Here's What Happened Dec 23, 2020 at 3:35 pm

The Stranger made mistakes in 2020.



I was enjoying the read for about a third of the way, then I got bored.




@1 -- you do seem the
boring/easily-bored some'd say
Unimaginative Type but I would too.

Savin' this Regretful Apologetica
for when I happen to get Bored.


@3: So grateful that you so easily entertained and amused. The Stranger is indeed fortunate to have you.


I did give it a 33%+ thumbs up!


you sure did.

"In fact, would anyone like to mentor Nathalie?"

yes, please. the stack of Laundry is actually higher than the stack of Dirty Dishes and I haven't seen my sink (easily locatable by its unique Smell) in Months so What Time oh! and the Recycling? Fuggadabout it. but When will she Be HERE? I need a Loan. Deer!


"This resulted in several heated arguments with her boyfriend about "his feelings" the next morning."
Good boyfriends don't have feelings. Not any worth talking about.


damn. Nathalie lays her
Life on the Line and SO's
gotta Problem with that?
(LOVE the 'press pass' btw
did you make copies?)

anyway. Nathalie
Hell, THANKS to all of You at tS!

merry christmas!


a Fourth Estate
badge'd be Nice.


Raindrop regrets being an asshole with lamentable commentary at times throughout the year.


We wish Raindrop and other Sloggers -
and the Stranger staff a happy holiday!


I regret being blocked on Twitter after turning in tens of thousands of racist far-right posters, meaning I was unable to post Happy Birthday to three of my relatives. One of whom is a gay Republican. I really love them all, even the deluded one.

I also regret muting threads that people kept including me in that had nothing to do with me. I'm sure your words were awe inspiring, but I never saw them yelling obscenities at everyone you included in your replies unasked.


Well then, it's official. Finally, after HOW MANY Groundhog Days? We in Washington State KNOW that thrice legitimately elected Jay Inslee is still our Governor; Joe Biden / Kamala Harris are officially President and Vice President of the United States as of January 20, 2021, and that the Zombie Ex-Cop and failed 2020 gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp, like Trumpty Dumpty, is truly an embarrassment to the GOP and the rest of us who knew to vote for the better candidates. Especially with no evidence despite his many claims of voter fraud. Re-elected Secretary of State Kim Wyman---who's a---wait for it----gasp!---REPUBLICAN!!---very wisely isn't answering any of Zombie Ex-Cop's calls threatening a fruitless lawsuit.
But is Vladimir Putin's new fry boy finally an embarrassment to all the unmasked MAGA fools who ecstatically voted for Looney Loren-y, the one horse open fahter for our Free Dumbs? Film update at 11. Where are Bill Murray, Adam Driver, and Chloe Sevigny when we need them so badly, dammit? Methinks Looney Loren-y's career in smoking guns and snake oil won't end well.

Griz regrets all the ridiculous typos found too little too late in many of her comments this and previous years, and while sober. Oh, the embarrassment!

@11 pat L: Agreed and seconded.
Safe, healthy, Happy Holidays, everybody! :)


I regret those few times when I lashed out at SLOG commenters.
I was really influenced this past year by Jaron Lanier who has developed his premises about the internet inevitably leading to flame wars, ad hominem attacks, and debasement of argument.
Its really difficult to keep the level of the discourse up, just look at any major website with unmoderated comments allowed.
And these little communities like the SLOG commentariat are kind of precious.



wanna Know WHY THE FUCK
LIFE can be so Fucking HARD?
me too. so what I regret is tS’s
not Delving more Deeply into:

The Hidden History of Monopolies

How Big Business Destroyed the American Dream

a vastly-Illuminating Convo with Sonali Kolhatkur and (pretty much the Sole Voice of Progressive Politics on the Radio today PLEASE correct me if I’m leaving any out? Thnx!) Thom Hartmann (see also: Thom’s five-days-a week broadcast on Free Speech TeeVee or listen to it locally on the Ever-Awesome 91.3 KBCS fm):

if you’re a Die-Hard NeoLib (or Con)
it’s gonna Rattle your Cognitive Dissonances

better Buckle tf Up


oops -- but What about
Rising Up With Sonali
also on Free Speech TeeVee
AND KBCS 91.3 (at 5am!) m-f?

yep. check Her out too.
carry on



It's SO much nicer here when Feebs and his ilk are not around. Thanks to all who smack down the trolls.


Despite reading SLOG for many years, and enjoying the writing and reporting of the Stranger, and the even more odd comment sections, I regret never actually stepping foot in Seattle. I drove around once back when I lived in Vancouver BC, but never more than that.

And yet I still read this site daily... something must be wrong with me...


I regret that The Stranger is still misidentifying the goons disappearing protesters in Portland as Army. They were never Army (or any other military branch).

Also, Nathalie needs a better boyfriend.


"Nathalie Graham regrets that the Seattle Police Department trapped her inside the old Stranger office on 11th and Pine while SPD teargassed the block."

OMG the bravery! the drama! wow!!!


@21 -- a Most

didja punch another
Fifth Grader today?
be careful! I hear
Some of them
punch back.


It's regrettable that Charles isn't informed that a simple Rx for Allopurinol cures gout. Even if you don't have insurance it's cheap.


also regrettable

A Racial Slur, a Viral Video, and a Reckoning

A white high school student withdrew from her chosen college after a three-second video caused an uproar. The classmate who shared it has no regrets.


