fight.

A tent encampment is one of the few short term solutions available. When they started doing them some years ago I thought it may work as a transition. It’s a complex problem with complex solutions with no easy execution.


@14 -- who was Cassandra I wondered...

"Also called Alexandra. Classical Mythology. a daughter of Priam and Hecuba, a prophet cursed by Apollo so that her prophecies, though true, were fated never to be believed."

modern day Apollo is the wholly-Corporate owned Totally for-Profit mass media and they don't take kindly to usurpers casting Doubt on the Lifestyles Big Money makes possible (for the Few) in America.

fuck 'em fight 'em (metaphorically) dynomite 'em
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