The Best Unstreamable Movies We Watched This Year



Hey! "The Robot vs the Aztec Mummy" is streaming!


"Possession" is available for purchase on eBay and well worth the $40 "buy it now" price, from what I gather. The entire "Poison Ivy" trilogy is naughty fun, with three great leading ladies: Drew Barrymore, Alyssa Milano and Jaime Pressly. Again, available on Amazon and well worth the $25 price of entry for the entire set. "Girl 6" sounds fascinating, another compelling and thought-provoking Spike Lee film. "Crash" may be Cronenberg's best film, it certainly establishes him as an important, genius director, if there ever was any doubt after "Videodrome" and "A History of Violence", which ironically was the last film commercially available on VHS format.