I regret being convinced that Jamie Harrison had a chance of beating Lindsey Graham and donating more than I could afford for several months in a row. Fuck South Carolina and the fuckwads who live there. #wontgetfooledagain



Seriously. I'm too poor to give much by way of serious consideration and/or donations to non-local races and candidates, but was sucked in by the McGrath lady running against McConnell. I was naive enough to think that enough people would've been sufficiently put off by the ugly and craven hypocrisy of Mitch's Supreme Court machinations following Merrick Garland/ACB to finally bring him down. Silly me.

Fuck Kentucky and the fuckwads who live there too.


@23 A moderate diet and low alcohol consumption also help tremendously with gout. Allopurinol costs about as much as a multivitamin. Nobody needs to have gout.


@27: That's the weirdest review for Wonder Woman 1984 yet.


@29: You're not being silly. Politics is a numbers game.



@29 -- I'd like to give @27 FOUR Stars for that wonderful review but

“If you have any problem [yes we have series Troll cum Spammers Infections] [plus Poor ‘editing’] contact him [that Robinson buckler] and i guarantee you [$$$ back?] that he will help you. He will not disappoint you.”

well he’s Already disappointed me terrible with Spammings Comment above.

Hmmm. “Robinson buckler”? – is that someone’s
name or a medical-type Device that one, where's?
if he’s (she’s) [other’s] Half as ‘good’ as ‘doktor’ Nelson
where should our trolling Trolls and spamming Spammers
send their hard-earned Cash Dollar$? better yet send them
directly to ME and I’ll see to it


should I
Happen to

ps -- so how's the Tennis Biz these daze, serena? like
everything else ('cept for the Rich) it must be a tad
Slow if you gotta show up @tS of all places...

pps -- " I love this ???? ???????? "
is a rather Lousy Endorsement
if you were to even Ask me.

ppPPPs -- say
you're not being held Captive
somewhere Forced to work off some
past ... Whatever ... thru Spamming tS, etc.?
send us a coded* Message in your
next Spamming if you
would please?

*not Too coded


I regret spending 5 minutes reading this


in New news
trumpf Caves
signs $2.3T Bill
whattf's next?

I do Regret no Edit* button
nor a Delete feature

*with History!


@25 I Got Nuthin' and @26 mike blob: I'm sorry to hear about your states' legislative woes in South Carolina and in Kentucky. I Got Nuthin'---is there some way you and your fellow South Carolinians can oust Lyndsey Graham and Mike---is there some way you and fellow Kentuckians can get rid of Mitch McConnell, or do they both have way too much dirty money to play fair?

@33 Cloudedup: And yet you're still here, posting this.

@34 kristofarian: Methinks that like Julius Caesar, Trumpty Dumpty knows he's in for a Great Fall, and the All-or-None GOP is going down with him. As soon as Trumpty Dumpty sets foot outside the U.S., international authorities are going after his corrupt, fat, white supremacist ass.
He's lost power, he's lost his clout (certainly no Big Banks will back him, what with his debts), and only the dumbest of MAGA rubes (i.e.: Proud Boys, ad nauseum, on Standby) are among his faithful. And how many of the poor working class who ecstatically voted for Trump in 2016 can shower him with $$$$$$$$$ now?
Moscow Mooch McDumbbell has already congratulated our FOR REAL PRESIDENT, AS OF JANUARY 20, 2021, JOE BIDEN. The Electoral College had determined Joe Biden / Kamala Harris the winners. Anyone--including Trumpty Dumpty sock puppet, Zombie Ex-Cop, Looney Loren-y, refusing to concede, attempting a coup, or insisting that the election was rigged by "voter fraud" can choke on it. They all celebrated wildly when the 2016 election indeed, WAS rigged in favor of Trumpty Dumpty, who will forever go down as the criminally inept King of Covfefe.
Five Days after the Ides of January are a-Comin'.


@34 kristofarian: .........although I'd gladly pay admission to see Mar-a-Lunatic turned into worthless swampland, and Trumpty Dumpty getting surrounded by alligators if he's not dragged off kicking and screaming like Ethel Merman in a custom orange jumpsuit, size double-wide, Goodyear Blimp first. Der Gropenfuhrer's would-be neighbors don't want him there, anyway.
That would be like sweet music--Trumpty Dumpty being dragged off, kicking and screaming. I can just see and hear it now: "Get your hands off me! Don't you touch me! You can't do this! I'm the KING! Get your hands off me! Don't you touch me! Leave me alone! LEAVE ME ALONE!!"
Whoever catches it on video first will become an instant world hero.


@34 kristofarian, Part III: As for Trumpty Dumpty's caving and signing a stimulus bill at the last minute for $2,000.00 payment per U.S. citizen? I'll believe it when I see it. Mine will probably have disappearing ink so I couldn't cash it.
Just call me Cindy Lou Griz: Trumpty Klaus, why? Why do you keep threatening to take our democracy away? WHY?


An incompetent boob with little appreciation for art is the type that buys Andy.


Charles Mudede got it wrong AGAIN. If he would read my blog, I compared VIOLENT RIOTERS destroying businesses and hurting people to the thugs of the 1930s. NOT peaceful BLM protestors whom I support. But being accurate and factual is not Charles' way, as was made clear in his untruthful climate stories. And talking about Fascists, Charles knows a thing or two, since he admitted in our debate that he is a Green Mussolini. Democracy, freedom of speech, and diversity of viewpoint is not the Mudede way.


The entire GOP, down to the last hopelessly clueless MAGA rube, should be forever regretting the Error of Trump / Pence and permanently lose their right to vote.


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