Wonder Woman Fails the Middle East



I get what you're saying but I think Hollywood, and the DC comics film franchise, are looking for a sure fire money maker, not an art house piece.



"The lesson: Insipid storytelling, god awful acting, shitty ratings and reviews are no hindrance to making money."

When the target audience is teenage boys, all you need are explosions and a lot of female skin.


@2 & @3: U R so smrt.



I'm not saying I don't like superhero movies. I do. They're fun eye candy. But they're also pretty interchangeable. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with hollywood making some dough on blockbusters. I'm just sayin' these movies are simple action flicks designed to rake in easy cash, which they do, very effectively. They're not really meant to be analyzed and catalogued because they're really shallow. Sometimes shallow entertainment is good. Sometimes all I want is shallow entertainment. I'm just calling it out for what it is and what it's meant to be. Chase seems to want it to be something else.


I suspect some of the dumbing down has to do not with teenagers, but with global markets. To recoup a 100+million dollar budget you need to play to a global market, especially China. You need to make a movie that is simple enough to translate both linguistically and culturally. Plus, playing in a foreign country, not a lot of subtitles needed when most of your movie is CGI action sequences.


There is a fallacy with this article. You are comparing a two hour movie to two different series of episodes. WW84 doesn't have the time or leisure to do much more than what it did. You can't easily paint a picture that is as detailed or even subversive if you only have 1/6th the time to do it. That would be like expecting Watchmen or The Boys to tell their story in the first two episodes.

You should have compared it to other movies if you have any in mind as good as The Boys or The Watchmen.


This should at least be a watchable brain-rester with exciting special effects and interesting costumes. Hollywood appears to be failing at basics these days, due in large part to their cynical desire to produce a blockbuster and condescend to their audience. True, this superhero stuff is mind candy, nevertheless, let’s see some professionalism. Here again we see Hollywood marginalizing “brown people”, and using them as a talking point for the merits of white power, this time in the middle east.